Raiders beat Jaguars 26-23 in overtime

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The Jaguars just suffered the worst kind of loss.

Not only did they drop a 26-23 decision in overtime to the Raiders, but they left without some key personnel.

Starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert and running back Maurice Jones-Drew finished the game on the sidelines injured, making a long flight back to Florida that much longer as the 1-5 Jags try to figure out what’s next.

Gabbert injured his non-throwing shoulder and Jones-Drew was on crutches after a left foot injury on the second play.

Quarterback Carson Palmer actually led the Raiders to a game-tying drive in regulation, running for a 1-yard touchdown to set up overtime. The whole operation was ineffective most of the day, lending an air of surprise to the late drive.

And in the extra session, it was easy as the Jaguars coughed the ball up. When backup running back Rashad Jennings fumbled on the first possession of overtime, Sebastian Janikowski’s 40-yard field goal was a formality.

The Raiders are 2-4 now, and deserve credit for playing good defense against the Jacksonville backups. But against any other team, there might not have been anything to celebrate.

39 responses to “Raiders beat Jaguars 26-23 in overtime

  1. Man, the Raiders sure made it tough on themselves today. The Jags were ready and came to play, while the Raiders were flat.

    This game really was a tale of two half’s, the Jags took control of the first half and the Raiders in the 2nd.

    Carson Palmer looked good again, especially in the no huddle, I wish Allen would let him call his own plays more.

  2. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty for sure. They fought back and got the W. Do they have to play better? Sure.

    They played real well most of last week and got a loss. Good teams fight through games like this and find way. Not saying the Raiders are world beaters right now, but they found a way.

  3. They deserve credit for winning against the Jacksonville backups. Even though the Jacksonville players would be backups on every other team.

    Still shocked palmer didnt give it to the jags in crunch time. That makes exactly one time in his raider career he came through in the clutch.

  4. Gabbert as QB of the Jags over the past two seasons, 55% compl, 18 Td, 14 Int, 70 passer rating.

    Qbs other than Gabbert for the Jags over the past two seasons, 51% compl, 0 Td, 4 Int, 43 passer rating.

  5. It took a DPI in the endzone and a fumble in overtime for the Raiders to win against the MJD/Gabbert-less Jags. A Pop Warner football game had more football fundmentals on display than this game.

  6. Cecil Shorts fumbled not Rashad Jennings. With that said I am happy that we (Jags) are one game closer to life without Gene Smith and Gabbert.

  7. good thing for the Raider fans that the Jags had to bring in their Division 2 QB. If Henne doen’t get waived after that performance the Jag fans should revolt

  8. niners816 says:
    Oct 21, 2012 7:56 PM
    Those 2 teams are pitiful.
    A team without a QB is on the road to nowhere.

    You don’t have a QB, jackass.

  9. Here’s an interesting spin on the win. I could very very wrong, but it kind of makes sense.

    This was the kind of win Oakland needed. Why? #1. It’s a win. Any win is a good win. But #2, this win should SCARE the Raiders. A lot.

    If they would have dominated the game against an equally bad team, they may have gone forward with way too much confidence. With an overtime thriller in which it doesn’t appear there were too many Oakland injuries, this team should be completely unsatisfied. They should be looking ahead knowing while they won, there is a lot of work to do.

    Sneak out of the stadium with an OT win and be hungry to win more convincingly next week.

  10. jm91rs says: Oct 21, 2012 8:05 PM

    Still shocked palmer didnt give it to the jags in crunch time. That makes exactly one time in his raider career he came through in the clutch.
    That’s twice. This year. He also came through against the Steelers. Don’t lie.

  11. z561 says:
    Oct 21, 2012 8:32 PM
    Chad Henne is the worst football player (let alone QB) I have ever seen in an NFL game.


    I guess you never saw the JaMarcus Russell years in Oakland. Love me some Raiders, but he was the worst.

  12. That win was so ugly, it still feels like a loss,, but hey I’ll take the win. They did everything they could to lose and still won, that’s just weird. But I’ll give them credit for fighting back from a 20-6 deficit.

  13. Chad Henne has the honor of being the worst quarterback ever for two different teams, the Dolphins and the Jaguars.

  14. Now maybe all of you that “think” you know personel, who should be playing and were calling for Henne to replace Gabbert, well, you got your wish. I hope you saw how pathetic Henne was.

    Also Darin, it was Cecil Shorts that fumbled, not Rashad Jennings. Really should get reporting correct before posting.

  15. What happen to our offensive line? The best hole they created all day was for Palmer’s one yard TD sneak.

    They were inept at both run and pass blocking. Carson held the ball long on a few plays but for the most part, he managed the game well.

    Also, Can someone tell Knapp you can’t run a playaction bootleg if you have no running game?

    Come on. Enough with this zone-blocking Scheme.

  16. I said this the day Knapp got hired, and I will continue to say it until he is fired. He is a horrible coordinator, calls a horrible game, and is the worst fit for this offense. The offense he runs requires (at the very least) a semi-athletic quarterbacks and running backs who are good at running in a zone-blocking scheme. Palmer and McFadden, respectively, do not fit the mold. What still makes me so angry is that Saunders had the Raiders top 10 or near top 10 in every offensive category last year, and yet he still gets fired. Makes absolutely no sense.

    Regardless, Palmer led the comeback while running the no-huddle and calling his own plays. PLEASE keep doing this. Next few games are all easily winnable, but the offense MUST be more efficient, and the mistakes (turnovers, penalties) must be cut severely.

    Let’s go Raiders! Back in the division race!

  17. thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 21, 2012 9:54 PM
    trbowman (aka joetoronto) was the toad calling for Henne to replace Gabbert not so long ago. Well, you got your wish and you saw the result.
    Maybe you haven’t been getting enough rest, buddy.

    Your team stinks, Gabbert stinks, the city stinks and your owner is about to sell out.

    You have to deal with it, instead of posting outright lies.

  18. This should have been an easy win for the raiders at home and yet they make it look bad. If you had a hard time against backups, how in the world you’re gonna compete with the better teams. Its like everytime the raiders have a chance at making a statement, they screw it up. Unfortunately they won this game but you’re not gonna get too many breaks like that with some tough games coming up. And then you fans have million and one excuses on why the raiders struggles. I don’t care what plays are being call, these guys are getting paid millions and should execute it.

  19. “broncosnative says:
    This should have been an easy win for the raiders at home and yet they make it look bad. If you had a hard time against backups, how in the world you’re gonna compete with the better teams. Its like everytime the raiders have a chance at making a statement, they screw it up. ”

    It’s called playing to the level of your competition.

    Big talk coming from a team that finished with the same record as Oakland last year . You’re one neck injury away from an 0’fer season.

  20. reports that Gregg Knapp was livid on the sideline when Carson Palmer went into the no-huddle. He thought the headset went out, Carson just said “Bag this” and went no-huddle and started winning the game. That also was the reason for the useless time-out, to make sure the headset worked. Knapp just got served by Palmer, and Coach Allen went with Carson and the no-huddle. Fire Knapp, replace him please.

  21. take your pick….last week we lost looking real good, this week we won looking real ugly……hate to say it, but I know which one i’ll pick each week, no matter how frustrated I get watching it.(Knapp’s offense is terrible, only time we move the ball is when carson does a hurry up, and gets to call his own plays)….with that said we are only one game out of first place…that is how bad the afc west is this year.

  22. Good job erasing that big lead Raiders. But Raider fan shouldn’t get too excited about a comeback on a team that shouldn’t have had a lead on you in the first place.
    Looking at your schedule the rest of the way I don’t see more than four wins. I am sure the Raiders will probably win one unexpectedly, but they will also lose one that they shouldn’t.

  23. @rayguyreturns

    Well if the raiders are at the same level as the jags, they really suck then. I’ll take my one neck injury away QB over a QB whose mediocre at best, is that all you got? Peyton manning is in the top three this season, where does your QB fall? Last year broncos didn’t have high expectations, this year they do. Raiders never have high expectation because they never live up to it so what’s the point. Oh and Peyton Manning is gonna be a bronco until his contract expires so get use to being swept season after season and being at the bottom of the sea.

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