Bills’ Chris Kelsay rips teammates who aren’t playing hard


The Bills’ four losses this season have been by scores of 48-28, 52-28, 45-3 and 35-34, so it doesn’t exactly take a detailed film analysis to realize that Buffalo’s defense isn’t playing well. But Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay said that after watching film of Sunday’s loss, he’s fed up with the effort his teammates are giving.

You watch the film and not everybody was playing hard every snap and that’s unacceptable,” Kelsay said.

Kelsay said he thinks it may be on players like him to personally get in the faces of teammates who aren’t giving their all.

“We might have to grab guys by the shirt collar and tell them to get to moving,” Kelsay said. “It’s nothing personal, but we’re relying on you. Myself included. If I’m not doing my job I expect Kyle [Williams] to grab me by the neck and tell me to get going. That’s what it’s going to take. We’ve got a lot of young guys. We’re going to get everybody on the same page.”

Kelsay didn’t name any names of teammates who aren’t trying, although he did suggest that Mario Williams isn’t going 100 percent because he’s hurt.

“I’d take Mario Williams at full health and full speed probably over anybody else in the league,” Kelsay said. “At the same time I’d take Sean Ferguson, who we cut, over a guy that’s playing 50 percent, and I think our coaches would too. The playmakers have to make plays and the way you do that is giving all out effort every play.”

Ultimately, Kelsay says, there’s just no way he can tolerate being part of a defense that plays the way Buffalo’s defense is playing.

“It’s inexcusable,” Kelsay said. “It’s a blessing to be in this league and to go out there and lay an egg there are no excuses for it.”

Kelsay is saying what needs to be said. The question is whether his teammates are listening.

27 responses to “Bills’ Chris Kelsay rips teammates who aren’t playing hard

  1. Does this guy really think throwing teammates under the bus is going to help? Im not saying what he says is wrong, but it is wrong to say it to the media. Get on them at practice or in game, not in the papers.

  2. Well, somebody should be getting on the players, and it sure hasn’t been Gailey or Wannstedt doing it.

  3. The answer is pretty simple………the coaches need to grow a set, name names, and sit those players for a half or so to get them to move.

  4. The Bills let the worst starting running back in the NFL run over, through and around them for 180 yards and then had to watch him crow about it on every sports show all day today. It dosent get any more embarrassing than that.

  5. Good for Kelsay for standing up and saying something. Unfortunately for the Bills this needed to be said about a decade ago.

  6. I’m at a loss with these guys. The team needs to start holding each other accountable.

    Kyle, Chris, you guys are the only ones capable of leading this team. Step up and do it already. Seriously, I’m ready to walk down out of the stands and start yelling at these guys myself. Someone needs to do it.

    Captains are worthless. Coaches are worthless. “Impact” players are worthless. I’m so sick of this team.

  7. When blaming Buddy Nix lets not forget the shanked punt (after cutting Moorman) and INT (common since giving Fitzpatrick his overpriced contract) that kept Tennessee in the game.

  8. no excuses! Ownership makes bad decisions…gm and all coaches should be fired bad coaching cost bills the game. Bills are up 34 28 with 4min and the ball common sense says run the football to milk clock jackson avg.
    7.9 per carry spiller almost 6 yds per carry run the football!

  9. I’m a Saints fan and I’m telling you the way to fix your team.
    Frist: Fire Chan Gaily. I’m still trying to understand what he did to earn another HC job
    2nd Hire Chip Kelly or June Jones and go back to the K Gun concepts you used in years past.
    3rd: get rid of the black cleats, go back to the red helmets just like the ones you wore during you superbowl runs.
    4th, go back to artificial turf
    5th: draft a QB with your first pick
    6th: cut bait with Mario Williams. He has to be the biggest bust in the history of free agency

  10. With all the grabbing and pulling on the collar Mario better have some extra jerseys laying around!

  11. hor2012,
    I agree with a major coaching change and drafting a franchise QB, but I have no idea what the uniforms or the field have to do with anything.

    I once had a coach that said, “I don’t care what we are wearing or where the game is played. I’ll play in the parking lot with you guys wearing your boxers and we’ll still run it down their throats.” Crowds, fields, uniforms….none of it matters. There are 22 guys playing on the field, that is all that matters.

    That said, the Bills do play on a synthetic surface, a very nice one at that. If you are suggesting they go back to that god-awful green carpet (astro turf, if you will) then I fully disagree. I’ve played on both types of surfaces in my time and that carpet was purely hellish. Green sandpaper that is hard as concrete.

  12. Wannstedt also needs to get his a$$ down on the field, to ream the Defense when they’re playing like crap. Talking over a headset from up in the boxes isn’t getting the job done…

  13. simpleghost says:
    Oct 22, 2012 7:01 PM
    Does this guy really think throwing teammates under the bus is going to help? Im not saying what he says is wrong, but it is wrong to say it to the media. Get on them at practice or in game, not in the papers.

    I don’t think he is throwing his teammates under the bus because he’s not naming anyone specifically. Besides, he also named himself which to me would say he is talking about the Defense in whole. Apparently what these leaders of the Defense are saying to their teammates isn’t getting their attention at practice or in the game. Its time to take it to the next level, do it in public, to the media, because the fans will then point out who they think is holding this great core of players back. Nobody wants to be called out, so maybe this will shock a few of them into giving 120%. I give Chris Kelsay a tip of the hat for what he has said, also for his hard play on the field, the guy never stops. He plays hard from every snap to every whistle. If we only had a few more like Kelsay, imagine how strong this D would be.

  14. The Bills are the worst coached team in the history of the NFL. They’re historically bad on defense. Chan Gailey has to be fired. He is the only person who thinks Fitzpatrick should be an unquestioned starter. Through Buddy Nix’s first two drafts he’s hit on Spiller who they took when they had Marshawn and Freddie. Marcell Dareus is getting closer to be being a bust than a star. They have two kickers but none they w ere willing to try a 52 yd fg with.

  15. The Bills are the Carolina Panthers of the AFC. Two significant players on offense (Spiller/F. Jackson, Newton/Smith), with average and young players at every other position, head coaches which are merely treading water, and GMs/owners(?) with no idea how to build a consistent winning team in the NFL.

  16. Who are the players who aren’t playing hard? I don’t pretend to be a scout or something and this game is too fast for me to pick em out. But seriously, after thinking we were “all set” at every position going into the season, who is it that is causing this? What do you guys see?

  17. I guess the players are just realizing they’re in BUFFALO! Just move to Toronto and get on with it.

  18. Hey suckleague. It was 65 on sunday idiot and it’s almost November. Buffalo is not the frozen tundra called the Arctic. Don’t be dumb all of your life.

  19. The Bills like to point out that they are high character guys who don’t get into trouble off the field which is great however it is also a problem if you think you can’t criticize your teammates publically. Kelsey was 100% right to say what he said and if it takes some public humiliation to get things moving so be it. Mario Millions and some others need to get their heads out of their butts and start playing like they actually care about winning.

  20. Look I feel for you guys I’m a bears fan I had to deal with the wanstedt year and the juron years! To fix your team here’s what needs to be done. 1st sit Williams he probably is hurt we know you guys aren’t making the playoffs 2nd fire the entire coaching staff rid yourself of wanstedt and Hailey! 3 rid yourself of Fitzpatrick too. Now go hire bill cowher throw money at him if you have too draft a qb with your high pick, or I hate to say it cause I don’t like him but he finds a way to win and is a real leader try Tebow! I’ll end with this don’t give up on Mario Williams grabs beast and a difference maker. GOOD LUCK BUFFALO YOU GUYS WILL SURELY NEED IT!

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