Redskins agree to deal with Cooley, pending physical tomorrow


That didn’t take long.

Hours after losing tight end Fred Davis for the season to a torn Achilles, the Redskins have brought back Chris Cooley.

According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, Cooley will take a physical for the team tomorrow, and barring anything unexpected, will finalize the deal then.

He was hanging around for just such an opportunity, and the fit is an easy one.

33 responses to “Redskins agree to deal with Cooley, pending physical tomorrow

  1. I am so excited and I just can’t hide it. Bennet, Celek and Witten are all garbage compared to Mr. Cooley. The 2012 Redskins have finally been assembled like Voltron. Now they will smite the Steelers and their unattractive fan base.

  2. @fredavisbong, you’ve been hitting it to much if you think Cooley compares to Witten. Cooley is so good he was picked to not have a paycheck for the 1st 7 weeks of the NFL season. Dude your nuts! In the right offense Cooley was amazing, but he isn’t in that offense any longer.

  3. Lol fredavisbong. Bennett, Celek, n Witten are garbage. Yea thats why they didnt get cut from their team. The skins religiously finishes in the basement of the nfc east, and he wasnt good enough to beat out Fred Davis or whatever bum they were trotting out there as a second stringer. Lol. Silly skins fans crack me up!!!

  4. this makes me happy. cooley seems to be a really decent guy. I doubt this is going to help the skins in any tangible way, beyond keeping an overmatched Niles Paul on the bench, but it at least makes me happy

  5. you can be excited hes back as a fan favorite to write that bennet,celek and witten are garbage is just not smart. There is a reason cooley has spent almost half the season at home without signing with another team

  6. His contract was the only reason ge was cut!! And maybe his injury last year!! But nothing to do with his football game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if u dont agree then u don’t watch football

  7. It’s too bad Stevie Brown is under contract with the Giants, and they had to settle for resigning Cooley. RG3 seemed very comfortable throwing him the ball today.

  8. I think this is a great move. Truthfully, I don’t think that the skins should have cut him in the first place, I’m sure that he would have restructured his deal to stay if they would have asked him to

  9. Hope he stayed in shape and is ready to roll. I hope nobody is holding out hope of seeing the Cooley of 3-4 years ago. I think he can still contribute but his best ball is clearly behind him.

  10. its like going outside and taking somebodys elses garbage and bringing it into yr house, skins are DONE!!!!

  11. While I love Chris Cooley, and am excited that he’s at least getting another shot, @freddavisbong, you are out of your damn mind. There’s a reason he was cut and no one has signed him 7 weeks into the season at the veteran minimum while the 3 TE’s you mentioned are still comfortably secure in their starting roles. That being said, mad props on your use of the word smite despite the fact that you are clearly very, very high.

    Random Cooley tidbit: if you haven’t heard the voicemail CC left for Tiger Woods over that infamous thanksgiving holiday, it is more than worth your 5 minutes to take a listen. Only heard it once in passing, but I do remember him inviting Tiger to come hunker down at the Cooley compound & help hang Christmas decorations, maybe lay down a rap track until things blew over. Priceless..

  12. So much for Niles Paul turning into the next Shannon Sharpe…..Logan Paulsen catching balls all over the place & Cooley’s coming back….not to be a complainer, but how bout help at safety this fast when Meriwether got hurt?

  13. Haha….said to my buddy after davis went down, who is a diehard skins fan, “how much you wanna bet Cooley is re-signed by tues/wed…..”

  14. I heard from a reliable source Cooley has arthritis in his fingers from twittering nonstop nonsense 24 hours a day and cant catch a football. Beware.

  15. You know…. this sort of thing usually turns into a Cinderella story… won’t be surprised if he comes back and has huge year.

  16. he needs to play. he just got divorced from his second wife, a former redskins cheerleader.

  17. Considering the Skins are 7 games into the season, this was the only logical choice…anyone else has to come in and learn the system, I wasn’t very upset or shocked when Cooley was cut, for too long fans have worshipped the likes of Cooley and Moss both good guys, however, if you’ve ever watched enough games with the two of them they have made crucial errors for this team and at the worst times i.e. Santana’s fumble yesterday. Not to say Griffin’s fumble and int or Morris’s weren’t just as bad, it’s just when you have them both with Griffin’s and Morris’s there was time to recover and they were still in the game, but when Moss fumbled there was very little time and no other opportunities coming. And to be honest Moss and Cooley have been responsible for quite a few of these over the years…of course none of that really matters when you have a secondary that seems to be as dumb as they come, first how do you let Eli’s main target just run straight up field no one jammed him at the line or nothing then they wait until he’s at full speed then they make an attempt to run with him, if you had jammed him at the line and a safety over the top that ball would have either been intercepted or overthrown…I’m not sure what the hell Haslet and Raheem Morris are teaching on defense and especially in the secondary but it needs to change.

  18. For those who make comments on if he was good enough, then he would have been signed by now. Keep in mind, Cooley had no interest in moving out of this area, and knew due to the nature of this violent game, that an opportunity would have eventually come. Great blocker, and should help get RG3 out for trouble as a safety valve in this offense. He is also a great leader in the locker room. The Niles Paul experiment is a major fail, and Logan Paulson will be the #1 guy. Time to break out my #47 jersey out of my closet. Good luck , and welcome back!

  19. Those of you who say Chris Cooley is not any good because he didn’t get picked up over the last 7 weeks are overlooking the fact that he turned down several offers to go play for other teams because he did not feel it was the right situation/money.

    He was desired, but like your girlfriends before they met me, he has standards.

  20. “It’s too bad Stevie Brown is under contract with the Giants, and they had to settle for resigning Cooley. RG3 seemed very comfortable throwing him the ball today.”

    Yea that whole one interception…he was throwing it to him a lot…once! I guess Brown was all over it when he allowed Moss to pull in the 26 and 30 yard TD passes.

    And way to pick up on the tongue in cheek tone of fredavisbong people. Seems pretty obvious he was kidding. The NFC East is ridiculously loaded with TE talent, but losing Davis hurts a ton no matter who is signed to fill the spot. He was one of RG3’s go to guys. As a fan it’s good to see Cooley back though, it sucked when he got cut.

  21. Wait…so according to hendawg Cooley and Moss have been part of the problem instead of the 2 of the very few bright spots on te Redskins roster the last several years? You are out of your mind. If it wasn’t for these two safety valves and absolute CLUTCH players the Skins would have been lucky to score ANY points or move the ball the last several years. Crappy QB after crappy QB have relied on them to bail out the QB countless times and come up big. That’s just nuts.

  22. Redskins fan here- with Fred Davis on my fantasy team. The second they said it was an achilles injury, I went to the waiver wire and staked a claim on Cooley.

  23. Hail Yeah, I’m so glad Shanahan kept his promise to Cooley that he would bring him back if a TE went down. Class-Act!

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