Megatron accuses Asomugha of flopping on pass interference call

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Lions receiver Calvin Johnson caught a pass in the end zone on Sunday, but the officials ruled that Johnson had pushed off on Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, and the offensive pass interference penalty wiped out the touchdown. Johnson isn’t happy with the officials, or with Asomugha.

There was hardly any contact,” Johnson told the Detroit Free Press. “I was just feeling where I was at. I went back and watched it on film and I was like, ‘Come on, ref.'”

Johnson said it was Asomugha who convinced the official to throw the flag by making it look like Johnson had pushed him a lot harder than he did, and by yelling to the official that Johnson had pushed him. Johnson said that if the NFL had a rule similar to the rule just adopted by the NBA, which fines players for flopping to try to draw fouls, then Asomugha would get fined.

“The crazy thing was, [the official] was looking at me and didn’t throw the flag until after the dude [Asomugha] said something,” Johnson said. “He would have been fined; that would have been a fine. I am glad the NBA is starting that rule. That used to tick me off about the NBA, too.”

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford agreed with Johnson, saying that after some light contact, “Nnamdi jumped all the way out of the end zone.”

Johnson, who has just one touchdown this season, says that fact doesn’t frustrate him: He says that he almost always gets double covered near the end zone, so Stafford goes elsewhere. But he is frustrated that he lost a touchdown on Sunday because Asomugha flopped.

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  1. The refs need to go to pass interference camp. Every team has suffered from absurd calls this year.

  2. My family was laughing and saying the same thing; if you have to flop to “defend” someone, you are showing that you don’t have the physical tools to do the job.

  3. Why even bring this up? The Lions won the game. There is always going to be a certain amount of “flopping” both offensively and defensively.

  4. didnt look that pissed off when it happened to you looked right at him and was laughing , wtf cares you won the game anyway

  5. I say that because Detroit still won that game, and every team has calls like that go against them throughout the season. I have not seen the play in question, but even if the call was blown, nothing can change it now, and methinks Johnson and Burleson should be game-planning for the Bears, not worrying about their deprived stat line or planning a ‘look-at-me!’ taunting penalty.

  6. He was obviously so upset with Asomugha that he forgot his natural ability to transform into a Walther P38.

  7. Ummm. The issue isn’t “flopping.” The issue is the officiating. I told y’all the replacement officials were no different, but the media once-fed you daily that the regular officials were somehow better. Guess what, we’re still questioning calls every week.

    Bottom line, if an official could tell that there was no interference… then all asomugha ends up doing is looking foolish… Not getting bailed out.

  8. Really, Johnson!?! REALLY!?! Celek did much less and got called for the same thing, you don’t hear him complaining!?!

    I agree, enough whining from everyone and just play. I’m all for an unsportsmanlike penalty every time a receiver or defender jumps up after a play and makes the “throw the flag” motion. Just annoys me!

  9. What has happend is the CB’s around the NFL has seen the film.
    They know your pass timing an they know Matt gone throw it high to megatron so they are timing the pass an jumping to knock it down.
    they are pushing megatron out of position right after he jump an they know Matt gone keep throwing to him so they are getting picks

  10. Calvin Johnson’s on my fantasy team, so I was begging for that touchdown, but I didn’t think there was any question about it. A lot of guys will get moved out of the way when they get a two handed shove from a guy that’s 6’6″ and 230.

  11. The nfl is not perfect, there will be calls you like and calls you don’t like. Complaining about it is not gonna change anything so this shouldn’t have even been brought up. There was a OPA call Monday night that I questioned on decker when he caught that deep pass but hey, the broncos won, no need to pout. Too much whining this season, do what you are getting paid to do and let the league deal with the problems.

  12. Funny how Johnson (someone who whines like this doens’t deserve a nickname) thinks it’s ok for him to “just feel where he is”, but if a defender did the same thing, he’d want a call. That was textbook offensive PI.

    If he wants to find a bad offensive PI call, have him check the call that cost the Eagles a TD on Celek. Now THERE was a joke of a call

  13. The current Pass Interference penalties have to go!

    There’s no rationale in the world for a penalty to give a team 40-50 yards or a ball spotted on the goal line with a fresh set of downs, unless it is reviewable or open to a coach’s challenge.

    These calls can change the entire game and a letter sent by the league the following week admitting the call was wrong does nothing for the team with the extra mark in the loss column.

  14. I seriously doubt Johnson sought out a reporter to talk about last weeks game. As in most cases that a player appears to be whining about a call or a play(from a previous game non the less), I’m sure some reporter asked him a question about the play in question and Johnson answered it. The media spins this stuff all the time to get people talking

  15. Hes still the best WR in the game, regardless of you Lions Haters comments. Im pretty sure hes not “whining” either. Re-read the article. If any of you guys know anything about Calvin, he is one of the most classiest guys on the field who hardly ever complains.

    And its true, these D-backs have to do whatever it takes, legal or not, to TRY and cover Calvin, because it just aint happening.

  16. Watch Megatron, he pushes off on many of his catches.He gets away with it most of the time.

    By Getting away with it most of the time he’s so used to doing it that, it comes natural.keep your hands to yourself and it won’t be called.

  17. For all the stacks of rules that are in the WR’s favor, Cal Johnson is whining about the ONE that goes the way of the corner? Come on, man, you can’t have ALL the rules be specifically tailored so you can have huge numbers…just about 99 percent of them.

  18. I remember the play in question, and the thing that bothered me was not Asomugha’s flopping so much, but the fact that there was no flag thrown until he complained to the refs.

  19. DB s get killed for receivers flopping every week. Are you really complaining about a penalty? For every one against you I can show you 5 that were bs dpi calls

  20. there would be twelve articles, a congressional hearing and the national guard would have been called out if the replacement refs made that call. The “real” refs have been pretty bad, picked up right where they left off before getting locked out.

  21. He’s just mad he got SHUT DOWN for the three quarters that Nnamdi was covering him one on one… he should send fired OL coach / D coordinator Juan Castillo a gift basket for inexplicably changing the coverage in the 4th quarter and OT

  22. chi01town says:Oct 20, 2012 8:11 AM

    What has happend is the CB’s around the NFL has seen the film.
    They know your pass timing an they know Matt gone throw it high to megatron so they are timing the pass an jumping to knock it down.
    they are pushing megatron out of position right after he jump an they know Matt gone keep throwing to him so they are getting picks
    I get it. This post is a joke, right? An
    SNL parody.

  23. Without the totally bogus call on Celek, Juan Castillo would still have his job. It’s hard to be an NFL ref and have to manage the point spread without appearing to. Bring back the replacements.

  24. Whining after winning. New fad

    Celek lost a TD on a bogus OPI. his answer “this loss is on me,it’s my fault”
    Be a man be more like Brent!!

    It’s the new NFL don’t touch anybody. It’s terrible football but it is what it is. it’s ridiculous running full speed making moves and somehow make absolutely no contact. football is being ruined one week at a time

  25. faulkn22 says:
    Oct 20, 2012 7:22 AM
    My family was laughing and saying the same thing; if you have to flop to “defend” someone, you are showing that you don’t have the physical tools to do the job.
    No CB has the physical tools to cover Megatron 1 on 1.

  26. sevensgottago says: Oct 20, 2012 7:42 AM

    Cry us a river, Megatwit.

    Megatron > than the entire Philadelphia secondary.
    And he’s not a beagle-beater either.

  27. Calvin Johnson is a modern day Michael Irvin who pushes off on every play and cries like a baby the one time he gets flagged for it.

  28. obviously calvin wasn’t watching the game while the defense was on the field. because if he was, he would be saying “Damn, we stole one…” and would have gone on to the next game with his head down and his mouth shut.

    The nfl game as enforced today allows the offensive player way more discretion to touch the defender than vice versa. Most bogus calls are on the defender. And the most aggregious offensive pass interference call, costing 4 points, was not the one on poor calvin, but rather the one on brent celek. Those four points would have won the game for philly in regulation.

  29. He is one of classiest guys in NFL. Im sure he didnt call some reporter and tell them hey? I have to tell you something. Dude never says nuttn and is always positive. Haters.

  30. Anyone with half a brain knows that the offensive PI call against Johnson was a make-up call for the HORRIFIC pass interference call on Celek that cost the Eagles a TD earlier.

    I’d prefer the refs get it right all the time, but when they don’t the make-up call is fine with me. It was just an even-up.

  31. “Nnamdi is awful. One of the biggest free agent flops in recent years.”

    False. Painfully false. He’s only allowing 6.4 YPA when teams throw at him which ranks as one of the best in the NFL. As team the Eagles are allowing only 6.2 YPA and a league best 52.7 completion percentage against them. Nnamdi is a huge reason for this.

    But yeah don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

    I know how you must feel Giants fan. The Eagles with all their issues own your team. Eli just can’t solve them and Mccoy gashes your vaunted defensive line. The Giant have only beaten the Eagles once in four years. Pretty sad but true.

    The Eagles will see your team in the Meadowlands in week 17 (the Eagles have never lost at Metlife stadium and have beaten the Giants five straight times in New Jersey) you better hope the game doesn’t matter or the Eagles will just beat the Giants again.

  32. Could have been worse Megatron, at least your team came out with a W. Seems like I remember Asomugha all over Jacoby Jones in week 2 and not even playing the ball when Jones had a game winning TD catch overturned by offensive pass interference when he pushed off of Asomugha, again AFTER Asomugha should have been called for a defensive interference or at the least an illegal contact of his own.

  33. uhhh no. I actually saw the game and in the previous play, he caught a pass that gained a lot yardage and pushed off nnamdi too. The reason he busted out in the 4th quarter was because our playcalling started going down the toilet.

  34. I love megatron but come on every single time a receiver gets touched or bumped or anything they scream for a flag the NFL set up all the rules to make it easier for the offense to succeed so quit complaining

  35. “The crazy thing was, [the official] was looking at me and didn’t throw the flag until after the dude [Asomugha] said something,” Johnson said.”

    You know you’re skills are steadily declining when a stud like Calvin Johnson can’t differentiate you from any other subpar cornerback in the league and just assumes your name is “dude”

  36. What is with some of you whining whenever a player talks? You do realize some of the players have friendly relationships with local media and just chit chat about games afterwards? Maybe Johnson was asked about the exact play by the media and responded honestly after reviewing the film.

    The dumbest responses are “he has better things to worry about than than last weeks game”. Why would u assume he’s worrying? You really think he’s sitting around complaining about that play instead of getting ready for Chicago? Child, please. Calvin is also one of the WR’s who DOESN’T ask for flags after every play, I mean in the play in question he was laughing afterwards because he couldn’t believe it. Some of you need to relax.

  37. @reidthewritingonthewall

    You do know that you can watch the coaches footage now right? If you took a quick glimpse you would see there was precisely ZERO plays that Nnamdi “shut down” CJ 1-on-1, he always had safety help. Yes, Nnamdi was assigned to CJ most of the game, but it definitely was NOT 1-on-1 coverage.

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