MJD on crutches on sideline


At this point, the only truly interesting part of the Jaguars-Raiders game is who is going to be able to walk out in one piece.

The Jags are winning 20-13 in the third quarter, and they’re doing it without a pair of key starters.

Maurice Jones-Drew hasn’t returned after injuring his left foot on the second play of the game. He was just standing on the sidelines with a pair of crutches while wearing in a pair of sweats and a walking boot.

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert has also stayed out after leaving in the first half after being slammed to the turf on his left shoulder.

The Jags are leading, and there is only a vague indication the Raiders are going to get back into this. But the long-term condition of Jones-Drew is a concern, and worth monitoring in the post-game.