Fines for injury reporting violations aren’t really a deterrent

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On Friday, the league announced that the Bills and Redskins would be fined $20,000 each for playing fast and loose with the injury-reporting rules.  The Bills chronically had failed to disclose a wrist injury to defensive end Mario Williams, and the Redskins said during an October 7 game against the Falcons that quarterback Robert Griffin III was “shaken up” when in reality he had a concussion.

But what’s $20,000 to a billion-dollar business?  It’s simply the cost of doing business the way the Bills and Redskins want to do business.

Though these two franchises likely face a stiffer penalty the next time around, the message to every other team is clear — keep doing whatever you want when it comes to the injury report.  If/when you get caught, the price will be the equivalent of a parking ticket.

Next up will be the Ravens, who failed to disclose a shoulder injury to safety Ed Reed.  Coach John Harbaugh likely didn’t help matters by recently saying 25 to 35 players are injured as badly as Reed and likewise not on the injury report.

4 responses to “Fines for injury reporting violations aren’t really a deterrent

  1. Simple solution: if a team is caught misreporting an injury that player has to sit out a game.

  2. Why even have an injury report? I like how hockey used the injury report, a guy injures his foot and hes on the injury report with an “upper body injury.”

  3. The redskins already violated this again versus the Vikings but it wasn’t a starter so nobody cared. there medical staff needs to be reprimanded bc they allowed a player to receive TWO concussions against Minnesota and it was hey visible on tv he could barely stand up

  4. What’s the point of even having the injury report? (Gambling shhh NFL doesn’t want anyone to know)

    Besides the patriots had Brady on the report week after week when we all know there wasn’t anything wrong with him, so who cares?

    Teams circumvent the system every week.

    So what’s the alternative? Suspend players when a team doesn’t report an injury?? That would be insane. All the fines the NFL hands out are a joke.

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