Coughlin, Bradshaw refuse to address sideline blowup


Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw and coach Tom Coughlin appeared to be having a heated argument on the sideline during Sunday’s win over the Redskins, but neither one of them was in the mood to talk about it afterward.

According to the Star-Ledger, Bradshaw didn’t talk to reporters at all after the game, and Coughlin shut off that line of questioning when asked about it.

That’s between he and I,” Coughlin said.

Bradshaw also was spotted appearing to exchange words with Giants receiver Victor Cruz and with Giants running backs coach Jerald Ingram.

The issue may be as simple as Bradshaw wanting the ball more: After totaling 57 carries for 316 yards over the previous two weeks, on Sunday he was limited to just 12 carries for 43 yards. Bradshaw would hardly be the first running back to get in a bad mood when he’s not getting the ball as much as he wants.

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  1. Coughlin coached teams have won 2 SBs in New York including last year. Bradshaw needs to shut up and do his job.

  2. I saw that on Tv and I know it’s just Bradshaw being the super competitive guy that he is.

    He’s the real deal, no question about. Tough as nails with a burning desire to win.

  3. He’s right about getting the ball more. There were at least three instances that were BEGGING for runs (esp. on a 3rd and 1), and Gilbride calls a long pass play. Bradshaw was right in his assessment. Not sure if he handled it the right way, but he was correct.

  4. Relax Bradshaw, Not many RBs have had great numbers against the skins so far this year.
    Skins gave this game away, Can they please make a trade for a decent dback? SMH

  5. I know it’s a passing league, but if you’re having success with option 1, running the ball, you should run the ball. OCs and head coaches seem to be more concerned with their teams looking pretty and making the highlight videos than with winning.

    However, since the Giants won, this story will disappear quickly. Had they lost…

  6. @daaabears – difference is Bradshaw would go out and play on his deathbed if the NFL allowed it…#44 has 100% respect of the whole team (and the whole league for that matter) and is not a spoiled little brat who throws temper tantrums if he doesn’t get his way!!

  7. Then let me address it for you.

    It’s quite simple, Bradshaw wanted to run the ball more and Coughlin wouldn’t give him the rock. I think I side with the RB on this one.

    Great win Giants……….All In.

  8. The story is, Bradshaw blew up at Cruz because he didn’t throw a good block that would have sprung Bradshaw on a long run. If true, I would support Bradshaw. I don’t have many problems with millionaires getting into other millionaire’s faces about doing their jobs.

  9. “That’s between he and I,” Coughlin said.

    Perfect answer. But that wont stop the wolves from asking (and writing about) it thirty more times.

  10. Shades of the famous yelling match on the bench between Phil Simms and Bill Parcells on a Monday night – Al Michaels quipped, “In case you’re just joining us, these guys are winning.”

    In other words… no big deal.

  11. 99% of sideline blow-ups are blown out of proportion. You’ve got highly competitive athletes (which is better than them not giving a s%#*) and competitive coaches, many of whom are never that far from the proverbial hot seat. If a blow-up crosses the line (Jay Cutler shoving a teammate; Brandon Jacob’s “accidently” throwing his helmet in the stands; TO’s repeated ranting on the sidelines; Buddy Ryan sucker punching a fellow coach;etc), then it’s a big deal. Otherwise, not so much.

  12. If you want the ball more, be more productive when you get it. 12 carries for 43 yards? And playing against the ‘Skins’ sorry secondary? I’d throw the ball a lot, too.

  13. He came in as a game-time decision, I doubt this was about how many carries the guy was getting.

    I’m not going to do the homework for it, but I imagine that Bradshaw thought he should be out there for a specific play, maybe a critical third down, whether to get the ball in his hands or not. Did Eli get sacked on a play where Andre Brown or David Wilson were blocking?

  14. in other words it is perfectly ok for anyone not named Jay Cutler to yell at coaches and other players.

  15. Wow, between Bradshaw and Newton, Jay Cutler may be able to catch a break for oh, say… tomorrow morning…

  16. I was at the sports bar and the Giants game was next to the Boys game which I was watching, Bradshaw just looked fired up, and wanted the rock. Business as usual. They scored a TD and he was still hot, we all know deep down Coughlin loves that attitude. He’d take a guy wanting to win over somebody just moping on the sideline.

    Next week shall be fun. Maybe for once the Boys can handle the NYG in the new stadium.

  17. These guys got lucky, they were throwing on first down with 3 mins left! The coaching staff made his foot issue bigger then what it really was. So he’s p@#st. But this is Gen. Tom Coughlin, when you miss a practice the dude makes you pay on game day, even if it costs his team a chance to win, he has to prove a point, ala Michael Strahan. In this case they won, so he lucked out. But boy, Bradshaw looked great and yes, in my opinion if they would have stuck with him, it wouldn’t of even got close.

  18. For those posters bitching about a so-called double standard for Jay Cutler, keep in mind that Bradshaw never sat out the second half of a NFC Championship game acting totally disinterested in what was going down on the field in front of him.

    just saying……

  19. Bear fans … maybe a little too sensitive about Cutler? You’re 4-1 … so what if your QB has the emotional level of a 12 year old girl. You’re winning … enjoy it.

  20. Oh and the original point was very simple here…

    Bradshaw argues with his coach and teammates on the sideline and it is glossed over.

    Cutler does and it is talked about in the national media for weeks.

    It’s actually very funny.

  21. justintuckrule says:
    Oct 22, 2012 12:14 PM
    Bradshaw plays hurt. Cutler begs out if championship games. Big difference
    Right on, massive difference.

  22. Bear fans –
    When you’ve earned your rings, you’re a PROVEN competitor. Let us know when Jay has earned his.

  23. joetoronto says: Oct 22, 2012 12:57 PM

    justintuckrule says:
    Oct 22, 2012 12:14 PM
    Bradshaw plays hurt. Cutler begs out if championship games. Big difference
    Right on, massive difference.


    As I said in a previous post that was deleted….

    This makes sense except that Cutler hasn’t begged his way out of a championship game. Alas, that gets in the way of the #6 hatred Kool-Aide.

  24. C’mon, we see this all the time with any team. Professional, competitve athletes want to win, and in the heat of a game passion often rules one’s persona, especially in a big, tight, game like that. Just go watch any pick up football, softball or basketball game at a local park in Anytown America and you’ll see the same thing. No story here. The media can make of it whatever they want, what matters is this Big Blue train keeps a rollin’…….

  25. Coughlin and Bradshaw are fierce competitors. Love their will to win and both bleed blue. Forge ahead G-men!!

  26. I’m grateful I get to watch such a good team every week. Legendary Giants era. The modern day Montana is Easy Eli Manning. Appreciate greatness folks.

  27. Was Cutler mentioned in the article all of you are commenting on? He wasn’t, so why are you guys even bringing him up, the article is about the Giants dudes……

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