Titans pull out win over the Bills


It wasn’t quite the Music City Miracle, but the result was the same.

A 15-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to receiver Nate Washington on fourth down and nine yards to go tied the game at 34.  The extra point gave the Titans the final margin of victory.

Tennessee’s offense was fueled by 195 yards rushing on 18 carries from Chris Johnson, his biggest output since November 1, 2009, when he racked up 228 against the Jaguars.

The Titans are now 3-4, as are the Bills.

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  1. I’ll say it again, if this doesn’t get Wannstadt fired then you know the Bill’s are trying to suck to make it easier to move to LA!!!!!!!

    How do you not pressure them on that 4th down?

  2. Why are they throwing the ball with a lead and four minutes to go? back to back games with poor game management from the offensive genius known as Chan “the beard” Gailey… Stop being cute and give the effing ball to the guys averaging 7 yards a carry to close the game out. The whole coaching staff will be gone after this year and we’ll have to start all over again with new offensive and defensive philosophies. Same song and dance for as long as I can remember. Hire a coach, three years later fire him and re-boot… WTF

  3. I’ll say it again, if this doesn’t get Wannstadt fired then you know the Bill’s are trying to suck to make it easier to move to LA!!!!!!!

    How do you not pressure them on that 4th down?

    We can’t send pressure because our secondary can’t cover ANYONE. George Wilson is a joke, QBs throw to whoever he happens to be near every week. It blows my mind that he’s out there at all, just cause he has a “C” on his jersey? Gimme a break, moorman had one too and where’s he?

  4. The Bills are vying for a QB in the 2013 draft. They are the worst coached team in the NFL and for Chan to say at the end that he won’t make a change at the DC level is indicative of an organization that is kosher with failure.

  5. Could this be 2002 all over again? That year, like this year, the Titans started out 1 and 4 with blowouts. At that point, their defense finally woke up and they went on a tear, eventually reaching the AFC Championship Game. With today’s win, the Titans are now 3 and 4. Unfortunately, our defense is still AWOL.

  6. CJ2K confuses the hell out of me. On most weeks (recently) he looks like one of the worst backs in the league. Then today? I know the Bills D is bad, but you don’t rush for 200 yards and 2 td’s by accident. He could of had 4 td’s if they didn’t pull him at the one. Lets hope he realized this is what the team needs. There defense is terrible so they NEED CJ to run wild and kill the clock.

  7. Wow, kinda phoned-in the write-up on this one, eh?

    Luckily this Bills’ fan isn’t running low on commentary about this game.

    First major gripe: Fitz.
    The game changing play came when Fitzpatrick threw his first pick of the day at the worst possible time: with 3 mins left in the 4th quarter when the Bills had the lead and needed to sustain a drive to run out the clock. Until that throw, Fitz played his best game of the season. He had made some fantastic throws all day, but he still managed to make a huge mistake at a huge moment in the game and no one in Buffalo was surprised. Even when he is good, he finds ways to be bad. We will never get anywhere with him as our QB. He will always make big mistakes and cannot make the clutch throws.

    My second major gripe: Dave Wannstadt.
    How in the heck does he still have a job? This man is awful. He just does not have the ability to dial up a blitz when the team needs it. His play calls are more conservative than Rick Santorum’s political views. On 4th and 2, you gotta send the Blitz!! Our secondary is not good enough to force coverage sacks. Dick Lebeau did not become the most respected D coordinator in the league by dialing up soft zone coverages at critical moments. Today’s QBs are too good to let zone coverages beat them, someone send Wanny the memo. He is not fit to manage this D.

    Third gripe: there is not a single solid NFL linebacker on this team. We are trying to use Nick Barnett as our “stud” LB, but the man would be lucky to even play on the weakside of almost any other NFL team. I’ve been saying it for years: letting Fletcher go was a gigantic mistake. We have not been able to replace him since we let him walk and it has been very obvious every season. The combo of horrible Defensive coaching and a complete lack of impactful linebackers has repeatedly hung the rest of the D out to dry. We can’t stop the run and we can’t cover TE’s or shallow crossing routes. I think part of why Wanny is afraid to blitz is that he knows our LBs can’t cover a cough when asked.

    This team is so aggravating. My day would have been better spent raking leaves.

  8. -Don’t judge Williams until you get a coach to use him. We know that Darius, KWilliams, Kelsay are decent players and they aren’t showing anything either. COACHING!
    -Maybe Gailey won’t have a choice as to firing the DC. could Nix stand up and do something?
    -Good luck selling tix the rest of the season. Seriously, could they be using it as a bargaining chip to move out of town?

    Bye week, time for some major changes, hopefully in coaching.

  9. Wanny is doing his best to ruin another team’s fortunes. When will the “Dallas effect” wear off for Wanny and Norv? Two of the worst.

  10. Pathetic….and even though I haven’t heard it yet, the after game Gailey speak will be…we need to get better. If Wannstadt had pride, he’d resign. At least as a Harvard man Fitz won’t be slinging hash. I wish the NHL would start up so at least there’d be a Buffalo team to cheer!

  11. article should read titans fueled by o-line. When johnson wasnt getting any yards earlier in the season he put the blame on the o-line and couldnt stop crying about them. Well now that the ground game is going ALL the credit should go to the line as well

  12. Two things made the game a loss:

    1. Missed extra point
    2. Interception during drive to kill the clock

    My uncle is a Buffalo native & die-hard fan. Went to all 4 Super Bowls, just really cares. He’s been through more of these losses than I could stomach. I don’t see how Bills’ fans do it.

  13. Bills To do list:
    1. Fire entire coaching staff. Just an awful job
    2. Find a franchise QB. One that won’t throw away games and force the team to win in spite of him.
    3. Find a useful Strong Safety. George Wilson should have bought a ticket since he watched plays happen all day.
    4. Find a LB that can tackle. Softest LB corp in the NFL. Currently not a single LB opposing offenses have to game plan around.

  14. I have to say I am done with spending a dime on this team until they have a QB.

    Also to the jag fan there was no missed extra point.

  15. @billsboy

    I totally agree with you, but aren’t you sick of hiring a coach, having him try to change the team into his vision, which means changing personnel, offensive and defensive and ending with him getting fired after not having enough time to let his people gel and become a team? I’m no fan of Chan gailey right now but I think the team is heading in the right direction. As hard to believe as that may be. We had this game won until play calling, not Fitz lost the game for us. We ran on 1st down, then pass on second? Forcing us to try and pick up the third down via pass to get a first down and ice the game. Granted Fitz threw a HORRIBLE pass to a DB on the ground, but he shouldn’t have been in that position to start. Chan just needs to realize that we’re not the packers or saints or pats. We can run the ball effectively, especially when ahead late in the fourth.

  16. shoekid1113 says:
    Oct 21, 2012 5:13 PM
    CJ2K confuses the hell out of me. On most weeks (recently) he looks like one of the worst backs in the league. Then today? I know the Bills D is bad, but you don’t rush for 200 yards and 2 td’s by accident.

    It’s not that confusing. When his blockers do their job up front more consistently, he can still make plays. When he’s regularly getting swarmed in the backfield almost before the handoff is even completed, he looks like one of the worst backs in the league. He is not and never has been a guy who can overpower people and break a ton of tackles — never been his game. He needs a little daylight.

    And to his credit, when Johnson has big days like today, he has always been the first one to credit his blockers. They’ve actually looked pretty solid the last two weeks, too. But this is never going to be a run-centric offense with Chris Palmer calling the plays, even on days when things are clicking with the run. He’s a more QB-friendly play caller.

  17. If the Eagles can fire their defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, shouldn`t the Bills do the same with their defen-sieve (sic) coordinator Dave Wannstedt ???? The Bills D is putrid !!!!

  18. When you have a QB who can’t throw much farther than a screen pass it limits the offense. Wannstedt is coaching the defense like teams are playing 1970’s offense. George Wilson has to make the play. 2nd and 18 and you give up 17 yds is awful.

    Gailey, Fitz, Wannstedt have to go. The sooner the better. My guess is Bills lose next 3, bench Fitz after Thursday night game.

  19. It is so infuriating as a Bills fan to watch these fool sink a team that has enough talent to challenge for a wildcard spot. I don’t care if Fitz went to Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg also went to Harvard and his invention has ruined my life!

  20. Yes, I am totally sick of the revolving door of coaches and QBs in Buffalo. But I’m way more sick of losing.

    I unfairly left Gailey out of my first rant. He still cannot get the team emotionally ready to play in big games. His play calling is awful. He needs to realizethat he does not have the spread offense that he thinks he does. He constantly abandons the run, which is our offense’s strength. He puts the game in Fitz’s hands, Fitz makes a mistake, and we lose.

    And as well as Fitz plays at times, he’s just never gonna be the elite QB we need.

    Either Gailey needs to vastly change his philosophy or one/both of these guys needs to go. One thing is for sure: Wannstadt really needs to go. Now.

  21. so many things wrong in this game other than the offense and fitz (who actually played okay today)

    1. throwing with minutes left and the lead
    2. giving up 35 points to a mediocre offense and backup QB
    3. not going for 2 when there was no risk

    our d coordinator needs to be GONE. our defense in literally NON EXISTENT

  22. @johnnyjagfan
    Two things made the game a loss:

    1. Missed extra point
    Did you watch the game? No one missed an extra point. The Bills had two field goals and scored one td less than the Titans.

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