Ben Roethlisberger: Todd Haley’s offense is “dink-and-dunk”


The questions about whether Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger can get along with first-year offensive coordinator Todd Haley are continuing, and Roethlisberger has made some comments that suggest that he’s not altogether happy with the playcalling in Pittsburgh.

Asked if the Steelers can get more big plays offensively, Roethlisberger suggested that big plays are going to be hard to come by with the way Haley runs the show.

Haley’s offense is not a big-play offense,” Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “It’s kind of a dink-and-dunk offense.”

Roethlisberger noted that the Steelers got a big play in Tennessee when he threw an 82-yard touchdown pass to Mike Wallace, but that Haley didn’t call any more deep balls to Wallace after that.

“There’s a guy calling the plays. That’s on him,” Roethlisberger said.

If the quarterback and the guy calling the plays aren’t on the same page, that’s a problem for the Steelers.

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  1. It amazes me when coaches are hired whos philosophy does not fit the strengths of the star players. Big Ben excels at downfield throws, Wallace and Brown can stretch the field with success, Miller (And even Brown) can go underneath, and yet Haley brings a short passing game to the fold. Makes no sense to me. Pittsburgh isn’t big enough for both Haley and Big Ben if they cannot get along.

  2. That Roethlisberger is running his mouth in the media tells us just how much the “Ben Makeover” is a sham. He’s the same selfish self absorbed jerk he’s always been.
    If Ben weren’t such a meathead he’d figure out that the dink and dunk will save him alot of physical abuse because he can get rid of the ball quickly and doesn’t leave himself open to taking hits having to wait for plays to develop downfield.
    BTW the Patriots won SB’s with a dink and dunk offense.

  3. This is all quite humorous.
    Roethlisberger’s biggest and most avid fans — the Pittsburgh sports media — have been saying through the first five games that the don’t see any real differences between the Bruce Arians’ offense and the Todd Haley’s offense.
    Dinking and dunking are have been going on for several years with Roethlisberger at QB. Throwing the ball deep has never been a Roethlisberger forte. He either underthrows or overthrows his intended receivers. That pass to Wallace, as perfect as it was, was a fluke.
    And I’m getting a little tired of hearing how wonderful Arians offense was. It ranked 22nd in scoring last season!!!
    The Steelers have not had an “elite” offense since 1979.

  4. Although he’s incredibly dramatic, I side with Ben on this one. Todd Haley isn’t using the teams assets properly, including his elite QB. Matter of fact, it seems like the entire coaching staff has let the team down this year.

  5. It looks like Benny made it through another week without sexually assaulting anybody. This guy is on a roll.

  6. Does anyone else think it’s weird that Roethlisberger seems to always refer to him as “Haley” in these interviews? Not “coach” or “Todd” or “coach Haley?” Seems like he hasn’t respected him since the beginning–like he takes every opportunity he can get to slight him.

  7. if the steelers aint winning we all knew this was coming… surprised he hasnt used his ankle as an excuse yet…..oh wait he will…when the bengals beat em tonight

  8. A run game that is non-existent, star wide receiver sits out until final week of preseason and a new OC, without Heath Miller there would be no offense at all.

    Amazingly enough its not the Steeler Offense that is the problem, the defense has blown 3 fourth quarter leads not to mention making a 37 year old back up QB look like a MVP last week against the Titans.

  9. Haley doesn’t understand Big Ben’s personality. He doesn’t want to take it slow, methodically moving along. He wants to take it all now by going deep. His attitude is the same off the field as it is on the field.

  10. @bluefan204 says:Oct 21, 2012 7:57 AM

    But….but…..they have SIX……RINGS……..right?!

    That should solve all of their problems

    It has, the Steelers and Steelers fans have enjoyed and will always enjoy having six Lomabrdi trophies, regardless if they ever win another. Making it to eight Superbowls and winning Six Superbowls is F#@%ing Fantastic !!! The only team to win Six Superbowls !!!! Suck it bluefan !!!

  11. It shouldn’t surprise Big Ben or the Steelers that Haley is running a dink-and-dunk offense. It’s the same thing he did in Kansas City, which drove the Chiefs’ fans nuts.

    It’s becoming apparent that Ken Whisenhunt is the brains behind Arizona’s offensive run when Kurt Warner was their QB. Haley’s offense is too dependent on draw plays and WR screens.

  12. Big ben has always stretched the field. In yards per attempt big ben is top 10 amobg Qb’s in the history of the nfl! The only part of the steelers that is looking good is big ben. Scary to think if we didnt have him steelers would be still stuck at 4 super bowls. As great has ben has been through his career sad part is people dont consider him elite because he doesnt do traditional things like stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. He can do that if needed but he extends plays and fires the ball with such accuracy and people dont understand it. Hes not traditional. Hes a backyard tough Qb that will scramble around and find the open man. Once he is gone there will be no more super bowls for a very long time! Its a quarterback driven league. And he is a special one. As long as we have him. Anything is possible.

  13. So Big Ben calls out his coach in front of the media, and there’s no criticism for him on here, Jay Cutler momentarily shrugs off his coach in the middle of a game and he’s a horrible human being who deserves to be impaled? Am I missing something here?

  14. He should shut up, but he is right. You have a stud QB that you are paying a $100M let him throw it down field. If you are going to run a dink and dunk offense draft an athletic spread QB in the 5th or later, and let him dink and dunk and make plays with his legs.

    The Eagles paid Vick and McNabb a lot of money to play that way. Their offense plays hash mark to sideline instead if dow field.

  15. borophyll:
    Roethlisberger has been sacked just once in the past two games. The Steelers’ O-line is no worse than any other O-line in the watered down NFL.
    Secondly, Haley is doing something that Ariens failed to do: Get Heath Miller more involved in the passing game.
    Miller is a tremendous weapon who has been under-utilized most of his career.

  16. steelerswhatever:
    Traditional things? You mean traditional things like throwing TD passes?
    That YPA all you apologists like to brag about means positively nothing without also finishing drives with TDs.
    The 2012 Steelers’ offense ranks 17th in scoring, and it averages only one point more per game than the Jets’ dysfunctional offense.

  17. I wonder if any of you bothered to read the entire article?

    In any event, the do need more intermmediate to deep throws, they have the talent.

    And a better running game would help.

    But in most people’s opinions here, it is Ben’s fault for lack of a running game, all the key injuries, the defensive lapses, and any other reason the Steelers lose. That is what people apparently think.

  18. I wish more “Adults” would comment on here.

    No quarterback likes to dump off balls and throw a 5 yard pass in the soft spot in the zone. That’s pretty boring for all the players. But it’s a new system, and lots of injuries and wallace holding out. Plus with a terrible run game, you cannot fool anyone with play action. I believe it is just frustrating for both of them. I just wish we could hear less and see more. Isn’t this the same Offense the Pats used with Haley there? They won a few Superbowls with it, so be patient. Maybe it is a good thing to have a down year. Last time the Steelers did they got a franchise QB out of it. …………………….Just saying.

    At least Roethlisberger never said he was the best quarterback in the league.

  19. sixlombardisinyourface says: Oct 21, 2012 9:22 AM

    @bluefan204 says:Oct 21, 2012 7:57 AM

    But….but…..they have SIX……RINGS……..right?!

    That should solve all of their problems

    It has, the Steelers and Steelers fans have enjoyed and will always enjoy having six Lomabrdi trophies, regardless if they ever win another. Making it to eight Superbowls and winning Six Superbowls is F#@%ing Fantastic !!! The only team to win Six Superbowls !!!! Suck it bluefan !!!

    Too bad you likely weren’t even alive for 4 of them. I’ve watched my team win all 4 of theirs. Suck it Squealer fraud!!!

  20. I don’t really understand the criticism of Haley. They’ve done well with time of possession (34:10 avg) considering the running game is terrible, the defense has always said that they need this. I don’t hold Haley responsible for the running game, I hold the o-line and the backs responsible for that. They’ve also converted third downs well (40/77) and as other people have mentioned, Haley has kept Ben upright behind a weak line. I’ve heard more people describe Ben as a great QB this year than usual, mostly because of that 3rd down conversion rate. I think the redzone offense has improved as well, again without a good running game (I didn’t look up any numbers for this). He’s used Miller more as a number of people have mentioned. Ben has championed Heath for years (as he should) and now Haley’s uses him more. I don’t see what the problems are between Haley and Ben. I wouldn’t want any other quarterback considered the line we have, but as usual he really needs to stop the talking. This accomplishes absolutely nothing positive for a new passing offense which has done well statistically and for Ben’s reputation.

  21. @bobzilla. Dont have to be an apologist. He has 2 super bowl rings the steelers wouldnt have without him. His tackle in indy that saved their chances to get that super bowl in 05. When bettis fumbled. And last second td pass against arizona that won the super bowl. Thats 2 plays he made that single handedly changed the steelers fortunes. And he will be the sole reason they win another super bowl! Ohh yaa thats the truth! Just cause you hate him as a person bobzilla. Dont let it cloud your judgement for his greatness on the field!

  22. historicfacepalm says:
    Oct 21, 2012 9:40 AM
    So Big Ben calls out his coach in front of the media, and there’s no criticism for him on here, Jay Cutler momentarily shrugs off his coach in the middle of a game and he’s a horrible human being who deserves to be impaled? Am I missing something here?
    Well, no Cutler refused to help his backup in the playoffs two years ago, acted like an immature child when he berated his offensive lineman on national TV, AND ignored his coach. Not quite the same. Big Ben is the consummate teammate. He just didn’t like the Haley hire, nor should he. Haley has been exposed for a while now and is living off the fumes of his past success.

  23. They just discussed this on NFLN and Kurt Warner debunked BR’s assertion. He said that one year with Haley, the Cards were 5th in the NFL at throwing 20+ yard passes (that’s air yards, not total length of completion). He added that this year, the Steelers are on pace to EXCEED that. So BR is wrong with his complaint along with being a bad teammate for whining to the media about it. And yes, Bears fans Cutler would be taking mucho heat for this. I’d rather a QB do what Cutler did and argue with his OC during the game then diffuse the situation in the media than what BR is doing with Haley who by the way has had nothing negative to say about BR to the media. Maybe Haley finally will get a BR led offense over 25 PPG. Name me one other QB trumpeted as elite who has never led their team to that mark besides BR. And that’s WITH a great defense in PA that in most years hands the ball back to him with good field position via turnovers.

  24. With all due respect, Ben, tell that to Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. Haley’s offense will give you the opportunity to throw the Big One. But nothing demoralizes an opposing defense like 20 or more minutes of ball control and running it down their throat. Great offenses have balance … and they don’t turn over the ball. Our biggest issues right now are on defense and the result of injuries.

  25. steelerswhatever:
    My alleged dislike for Roethlisberger has nothing to do with personal feelings and everything to do with people like you and the media spewing myths that he’s “won two Super Bowls.”
    Roethlisberger has been an average QB whose had the good fortune of playing on teams with great defenses.
    Compare his TD numbers to his counterparts. I challenge you to compare him to Eli Manning, just as an example.
    Great quarterbacks are measured by great games. Roethlisberger is measured by great moments that are few and far between.

    Granted, the Steelers’ defense isn’t what it used to be, nor will it ever be (that was a special group), but the defense has allowed 101 actual points in five games. That’s hardly Saints-like.

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