Chris Williams a Ram, racking up the frequent flyer miles


The Chris Williams-across-America tour is over.

And now it’s worldwide.

The former first-round pick has chosen to sign with the Rams today, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That means he’s about to board a plane bound for London, where his new team plays the Patriots Sunday.

Williams had previously visited the Eagles, Cardinals and Chargers, before making the decision to sign with the Rams.

There will be an opportunity to play quickly, as the Rams line has been a patchwork affair all season. Of course, how Williams handles jet lag might also be a factor.

16 responses to “Chris Williams a Ram, racking up the frequent flyer miles

  1. Get ready to see Sam Bradford on his back more than ever. As a Bears fan, I’ve watched this bust try to play tackle and it was pathetic. He’s best left as guard where at least it seems he’s not intentionally trying to get his QB killed.

  2. shaggy you might be confusing him with J’Marcus Webb but let’s face it, neither is a very good left tackle so what’s the difference.

  3. schmitty2 says:
    Oct 22, 2012 1:51 PM
    Oh God!!!!

    1 of many concerned Ram’s fans
    Rams fans should only be concerned if the plan is to start Williams. If this is a depth signing, it’s a great move for St. Louis.

  4. I’m not that upset that they signed Williams. They got rid of Ojinaka and Williams provides some G/T flexibilty until Saffold comes back.

    It is amazing that the Rams have rostered Smith, Hunter and Williams during this season. Kwame Harris is probably dialing his agent trying to get a tryout at this moment.

  5. I’m curious did the other three teams just choose not to sign him? At this point it can’t be about money

    I think he wants to actually play. The Rams probably give him the best opportunity to get substantial playing time.

  6. Wayne Hunter was hounded out of NY, and yet he has come in at LT and played extremely well. Barry Richardson was ridiculed by Chiefs fans, but he’s played pretty good at RT. Robert Turner laughed at by Jets fans, turned unto an excellent C for us.

    Shelley Smith and Joe Barksdale were both let go by the Texans and Raiders respectively. And yet both played extremely well against Clay Matthews and co on Sunday

    Rams have got an excellent O Line coach in Paul Boudreau

    Given the injuries we’ve had up front this season, there’s no way we should playing as well as we are. And that’s down to Boudreau.

    Hopefully Saffold and Wells will be back in a week or two. Williams, if he gets any playing time, will do nicely imo

  7. Don’t scoff. Rams have been getting a lot of mileage from reclamation projects this year.

    Hunter and Richardson were supposed to be abysmal, except that they haven’t been. Barksdale was respectable when pushed into duty also.

    Let’s see what Boudreau can get out of this one.

  8. Paul Bordeau is a coaching genius. He’ll have Williams up to speed to. THey’ve turned a patchwork line in to semi-functional, which is lightyears ahead of where this line was last year.

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