UFL calls off its season

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In news that will disappoint possibly dozens of fans, the United Football League is suspending its season.

The UFL, a very minor league that has been teetering on the brink of implosion this year, finally told players and coaches that the season is over today. According to agent David Canter, who has clients on UFL teams, the UFL has told players that the season is being suspended, although they’re still hoping to regroup and return in the spring.

The league has told players they will be paid for the games they’ve already played, and that if they don’t live in the city where they’ve been playing, they’ll be given money to fly home.

Hardly anyone noticed when the UFL’s season kicked off in September, and the news about the UFL since then has been mostly about its financial problems, including coach Marty Schottenheimer suing the founder of the league for failing to pay him.

America loves football enough that a minor league might be able to work, but it clearly wasn’t working with the UFL. The only surprising news is that it took this minor league until late October to make the end of its season official.

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  1. “In news that will disappoint possibly dozens of fans…”

    Thanks for the laugh, though “dozens” may be an overestimate 🙂

  2. Next time someone tries doing minor league football they should put the games on Tuesday and Wesnesday nights. They might find an audience that way.

  3. disappointing, went to a couple games and watched one on TV, wished they could have done better.

  4. Serves them right!!!!

    If you fail to pay back your lenders and blatantly break promises you deserve to be shut down!!!

  5. Why is it so hard for someone who wants to start a league to understand that you can’t play your season during the NFL’s season?

    Fans are starved for sports between April & June. Run a short season that shows off the skillset of guys who didn’t get drafted or guys that aren’t on a roster and want to get back into the NFL.

    End the season just as NFL teams are starting to go into camp so that guys have a chance at making a full time roster.

    I would watch this.

  6. That’s too bad. The NFL needs some serious competition. You can’t start a league in small towns like baseball did. Football is played once a week and just can’t draw enough revenue to survive.

  7. If they wanted this league to succeed they would start its season in spring between NFL draft and training camp, when fans are starving for some pro football. Instead they try to run parallel with college and NFL seasons.

  8. I actually watched part of the Virginia/Sacramento game last night.

    The attendance was close to 100 people. They showed video of the players going to buy concessions. The TV field reporter went and bought a turkey leg (seriously).

    There actually was decent players in the game, Josh Johnson, Clifton Smith, Dominik Rhodes to name a few.

    Chalk it up to another failed league, USFL, XFL, UFL, NHL (whoops, wrong sport)…

  9. That’s too bad.

    Jim Fassel had a chance to tie Rex Ryan’s record for pretend championships.

  10. This really is too bad.. I went to a few games in Omaha and these small formats are a lot of fun for fans..The NFL should support this minor league style system.. Allow fans to know these guys here not in Canada.. If you’ve ever wanted to be on the sidelines hearing the coaches yelling while drinking 16oz beers for $6 delivered to your seats these are the games..

  11. The NFL should take over the UFL and make it a developmental (minor) league… I remember how the NFL Europe would consistently send quality players to the NFL…. I don’t know if a guy like Brad Johnson (SuperBowl winning QB) would have ever made it to the NFL without playing in Europe first…

  12. Such a shame, but not sympathy for the investors that made poor decisions on giving the power to the wrong people to try and run this league. Good riddance to their money, they don’t deserve a profit.

  13. No surprise here ….. the owners collectively had $1.89 and a lint-covered Lifesaver between them.

  14. Where is Andy Reid going to coach next year? Oh well, maybe him and Denny Green can open up a fried chicken joint in Baton Rouge.

  15. Why did they fail? Because they were greedy. They don’t want to build a minor league team system that plays on Sundays or Saturdays in the Spring. That would take years of hard work; developing fan loyalty, community tie-ins, and players that fans would follow.

    No no… They wanted to develop a league that would compete with the NFL immediately, so when they failed, they could sue the league for anti-trust and make a boat-load of money quickly.

  16. “According to agent David Canter, who has clients on UFL teams…”

    Those guys have agents? Wow, what kind of heartless individual would take a 15% cut of a 5k annual salary? Are there minor leagues in the agent world as well?

  17. You wonder about this. Baseball and Hockey have minor leagues. You would have to assume that you can’t do it without breaking the bank or else they would do it. What I wouldn’t want as a fan is for my money to go to fund a farm club. Anything like this would have to be able to make money on its owe.But I guess that is why they are folding, they went broke. I guess this too shines some light on the argument about how the owners are making all this money. Not everyone who buys a football team, has it end up becoming a multimillion dollar franchise. Some of them lose when buying a team.

  18. thevza says: Oct 20, 2012 3:09 PM

    “According to agent David Canter, who has clients on UFL teams…”

    Those guys have agents? Wow, what kind of heartless individual would take a 15% cut of a 5k annual salary? Are there minor leagues in the agent world as well?


    Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus would take 15% of your grandmother’s clump of ribbon candy if they could.

  19. It’s too bad that the they can’t just get something worked out with the NFL and make it a legit minor league system. It makes sense….so it will never happen

  20. Maybe they should have one team play a “home game” in London every year. Hell it works for the NFL.

  21. From their post on FB 5 hours ago:

    “The UFL has officially postponed the second half of the fall 2012 season to the spring of 2013. Also plans to play again in the fall of ’13. Thanks for your support. We appreciate it.”

    If they actually make it to the spring it might save them. But I think they are just blowing smoke out of their….

  22. Go figure. Our AHL team, The Hampton Roads Admirals, win the Calder Cup only to be moved out of town and replaced by the Mighty Ducks farm team.

    …and our defending champion Virginia Destroyers don’t even get to take the field.

    It truly sucks living in the largest market without a AAA professional franchise. 🙁

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