Steelers manage to tie it at halftime


A half the Bengals dominated moved us no closer to a result, as the Steelers took advantage of one mistake to tie it 14-14 at the break.

The Bengals were cruising along, nursing a 14-6 lead, when Andy Dalton pegged one of his offensive linemen in the back of the head with a pass, which was picked off by LaMarr Woodley.

The Steelers quickly scored, with Ben Roethlisberger drilling one to tight end Heath Miller, who amazingly didn’t drop it.

The Steelers then went for the two-point conversion, hitting Miller again to tie it.

So despite a pair of turnovers and a generally sloppy game, they’re on even footing.

3 responses to “Steelers manage to tie it at halftime

  1. Watching the game everything that could have gone the Bungals way has excpt the score. The Steelers have dropped easy balls, turnovers and plenty of penalites..

  2. Dwyer has been great, they are not giving him the ball enough. Why do they hate this guy? He may be there best back.

  3. Down four starters, down to their third string RB (a guy who isn’t even dressed for most games), five dropped passes at last count (including a sure TD), a dropped int deep in Cincy territory that turned into 7 the other way, Big Ben missing critical reads – again, and yet the Steelers dominated this game after the Bungles made it 14-3.

    Go figure. Could have been a Steelers blowout, should have likely been a loss, and yet they pull it out.

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