Ta’amu, union not fighting two-game suspension

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Technically, teams don’t have the authority under the CBA to punish players for off-field brushes with the law.  As a practical matter, sometimes it’s better not to pick a battle.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Steelers defensive lineman Alameda Ta’amu will not challenge his two-game unpaid suspension for conduct detrimental to the team, arising from a laundry list of charges filed against him following a DUI incident last weekend.

The Steelers technically don’t have the authority to suspend Ta’amu for the arrest.  But Ta’amu realizes that fighting the team on this point could harm his chances of staying with the team over the long haul.

Moreover, Ta’amu and the union believe that the player now cannot be punished by the league, since he has been punished by the team.

And while the union has the ability to pursue a grievance even if the player doesn’t want to do it, the NFLPA opted to respect Ta’amu’s wishes.

Bottom line?  This case proves that, regardless of what the CBA says, teams can take action in response to player arrests.

Yes, Lions, we’re looking at you.

6 responses to “Ta’amu, union not fighting two-game suspension

  1. “Ta’amu, union not fighting two-game suspension”

    Te amo tambien…oops, I thought this article was written in Spanish

  2. “Yes, Lions, we’re looking at you.”….nice.
    The Lions have made it pretty easy to dislike them recently which is too bad considering the talent they have. With making the playoffs last year they’ve actually shown signs of life. As my username indicates, I was born in 1965 and NEVER in my life have the Lions been relevant. The only thing about the Lions I really remember is being force-fed them every Thanksgiving day and only Barry Sanders made a few of those worth watching. As a fan in general it would be interesting to see the Lions be a player year-in/year-out, especially in that division.

  3. There’s a big difference between allegations and convictions, but if even 25% of these charges are true — it’s a good thing Ta’amu and the NFLPA are not contesting a comparatively mere 2 game suspension.

  4. if an arrest is not considered conduct detrimental to the team then what the hell is? teams should be the ones to suspend and the league should step in if they dont do it when necessary

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