Chargers facing sanctions for illegal use of stickum

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As one cheating scandal lingers, another one has emerged.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Chargers are facing stiff punishment after officials confiscated during Monday night’s game against the Broncos a towel that contained a substance that has been banned by the NFL for decades:  Stickum.

Per Glazer, an equipment manager brought the towel onto the field during a timeout.  Something caught the attention of one of the officials, one thing led to another, and now the Chargers face a large fine and possibly the loss of one or more draft picks for cheating.

It remains to be seen who knew what and when and how many were involved, but the smartest move for anyone questioned by the league will be to tell the truth.

Stickum, once a popular substance that was used liberally by players like Raiders receiver Fred Biletnikoff and cornerback Lester Hayes, provides a competitive advantage by helping a guy catch the football.  Or, perhaps more accurately for all too many NFL receivers, not drop it.

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  1. Only the Chargers could get caught cheating while getting blown out, at home, by a division rival.

    What a pathetic franchise.

  2. Greatest second half meltdown in Monday night history! Ya in the record books, Sandy Eggo! And you was cheating!
    By the way that’s a picture of Raiders Great Lester Hayes!

  3. I think they mistakenly gave it to Rivers, affecting his ability to release the ball, leading to interceptions. Plus, it makes him overconfident with his ball security; you still have to wrap your fingers around the ball Philip!

    Methinks the Raiders of old pulled one over on these guys; Al Davis must be snickering in his grave.

  4. And there it is. Stickum is now considered a performance enhancer.

    What’s next? Wideout gloves? Gatorade? This is getting absolutely ridiculous, bring back old school football!!!

  5. Can some sort of exception be made for my Browns? We’ve had so many receivers over the last several years who can’t catch a freakin’ football that you’d think the league might make an exception on the use of stickum in their case. Think of it as charity.

  6. And to think… At least the patriots and saints went to super bowls while cheating. Only the chargers would get blown out and at the same time, get caught cheating!

  7. I remember Lester Hayes once intercepting a ball that hit the back of HIV thigh and stuck. He took a few steps and put his hands on it. It would get on the ball and the center couldn’t hike it right and qb’s couldn’t get it out of their hands. It’.s the same sticky stuff that flows from a pine tree. You can’t get it off.

  8. Chargers cheated and still couldn’t win. It looks like Bronos will be winning the division and going to the playoffs.

  9. I was asking a friend the other day what ever happened to stickum.

    We’re on the edge of our seats…

  10. Good news: they might lose draft picks
    Bad news: AJ and Norv might be done.

    GN: they still got that sorry@ass owner.
    BN: I’m gonna have to see Punk Rivers flapping his gums to some equipment mgr now.

    GN: all my coworkers will shut the he’ll up.
    BN: I pay way too much for my car insurance

  11. Based on Goodell’s punishment history, will the head
    coach be suspended for the year given that he should have known and that’s been illegal for years? Sean Payton wants to know.

  12. LMFAO! That is so RAIDER of them…

    Nobody could do it like Freddy and Lester- two of the best to have ever played their position. If you’re stupid enough to think that it was the Stickum that made them great, then you probably struggle on a daily basis.

    Thank you PFT- this is the best post ever.

  13. Gentlemen, the league banned stick um years ago but it is not cheating. Today instead of the stick um the players where specially designed gloves that help them catch the ball. It’s not messy like the stick um was. Let’s see the receivers catch the ball without those gloves on. Some receivers don’t where the gloves but most do.

  14. The replacement Refs, just called the Commish’s office demanding to know what stickum is.

    Maybe that’s why they didn’t STICK around.

  15. While Freddie used it to catch the ball, Lester’s main reason to use stickum was to stick to the receivers. According to Madden’s book, the rules for defense used to be you could leave your hands on a receiver but you could not re-touch them. So Lester used it more on his arms than hands. That way if he made contact with a receiver’s jersey it never looked as if he let go as the jersery would be stuck to his arm, thus less chance of a penalty.

  16. So what’s this other “lingering” cheating scandal? I hope you’re not referring to “bounty-gate”……the “scandal” that’s completely fallen apart under scrutiny and was never an issue of competitive advantage anyway.

  17. The refs didn’t notice the sticky balls because the ball always went straight from Rivers’ hand to a defensive back, thereby bypassing the receivers’ sticky hands. Mystery solved.

  18. What a shame, I wonder had the chargers won, would the league come down really hard on them. What’s even more pathetic, they couldn’t even get the win. They need to take that bolt off their helmets because they’re definitely not lighting it up.

  19. As one of their former greats LdT once said of my team, their philosophy must be if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. Must have gotten it from their head coach, eh LaDainian? LOL

  20. are they sure it was stickum? Maybe it was some sort of resin that someone put on the towel? Sort of like the whole A-rod putting his number on a ball to give to a girl, maybe Rivers put his “resin” on a towel to give to the official to “grease” the wheels?

  21. I wonder how their PR guy is gonna spin this one. The Bolts have a lot of making up to do right now. This is a big hole for a team whose 3-3 tied for first and facing a weak schedule. Ive been proud to be a Charger fan for 30 + years but my faith is being tested more than ever these last two seasons. Here comes stickygate.

  22. Belicheat has been busy this week, first he got involved in injury reporting coming from the Bills and Redskins, and now he’s forcing the Chargers to use stickum. It’s very sad to see the pristine character of the league constantly corrupted by Belicheat…why can’t he just stop forcing everyone else to do these things?

  23. I should have powder blue colored towels with the word “Stickum” printed across and market them to the Choker fans to wave during their games.

  24. that’s why rivers couldn’t get rid of the ball fast enough in the second half lol…Miller, Doom and the rest of the D put on a clinic. Go Broncos!!!

  25. This is a pure reflection of the owner.

    Deano and company are actually the kind of owner you want; just cutting checks and staying out of the way. BUT … you do expect them to make a change when what they have is not working. AJ is the worst and both AJ and Norv are just riding checks to the end.

    To let players fall to this level ( if true ) is a pure shame and it is on the coaches watch.

    What is interesting is talk of sanctions vr suspensions. Lets see what happens.

  26. the chargers should have all games won change to loses they cheated on monday night but how many other games did they use stickum too…..
    fines and sanctions should beplaced opon the chargers if you gotta cheat to try win somethings wrong………….. and they couldnt win anyway with use of the band substance real shame … !!!!

  27. lion808pride says:Oct 22, 2012 4:10 AM

    the chargers should have all games won change to loses they cheated on monday night but how many other games did they use stickum too…..
    fines and sanctions should beplaced opon the chargers if you gotta cheat to try win somethings wrong………….. and they couldnt win anyway with use of the band substance real shame … !!!!


    If the allegations are true the league should come down hard on the Chargers.

    On another subject, I see the reputation of public schools in Detroit is well deserved.

  28. Doesn’t sound likely since the coach just declared that the allegations are false which wouldn’t make much sense considering the refs apparently confiscated the evidence in question.

    But if it is then the fine and draft picks wouldn’t be enough punishment. They should have to forfeit an entire draft and pay a massive fine in addition to having those involved permanently banned from the game if they don’t come clean about it.

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