Lions’ Lawrence Jackson fined for hit on Michael Vick


The Lions brought the heat on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick on Sunday, but in one case the NFL says the Lions crossed the line.

The NFL has fined Lions defensive end Lawrence Jackson $15,750 for a hit on Vick in the Lions’ victory. According to the NFL, Jackson’s fine letter informed him that he was fined because he struck the opposing quarterback below the knee area.

Jackson picked up a 15-yard penalty on the play, one of the 16 penalties the Lions had on Sunday, the most any team has had in the league all season.

On Twitter, Jackson wrote, “That’s why we can appeal.”

8 responses to “Lions’ Lawrence Jackson fined for hit on Michael Vick

  1. Crazy… if you watched the game you would have seen that he was blocked into him.

    The guys rushing and gets pushed downward toward the QB. What is he supposed to do, stop rushing and say ‘Oh, excuse me’?

    Don’t understand the fine or how that works.

  2. I thought that whole call was absurd. He got knocked over as he was going for the tackle. It’s not like he can stop going forward at that point.

  3. He was blocked into him. He couldn’t have avoided it no matter what he did once he was engaged and being blocked into the qb. Watch the play, it obvious. I don’t know what the NFL is thinking with this fine. I guess just $$$

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