Report: Vince Young to work out for Cardinals

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We haven’t heard much on the football front about Vince Young since the Bills cut him after trading for Tarvaris Jackson this summer.

Young’s going to be back on a football field on Tuesday, though. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Young will work out for the Cardinals this Tuesday, the traditional tryout day around the league during the season. With Kevin Kolb though to be out for as long as two months, the Cardinals could feel the need for a veteran option behind John Skelton. Currently, rookie Ryan Lindley is the only other quarterback on the roster, which is less than ideal for a team that still has playoff thoughts after a 4-2 start.

It’s hard to think of a much better shot for Young to get another chance to revive his flagging career. There aren’t many backup jobs available at this point and none that have the same chance of the starting job opening up as Arizona’s, which has already flipped twice this season because of injuries. There’s been scant recent evidence that Young can handle the job, but he has been working with quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr., who has worked with Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, in hopes of getting another chance.

If Kolb is going to miss the rest of the season, the Cardinals would be wise to add an experienced arm. Young is one of a few players currently on the street — David Garrard, Josh Johnson and Sage Rosenfels are a few others — who fit that description which means he could get a shot at career resurrection just outside Phoenix.

UPDATE 12:53 p.m. ET: Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic threw some cold water on the report a little later on Sunday. He reports that the Cardinals have no plans to work out Young and that the move hasn’t even been discussed.

UPDATE 2:33 p.m. ET: ESPN reached out to PFT to tell us that the report this morning was inaccurate. Young is working with Whitfield and hopes to work out for the Cardinals, but that nothing has been scheduled.

31 responses to “Report: Vince Young to work out for Cardinals

  1. gadzod says:
    Oct 21, 2012 12:34 PM
    Vince Young should still be in Buffalo. At least he can throw the ball past 5 yards……

    -Yeah, to the opposing team…

  2. Well, at the least the Cards fans can look forward to more souvenirs in the stands – look for a set of shoulder pads on eBay, coming soon.

    Oh…better get the suicide hotline on speed dial…

  3. Is Seneca Wallace not considered a “veteran arm?” Better option than those mentioned but because he’s not 6’2 or taller gets overlooked

  4. The truth of the matter is that this move is long overdue because VY is BETTER than what they have there that they call STARTERS, I still recall last season VY going into GIANTS stadium and beating EI manning and company.

    The good thing about VY he has a way of prolonging LONG drives since he can use his feet also to keep the chains moving , Thats not a bad thing if you have a GOOD DEFENSE; Since they can get a proper blow on the sideline and not dying all the field with QUICK 3 and outs.

  5. thermalito says:
    The NFC West has the worst collection of QB’s of any division in football.

    And yet they have the best winning percentage of any division in football.

  6. He’s better than the crap you have behind center now. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  7. Wake up thermalito, it’s 2012.

    The NFC West has the best division record in the NFL.
    Hell, the NFC West beats the entire AFC conference.
    Get your head out of the past and look forward.

  8. Andy Reid will probably bring him back to Philly at some point. For the “Dream Team”…

  9. Surprised that they don’t work out Mike Kafka., another one of Andy Reid’s rejects. Then of course, there’s always the ultimate Andy Reid reject, Donovan McNabb, who despite his current employment on NFL Network, would surely welcome another chance in the NFL to redeem his spoiled reputation.

  10. Despite what folks say about young he does have starting experience in the league and as a starter his record is 31-19. It also wasn’t like he was just a care taker when he started either. He played a big hand in a number of those victories. If signed he would be just a stop gap and if it doesn’t work out he will be cut. No harm no foul.

  11. Why not? Couldn’t hurt…or I guess the Cards’ could stick w/Skelton…*snicker*…At least VY would give them half-a running threat.

  12. Im no fan of VY either, but cant blame them for trying. Skelton is terrible and Kolb cant stay healthy behind that O-line. They owe it to that defense and Fitz to do better with what theyre putting behind center

  13. Bring him in kiln is always hurt glad the eagles let him go. VY can win games and still play.

  14. The Cardinals need a quarterback… Vince Young has all the tools this team need to take them to the playoffs…. Don’t be a hater, Vince need your support …
    Remember: One mans trash is another mans treasure… And Vince Young has that kind of potential…

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