MRI coming Monday for Gabbert


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert made an early exit from Sunday’s overtime loss to the Raiders, with an injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gabbert will have an MRI on Monday.  For now, it appears that no bones are broken.

He was in considerable pain.  The decision to hold him out was driven largely by the uncertainty as to his condition.

In Gabbert’s absence, Chad Henne completed nine of 20 passes for 71 yards.  Which isn’t the kind of performance that will create a quarterback controversy, even for the 1-5 Jags.

Next Sunday, the Jaguars travel to Green Bay.

27 responses to “MRI coming Monday for Gabbert

  1. Before the season I really thought that Henne would win the starting job by week 8. This was his shining opportunity to get a starting gig back in the NFL.

    He looked very, very bad today.

  2. Half of Henne’s yards came on one screen play. Raiders sent a blitz on almost every down and it was very clear he was uncomfortable. The ball was coming out sooner than he wanted and the receivers weren’t on the same page. Doesn’t really matter, though. Jags going nowhere this year.

  3. The Jaguars might want to sign David Garrard for the remainder of the season.
    Going forward, they might need to draft a quarterback in the 2013 NFL draft.

  4. great, now lets use the 1st pick on Geno Smith, or trade back & get a boatload of picks.. oh & trade Mike Thomas to a WR needy team (he can be good if he wants t0, but as soon as these jags players get paid, their performance goes down the gutter).. we also should try to use MoJo as trade bait during the draft, or just trade him outright (hopefully his ankle holds up & he’s fine)

  5. Jag fans, you now have the most obtuse starting QB in the league with Chad “Stare ’em Down”Henne. The only person on the planet who thought he had talent was Tony Sparano, and you see what HE got for his misguided opinion (NFL purgatory, aka the Jets).

  6. If Gabbert is protected and given time like the first half, he can be a competent quarterback. Before the game we (The Jags) were 2nd in the league in QB pressures allowed. The revolving door we call a line has a huge part to do with Gabbert’s problems, not to mention the coaching staff of recycled Bengals, Browns, & Bills coaches from some of those three teams worst seasons in their entire long existences.Khan will clean house after the season hopefully, he will definitely at least fire GM Gene Smith, and we can use the #1 pick in the draft to trade down and collect multiple high round picks to pick offensive linemen and give Gabbert one last year to prove himself. After all, the Jags can’t move the ball or score, or stop anyone on defense, but we can punt like there is no tomorrow thanks to the highest drafted punter since 1995.

  7. I knew there was trouble in August at the Jaguars scrimmage when Chad Henne could not even move the ball on the Jaguars own terrible defense, yet Jordan Palmer looked like Peyton Manning. Worst backup signing ever.

  8. Trade for Tebow and at least increase your fan attendance ! Tebow isn’t doing Diddly-Poo as far as utilization with the Jets. They may not win many games but at least they’ll increase their revenue stream.

  9. The 2012 train has left the station in Jacksonville. It’s time to once again evaluate the team. As of now we have MJD and a punter. We also have a solid field goal kicker. No one else stands out as a keeper. Our so called coach has no scheme on offense or defense and reacts rather than acts. Our general manager has managed to produce a no talent team. Where do we start? I admit I am overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead!

  10. Khan would be best served by cleaning house with a new gm and head coach and hiring a special consultant, read well-respected retired nfl coach to help facilitate the process. Building a winner from the ground up will give the franchise the fresh start it so desperately needs. Good luck jags. And stay in jville. We don’t want you in L.A.

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