Colts edge Browns in battle of rookie quarterbacks

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Brandon Weeden got the bigger numbers, but Andrew Luck got the win in Sunday’s battle of first-round picks.

Weeden threw for 264 yards and two touchdowns, but couldn’t get completions on two key passes in the second half and the Colts held on for a 17-13 win that means the Browns will have to wait a little longer before they next experience a winning streak. Wide receiver Josh Gordon couldn’t haul in a deep pass on one third down play and the Colts broke up a try to Josh Cooper on another, with the second incompletion essentially ending the game.

Luck had a quiet day after the first two Colts drives, just 9-of-18 for 84 yards over the rest of the game, and he turned the ball over once, but those first two drives made a huge difference. Luck and the Colts picked up 156 yards and ate huge chunks of clock as they jumped out to a 14-6 lead. Then, after the Browns closed to 14-13 on a Weeden-to-Gordon score, Luck led a 17-play drive that ate up more than eight minutes before a field goal extended their lead. Vick Ballard and Delone Carter combined to run for 125 yards, which helped the team eat up time and keep the Browns at bay.

The Browns may have been able to do more of that if they had an effective Trent Richardson, but their rookie talkback had just eight yards on eight carries and didn’t play in the second half. Richardson hurt his ribs last week and may have aggravated the injury on Sunday. That put the game in Weeden’s hands and he wasn’t able to lead his team to the win.

Luck did and the Colts are now 3-3 with a run of winnable games on the slate. If they can put forth more efforts like Sunday’s they could be in the hunt for a playoff spot when we make the turn for home.

12 responses to “Colts edge Browns in battle of rookie quarterbacks

  1. I’m guessing this post was done on a phone or table with a horrible autospell feature. “Talkback”? Also, “14-3” should say “14-13”.

  2. Colts being looked at as a playoff team is a testament to the weakness of the AFC.

    Luck is developing very well and the Fleener/Allen combo could become something nice.

    That defense is a big problem.

    How about Weeden? As much as demographics will work against him, the guy isn’t half bad for a rookie.

    I would be interested in seeing how he performs against a good defense. The AFC North will not be the division to test him.

  3. Luck isn’t a third of the QB RG3 is. The colts will have the number one pick again so they can take Barclay and actually have a QB of the future. RG3 is the man!!!!!!

  4. This article is so misleading. Weeden’s pass to Gordon was PERFECT…Gordon just dropped it. And the Brown’s defense couldn’t stop the Colts’ running game…hardly a Luck win. The fact is that Weeden outplayed Luck.

  5. Agree that this article misleads – Weeden flat out-played Luck, and the Browns would have won but for (a) Pat Shurmur, and (b) Gordon’s drop.

    Fact is, for all the snark about his age, Weeden is quietly becoming a really promising QB. Last year he outplayed and beat BOTH Luck and RGIII, so it really shouldn’t be that shocking.

    Weeden is no joke, no matter how hard some people are trying to label him as such. The guy has game.

  6. Brandon Weeden outplaying Luck is an understatement. Brandon Weeden being “OK for a rookie” is a SUPER understatement. The guy has the 8th most passing yards in the entire league on one of the worst pass catching teams in the NFL. That shouldn’t be possible. That’s like the skinniest person winning a pie eating contest. I think it’s safe to say that Weeden vs Luck will be highlighting many a NFL playoff game against one another over the next few years once their respective teams new regimes get all their pieces in place.

  7. Luck couldn’t hold RG3’s clipboard or jock strap. Luck is going to be terrible in 3 years. Congrats colts fans. Here comes another number 1, number 1.

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