Tomlin anticipates Roethlisberger-Haley incident, says it won’t be “catastrophic”

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As the Steelers prepare to face the Bengals tonight and as quarterback Ben Roethlisberger tries to win the mob pre-emptively by periodically nudging offensive coordinator Todd Haley toward the undercarriage of the bus, coach Mike Tomlin concedes that an incident between the two men is inevitable.

“You made a transition this year from Bruce Arians to Todd Haley,” Bob Costas asks in an interview to be aired on NBC’s Football Night in America (7:00 p.m. ET).  “Ben Roethlisberger told me before the first game against Denver, ‘Every coach, at some point, their temper starts to come out.  But when it comes to that time, we’ll be able to deal with it and move on.’  Has that time come yet?”

“I don’t know,” Tomlin said.  “I’m usually pretty busy when they get a little down time.  I’ve always got guys on the grass, as we say in this business.  I’m not worried about those interactions.  If it hadn’t happened already, I’m sure at some point it will and it won’t be catastrophic.  I’m sure we’ll all move on.”

Tomlin seems to endorse the philosophical shift that has resulted in Roethlisberger periodically grumbling about things like the “dink-and-dunk” nature of the offense.  Asked by Costas whether the new offense is successfully reining in Roethlisberger, Tomlin said, “I think we’re doing a nice job, even in the midst of running the ball as poorly as we are, because we’re minimizing negative plays.  And if you minimize the negative plays, that means your quarterback is upright.  That’s one of the goals that we had here for this season, along with winning more games than we have to this point.”

The bigger goal (slightly) is winning games.  And with the weapons that the Steelers have, they should be playing to their strengths.  Since they’re not and the Steelers aren’t winning, Roethlisberger will continue to agitate until Haley blows his stack.

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  1. Tomlin hired Haley. I’m sure he’s happy that his QB is publicly criticizing the guy he hired. BR is basically challenging his HC’s authority and judgment with his public complaints. Can anyone ever remember a QB sniping about an OC change so early? Many, many QBs go through many OC changes and never complain. BR needs to shut it.

  2. Big ben 4 td’s tonight. 400 yards passing. Steelers 38 Bungles 17 Final. Afc north shall be ours in do time! I have said it so it shall come to pass!!!

  3. If anything goes on the steelers are so in house with what goes on behind closed doors…coach neat haircut wont allow them to entertain the media with negativity… sure a 2-3 record brought some type of tention out by now but we will never know because they just keep family business away from the media

  4. If a person didn’t know Arians was gone you couldn’t tell the difference in play calls..still throwing 20 bubble screens a game..not producing in the red zone and still not matching Sanders or Wallace against safetys or linebackers and calling Terrible run plays on 1st Downs I could go on forever..he’s an Arians clone,BUT they are moving the ball and points are up from last year. II really don’t know what the Steelers attraction to Haley but it is what it is. Their problems aren’t on offense except injurie and Lack of run game. Fix that defense and they will fine

  5. CKL:
    Roethlisberger has been running Tomlin/Arians/Steelers ever since Bill Cowher first stepped out the door following the 2006 season.
    I have absolute confidence that two years from now, the Rooneys will not re-sign Roethlisberger because of a (wink, wink) “contract dispute.” The Rooneys and Roethlisberger will part company. The city, the region and the franchise have had enough of this guy’s “me” attitude.
    Trust me on this.

  6. Im really surprised in Tomlin. He is a good coach who looks like he takes no BS. Haley was his hire. If Ben has a problem then Tomlin needs to tell him to keep quiet and just play. Stop covering up for this guy.

  7. Roethlisberger isn’t diplomatic in his word choice when Haley’s brought up, but the media is hellbent in trying to make something out of this. Until something actually happens, the constant stories about this are as useful/informative as the hourly Mike Wallace contract/holdout updates we got for eight or nine months following the end of the 2011 season.

  8. Why all the attention on the Offensive side of the Steelers when it is clearly the Defense that is responsible for the 3 losses?? Where is the LeBeau criticism and calls for his replacement??
    Write that story!!!!!!!

  9. Bobzilla is so delusional. Ya they will get rid of a 2 time sb champiin franchise Qb. Everytime you post, they get more and mire illogical. Youre the same type of idiot that calls vinnie and cooke in the morning to tell them to put batch in. We love making fun of tools like you. With absolutely NO football knowledge!!!

  10. Someone needs to tell the golf coach, that when you have a QB with an arm like Roethlisberger and receivers with the speed that Brown and Wallace have, you throw the ball down field. Enough with the 3 yd hitches!

  11. I tend to agree with Ben on this one…and Im a Broncos fan with really, no interest in this. But as an AFC West fan, I do know Haley isnt very good, and it shows as the offense in Pittsburgh is suffering.

  12. Yes, Tomlin did hire Haley, but an article that came out on Friday stated that he wanted the OC job to go to Kirby Wilson. They were unsure of how Wilson’s recovery to go so Tomlin felt he had to hire Haley despite that fact that he was not happy with the way their interview went. Tomlin hired him- now it’s time to fire him. Haley sucks.

  13. steelerswhatever:
    like everyone else on this site, I am not interested in your silly, little opinions.
    Does your mommy know you are on the internet, conversing with adults?

  14. Tomlin didn’t want Haley.

    He wanted BA back, Rooney overruled him.

    He then wanted Kirby Wilson to replace Arians but wasn’t sure if he’d recover from the fire.

    Haley was forced onto him by Art II. No one else.

    If Tomlin had HIS way, Haley wouldn’t be here.

    Those who are around the team, like Dale Lolley and Mark Kaboly stated today they’ve seen NOTHING that suggests any Ben/Haley rift.

    Excuse Bobzilla, he’s John Steigerwald’s online buddy and a noted fanboy of Byron Leftwich.

  15. Andy Reid fired Juan Castillo. It is time for Rooney to fire Tomlin and let Haley run the team. Tomlin has lost control.

  16. The Steelers will get rid of Roethlisberger when his skills start to deteriorate and/or a promising replacement comes along. If he doesn’t understand that, he should have a chat with Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. Tomlin is a no-nonsense guy, but he’s not also the type to let Ben and Haley work out their own stuff. He’s not going to run interference in the sandbox. Nor should he. These two need to get along. The HC can’t baby-sit them every minute.

    Roethlisberger has many great qualities as a QB, maturity and humility aren’t necessarily among them. But I recall unfortunate interceptions playing a major part in at least two of our losses. If I were him, I wouldn’t push Haley too hard. He’s liable to wind up with a bruised ego.

  17. siggyoo:
    I’m pretty sure the Steelers could be 2-3 with Byron Leftwich at quarterback. And Byron wouldn’t command an $800,000 per-game salary to do so.

    Deb: Why would the Rooney’s wait to get rid of a lockerrom cancer? The only reason they didn’t ditch Roethlisberger in 2010 was because they had tons of money invested in him via an enormous signing bonus.

    If any one of you out there believe that one player is bigger than the organization, you would be sadly mistaken.
    This team is in transition, Cowher’s players are disappearing. For the next few years, this team is going to have more pressing issues than who the quarterback might be.
    Tomlin, a no-nonsense guy? His teams are annually undisciplined. The Steelers lead the league in penalties.
    They just had a drunken rookie smash into a row of parked cars. Santonio Holmes was busted with pot, the superstar quarterback couldn’t keep his pants up in a barroom restroom.
    Take off those black-and-gold glasses!!!

  18. Bobzilla, did you see Ben drop that perfectly thrown pass to Wallace as he scrambled that would have been a first down, but instead led to only a field goal? Yeah, I guess you believe Ben cost them 4 points right there, huh? It’s all his fault according to you. Thanks for speaking for “the city, the region and the franchise” as you said earlier.

  19. Bobzilla, did you see Ben allow the Bengals to go right down the field and score a TD? He plays terrible defense, doesn’t he?

    Got it yet?

  20. blackngold4life says: Oct 21, 2012 3:24 PM

    If a person didn’t know Arians was gone you couldn’t tell the difference in play calls..still throwing 20 bubble screens a game..not producing in the red zone and still not matching Sanders or Wallace against safetys or linebackers and calling Terrible run plays on 1st Downs I could go on forever..he’s an Arians clone.
    You must have some serious cataracts; because if you can’t see the difference between the offense Haley is calling vs. Arians, you must be legally blind.

    Roethlisberger is taking fewer hits and getting sacked less; which is even more amazing considering how the injuries to Mendenhall, Redman, Pouncey, Gilbert and DeCastro effected the Steelers desire to mix the run in more effectively.

    The Steelers aren’t struggling because of the offense, it has been defensively. However, weak minded people want to put the blame on Big Ben because it’s what gets more papers sold.

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