With Cowboys short on turnovers, Rob Ryan wants “takeovers”

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The Cowboys’ defense has just one interception this season, dead last in the NFL, and with three fumbles recovered they rank 31st in the league overall in takeaways. So Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says he’s changing the terminology on defense.

Ryan told reporters that he wants his players to stop thinking about “turnovers” and start thinking about “takeovers.”

“Obviously we’re not good at getting turnovers,” Ryan said, via the Dallas Morning News. “So we’re going to get ‘takeovers’ this week. We changed the name so I think we’ll do much better.”

Ryan said he’s confident that the Cowboys’ defense is going to turn things around, starting Sunday against the Panthers.

“We’ve got a sound defense,” Ryan said. “We’ve got great players. We’re not turning people loose. We do a great job. The takeovers are coming.”

If the takeovers don’t come, the Cowboys may have some turnover in the coaching staff after the season.

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  1. How about we admit they we are not playing vey good and drop the quirky ideas and comments Ryan. Maybe it’s time for a new defensive coordinator, GM, coach and players. However the cheerleaders appear to be just fine……

  2. They’re #1 on third down. RR is right they are not turning anyone loose. I wish they could merge with my team’s defense which gets the takeaways. They’d be pretty darned good!

  3. As a Cowboys fan I’m about sick of Ryan and his mouth. A couple of weeks ago this guy was saying how if they would have blitzed more against Cutler things would have been different. Well, how about calling up some blitzes, genius? Now it’s “we’re not turning people loose” well, Rob, why not? If you know the solutions to these problems it’s your job to make the calls and solve the problems, dude, that’s what you get paid for. Quit ranting and raving and buffooning yourself on the sideline and make the right calls for the personnel you have.

    The defense has been far from the overall problem with this team this year, but the lack of turnovers and pressure on the QB is alarming and will haunt this team as the season wears on, esp. since the offense and it’s playcaller can’t seem to regularly put points on the board or be smart enough to know when to call a timeout or not to move before the football is snapped.

  4. aaand @carpetpissers:

    by “turning ppl lose” Ryan is talking about WR’s. As in the Cowboys aren’t allowing uncovered receivers to run free down the sideline..

    This is a good thing, believe it or not.

  5. and one last thing.. the cowboys have given up the least yards in the league, and the 7th least points

    They’ve already had their bye week, so that’s somewhat skewed.. but they’re not the only team to have a bye already.

  6. millertime, you see it your way and I’ll see it mine. They may not be turning receivers loose as in giving up big plays regularly, but they’ve still given up their share. The corners are not being given the opportunity to play as physical as they should with press coverage. Far too many times I’ve seen Carr and or Claiborne 10 plus off a receiver and getting balls caught in front of them. That’s not what I want to see, period. Get up in their face, be aggresive and start taking the damn ball away from the other team, that’s what they were brought in to ultimately do and I haven’t seen a single pick from d-back this year. It’s unacceptable.

    Ask Torrey Smith and Devin Hester how they feel about not getting turned loose against this secondary. I understand rookies are going to make mistakes and get burned, but Carr’s got no excuse and he has not been a difference maker in the least.

  7. Ah I was worried this week that ryan brother #2 was not going to have anything to say this week.

    The NFL should try to go green and get rid of two of the biggest wastes of air on earth REX and ROB the all talk no action brothers.

  8. I don’t know what all the fuss is about they are barely giving up 300 yards a game tey aren’t letting teams score at will sure the turnovers aren’t there but they will come in bunches. I don’t understand all te talk about the d when the special teams and coaching ie time management, situational game Planning, mental lapses and porous offensive line play is what is killin us

  9. “So we’re going to get ‘takeovers’ this week. We changed the name so I think we’ll do much better.”

    He changed the name of the doughnut he was eating from glazed to Chocolate Frosted.

    But….. unfortunately it STILL tasted the same.

  10. What are u guys talking about ?? Our Defense mainly our secondary is the only bright spot on this team so far this season, do u guys not remember the past decade ? Getting torched every game

  11. I don’t know about them getting any ‘takeovers’ but since they’re playing the Panthers they’ll at least get ‘win’.

  12. The offense did dumb things under previous coaches, the defense was unable to produce takeaways under previous coaches. The GM is the only constant, he obviously isn’t very good at drafting the kind of players that hawk the ball or play smart football. I hope to God Stephen Jones has the sense to hire a GM.

  13. Do either of the Ryan brothers realize the more they talk, the less they are respected? Rather than come up with a “cute” name for turnovers, why doesn’t he figure out why there are so few of them and come up with an actual solution?

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