Cowboys escape with an odd one, improve to 3-3

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The Cowboys were able to hang on in a game between two teams that were supposed to be better, but the truth is, neither appears to be.

They escaped Charlotte with a 19-14 win over the Panthers, but did not inspire confidence in doing so.

The win moves the Cowboys to 3-3, while it’s the fourth straight loss for the Panthers, dropping them to 1-5.

The Panthers had a fourth-and-1 with a chance to drive for a go-ahead field goal, but Cam Newton’s pass to Louis Murphy fell incomplete to kill their comeback attempt. There were several problems with the play, beginning with the fact it A) left the hands of Cam Newton, who had run well, B) was intended for Louis Murphy and C) included a fairly egregious pass-interference by Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne which was not called.

The Cowboys can’t leave feeling tremendously happy, although by failing to shoot themselves in the foot they did leave with what they described as a must-win.

Tony Romo was a clean 24-of-34 for 227 yards and a touchdown, a 26-yard beauty to Miles Austin.

The Panthers actually played better than average defense, but could never move the ball consistently. Steve Smith was a non-factor, and that undid the fact they ran the ball as well as they had in a month.

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  1. That was a screw job. Straight up. Three highly questionable calls at best going the Cowboys’ way in crunch time. The first was the phantom timeout call when Dallas had 14 men on the field and Carolina still got the first down and then Dallas was granted a phantom timeout after the fact. The second was the mentioned no call on pass interference. Then the third was the no call on a massive Dallas hold, but the refs did manage to find a horse collar on the Panthers which even Dallas homer Moose Johnson questioned. Screw job.

  2. missed PI call and a terrible horsecollar call killed us in this one.

    oh well, maybe we’re just throwing the season for barkley…..oh….wait…nvm

  3. I’m willing to live with the refs allowing the 11th hour Dallas timeout when they had 20 men on the feild, but the PI no call was a joke. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Hurney.

  4. Well, there’s one high spot for us Panther fans… at least we got to see Cam drawing attention to himself on the sidelines because today he was sporting a RED towel on his head instead of the usual white one. This guy just plain does not get it.

  5. what’s up with the coaches only giving Deangelo Williams 2 carries? That is as dumb as how the refs gave the game to the cowboys in the final minutes.
    It is inexcusable for running backs as good as williams and stewart to combine for 12 carries. Also, the coaches get away from the stupid college triple option a little bit more. Chud, you have stud running backs… check your manhood and try some power running plays. We have the highest paid RB combo in NFL history for a reason– because they deserve to carry the rock more than Superscam!
    The defense did a great job today. This loss is all on the offense (and the refs giving the false timeout, the no call on the PI at the end and the false horse collar).

  6. cam got his stats? 1 td, 1 int and a few missed passes in the redzone that could of led to td’s, ok, if that’s stats then Tebow rocked it, oh wait, not allowed to talk bad about cam….sorry.

    they will keep sticking up for cam though, overrated!

  7. i am SO SICK and TIRED of Cam and the lousy Panthers…When Is Marty Hurney going to get fired?
    Rivera shows no Passion and neither does his team… Why do we have Jonathan Stewart and DeAnglelo Williams again????

  8. Second time blatant PI with little time left was missed against us, first was against Atlanta. Plus Dallas can have 15 guys on the field and its legal. Florio needs to do a story on this refs. Oh wait, they’re union…..

  9. awww, you want some cheese to go with that whine?

    Clearly, you wanted the Panthers to win. Much better story, right?

  10. nfloracle says:
    Oct 21, 2012 5:03 PM
    Well, there’s one high spot for us Panther fans… at least we got to see Cam drawing attention to himself on the sidelines because today he was sporting a RED towel on his head instead of the usual white one. This guy just plain does not get it
    He really doesn’t. His post game podium time shows that as well.

  11. Bunch of cry babies on here. Who ever watched this game and really thinks Carolina is the better team is just lying to themselves, PI or no PI. I’ve seen worse calls. And Cam Newton is an a**hole. Does he have to celebrate after he runs for more than 2 yards? He does know he’s a QB, right? It makes me love Romo even more!!!! Cam Newton, first round pick, Tony Romo, undrafted free agent. Tony Romo = 4-0 against the Panthers!!!

  12. If you want to complain about the refs, go for it, but don’t forget the missed PI on the TD that Dez dropped. Thomas had Dez’ left arm held down pretty good. Bad officiating went against both teams.

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