Jerry Jones: Win means Cowboys “not digging out”


It’s amazing what beating a 1-5 team can do for your confidence.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that beating the Panthers 19-14 on the road put his team in a good position.

“It leaves us not digging out, if you look at where everybody else is around the league,” Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We’re not digging out of anything. We’ve got a chance to improve on where we are. We’ve got a big-time game coming up here against the Giants. We know what that game can mean. And we do a good job against the Giants and come out with a win, what is everybody going to be saying?

“So, it’s amazing what eight days could do.”

That comes the same week as Jones raising eyebrows by saying the Cowboys could compete for a title this year.

“The key thing is, to make the statement like that, you have to believe you have a team that has the skill level, with the ability to improve, to get them from 2-3 to 3-3. This one does, in my opinion.

“And if you can be, and really make, improvement, you’ve got a chance to do some things at the end of the year.”

In many respects, the Cowboys were fortunate to be playing a team with no apparent idea how to call offensive plays. But the win counts the same, and keeps them within sight of the Giants, even if it doesn’t make them contenders.

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  1. What’s the difference between the consistently winning teams and the Boys? They all have a real front office structure, the coach has some form of authority, you rarely hear a word from the owners and when you do it’s not them rapping in pizza commercials.

    This character is never going to get a clue and back off.

  2. Dallas still looks like well, you know…

    They better play better than they have since they blew their roll Week 1 just to eke out a game when the Giants played about as bad as they could have, because the Cowboys have NOT looked good since Week 1. At all.

  3. In my view Cowboys had to get a win against the Panthers. Any road win in the NFL shouldn’t be taken for granted. having said that, the Cowboys offense has a lot of issues and that don’t seem to be getting a lot better.

  4. As long as anything with a big blue star on it makes him money, he’ll be just fine and for some reason the Dallas Cowboys do just that regardless of their play. I have friends who are actually driving 3 hours from Austin to Jerry World just to pay for a tour of the place.

  5. Truth is, no one knows which team will show up week to week. And that type of inconsistency will not get you to the big dance!

    Jerry is PT Barnum. His antics are meant to drive up revenue and motivate (in his mind) the players.

    If he didn’t risk being an all out laughing stock by doing so, he would grab the clipboard and don a headset and coach the team himself.

    Garrett is not th righ man for the job!

  6. egomaniac247 says:Oct 21, 2012 10:25 PM

    They stand no chance against the Giants.

    Heard it all off season. Heard it all preseason. Heard it all week leading up to week 1. Didn’t hear jack sh*t the day after the game though??

    Look, this story (or non-story) is same sh*t, different Sunday.

    How about a summation of what EVERYONE knows about the Cowboys, including this fan that has been through the good and bad for over 25 years.

    Jerry Jones is one of the best owners in the league, and one of the worst. Unless we have all forgotten, the NFL is a business with the #1 goal being making money. In this aspect, there is not a better owner in any sport than Jerry Jones. Which is great for Jerry Jones. However…

    This Cowboys fan is broke and that means nothing to me. What does mean something to me is the part of Jerry’s job that he is the worst at: keeping the fans believing that, despite what the results show, he is doing everything he possibly can to make the team better. This is simply not the case. With Jerry Jones currently acting as owner, GM, and coach.. the team has gone, and will continue to go, nowhere.

    This is not groundbreaking in the slightest to any Cowboys fan who has been watching before 2009.

    But this is still a talented football team, in spite of all these things. Notice I didn’t say “good.” To be good you win games. The Cowboys are not a good football team. Not with the current structure.

    The coaching is atrocious. The consistency from week to week is non-existent. The players can’t even pronounce discipline.

    Jerry Jones is a big mouth, but he’s right regardless if he should be saying it or not. Winning a game that they “should” win and sitting at .500 in a wiiiiide open NFC is a hell of a lot better than losing a game that they “should” win and being last place in the division looking at the Giants, Falcons, and Eagles the next 3 weeks (brutal).

    I don’t think at all that winning against Carolina means they are on the right track. But the point of the entire article is that 3-3 is just about average right now. 2-4 is likely a death kiss with so many teams competing in the NFC this season.

    Hate on. Most of what you say has some truth behind it. It’s just tired and unoriginal.

  7. “Field goals won’t beat most of the rest of the teams on your schedule…”

    Actually the Eagles did that one season. And the Patriots have made a living out of that. Technically at the end of games but still.

  8. The fact is drama and controversy put more money in Jerry’s pocket that quality play, and are easier to generate. Chances are it will continue as well, which winning rarely does. Stupid like a fox.

  9. panthers and the cowboys…2 of the more talented teams with 2 of the most untalented coaches smh what a waste of some these players prime..oh and tony romo sucks.

  10. Well they will be digging out next Sunday when they face a pissed off Giants squad.

    Giants 3 and 0 at new Cowboy stadium. Its nice to play a home game on the road…lol

  11. I love watching Jerrah on the sidelines when his team is gonna get beat. Hmmmm….I wonder if he brings his glasses cleaning b!t@ch with him so he can see his team real good when they get beat.

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