Saints don’t need defense, roar back into lead


Just when it looked like the Bucs couldn’t be stopped, the guys on the other side woke up and remembered they had Drew Brees at quarterback.

The Saints have scored three straight touchdowns to reclaim a 28-21 lead at the half, with Brees throwing for 313 yards and four touchdowns in the first half.

Included was a ridiculous 48-yard catch-and-run by Joseph Morgan to tie the game, and Brees just put them ahead with a 20-yard strike to tight end David Thomas before the break.

5 responses to “Saints don’t need defense, roar back into lead

  1. Go Saints! Great job Drew! Comecon defense. You’re getting better! We need another win! 21 unanswered points and Drews yards. What record is next. Ha.
    And this comes from and unashamed Saints fan. No debates.

  2. The Creamsicle uniforms should be burned and banished forever. NOTHING good ever happened in those uniforms (sorry 1979’ers).

  3. jg725 says: Oct 21, 2012 3:04 PM

    “good thing the ‘aints don’t need defense – because they certainly don’t have any…….”


    I guess the Goal Line Stand by the Saints Defense was done by somebody else?

    Saints Defense is starting to find itself. If they can start playing some ball on the Defensive side of the ball, watch out for a Saints run at a Wildcard playoff spot.

    Saints can be scary dangerous if they make it into the playoffs. Wildcard Round game on the road in Minnesota or San Francisco?

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