Asomugha doesn’t think his words had anything to do with Castillo’s firing

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Last Monday, one of the talking points in the wake of the Eagles’ loss to the Lions was cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha’s criticism of the team’s defensive strategy during their fourth quarter fade.

Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was fired the next day and Asomugha’s comments were sometimes cited as part of the history that led to the Eagles’ decision. Asomugha said Monday that his intention was not to make Castillo bear the totality of the blame for the defensive issues in Philadelphia.

“I had a tough time when those stories come out. It’s more so a character thing, and it’s something I would never do as a player,” Asomugha said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “There’s no underlying — this was said, but it might have meant this. I wouldn’t do that to a coach, and especially Juan. Just because as far as the player-coach relationship, we had been so communicative. It wasn’t a good feeling. But after speaking to him and letting him know that wasn’t the case, that made it a lot better. But I don’t think it had anything to do with him being let go or anything.”

Even if you think Asomugha threw Castillo under the bus, the bus was coming for the former defensive coordinator. And it will be coming for Andy Reid and others if Asomugha and his teammates don’t start playing better under Todd Bowles.