Cowboys got pregame talk from Joe Gibbs

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The night before the Dallas Cowboys scratched and clawed their way to a win over the Carolina Panthers, the team got an unlikely visit from a long-time nemesis.

Via the Associated Press, former two-time Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls in D.C. during the Cowboys’ 16-year title drought from 1976 through 1992, talked to the team at the request of coach Jason Garrett.

“He was saying to us that when they called him and asked him to speak he was like, ‘Are you crazy?.'” Cowboys linebacker Dan Connor said.

“He was talking about different situations he’s been in and how he fought through them,” Connor said.  “He said when you’re in a situation, you think it’s the worst thing ever, but you have to have faith in God and push through it.  That was the message.  He was unbelievable.”

Owner Jerry Jones addressed the situation in a way that threw a passive-aggressive jab at Garrett.

“He came into chapel and talked about some of his low times,” Jones said. “He spoke about some of the coaching errors.  He wasn’t directing it to the team at all, relative to our criticism this week of our sideline coaching decisions, but he talked a little about a couple that bit him.”

Though it may not have been enough to nudge the Cowboys to end a 17-year title drought, but Gibbs’ suggestions surely didn’t hurt against a team that was left so perplexed after the game that its quarterback mused about leaving a suggestion box in the media room.

33 responses to “Cowboys got pregame talk from Joe Gibbs

  1. Say it ain’t so Joe!
    Even though I live in CLE I’m a lifelong Skins fan and seeing this tidbit sucked.
    It may have made a diff to the Cowboys but I hated seeing it. Joe’s a gr8 human being and coach but wha happened to your standards Joe?

  2. As a Vikings fan who lives in DC, I was going to be like “WOW”

    But then I realized we had Brett Favre for two years…

  3. I’m a Lions’ fan, living just outside D.C. There is going to be a TON of PR fallout from this move. I’ve come to learn that ‘Skins fans are INSANELY loyal, and will not take kindly to this perceived showing of treason.

    Gonna be fun to watch…

  4. If Im a Cowboy fan I take I would be pissed. Bringing in the old coach of the “enemy”. If Im a Skins fan I take this as a kick in the nuts and Im sure they will be pissed and yelling betrayal!!!

  5. Bringing in Joe Gibbs to talk to the players is further proof that the cowboy players have tuned Jerrah out like the rest of us have. Jerrah mite have gotten a slam in about coaching decisions but how much of a SLAM is it that the headcoach bought in Gibbs and not the messiah Jerrah!

  6. Holy Crap! an old hog enemy of cowboys gives a speech in a cowboy lockerroom…the sky has fallen in Dallas…Jerry confirms Garrett isn’t head coach material..that should very humiliating and embarrassing for Garrett…I would be P.O. at Jerry for that stunt!

  7. cometkazie says: Oct 22, 2012 8:27 AM
    Gibbs is a class act.

    Yep, gets the bigger picture. Smart move by Garrett, speaks volumes for Gibbs’ character. Jones’ comments speak volumes as well.

  8. Did he also have a little chat with the refs before that string of crucial late 4th quarter calls that gift wrapped the game for the Cowboys?

  9. Fans are the only ones who go home thinking NFL players and coaches hate each-other. Fact is, some of these guys played in high school, college, or they share agents or they train together. On the coaching side, a lot of these guys have worked together or pick off each-other brains, kind of what Mike Shanahan did when he was hanging around Pittsburgh’s training camp before he got his job in DC, and lord and behold, he switched to a 3 4 defense.

    Folks, there is nothing here but a man who has been a winner trying to inspire a team who currently has a problem winning consistently.

  10. Well as an outsider looking in, i can hope that gibbs is announced the next head coach of the cowboys for 2013. And hell while your at it, dallas may as well sign doug williams cause all i hear is how bad dallas fans hate romo!!!

  11. Don’t count on much backlash from D.C. Lifelong DC-area resident here and lifelong Skins fan and Cowboy hater and I love Joe Gibbs no matter what. He could probably give a pep talk to the Mafia and most folks here would just say “oh …that Joe. He’s just showing he wants to help everybody be a better person.” Besides, he probably did this as an act of compassion because so many decent Dallas fans have suffered so badly during the course of Jerry Jones’ Reign of Error (just as we’ve suffered under that of The Danny). Gibbs is still good with me.

  12. I stated earlier that I felt like I found my older brother in the sack with my wife…….

    But it speaks to the notion that unlike decades gone past, these teams aren’t really enemies, (with very few exceptions)-They’re all members of a millionaire’s club running an entertainment business together. They’re all friends, hang together, etc….They only portray the image of heated rivalries for the fans to get all psyched up.

    As for Joe Gibbs, he knew he’d get criticized, maybe lambasted, but if there’s a forum for him to spread his message, he feels called to try to help his fellow man. I give him credit for that, and I do believe that’s how he perceived the situation.

  13. When Joe Gibbs racing turned traitor and started using Toyotas, I lost all respect for him – anyone who knows the unethical and unprofessional conduct of Toyota in motorsports knows that dealing with them is next to kissing satan’s arse.

    Now Joe Gibbs has helped the Cowpukes.

    He just kissed Satan’s arse.

  14. What’s next? Ditka giving a rally speech to the Packers?

    Maybe Don Shula can come and give the Jets a speech?

    Oh I know, someone at Univ Miami call Bobby Bowden to come in and “rally the troops”.

    This make absolutely NO sense.

    And why is racing Toyotas turning traitor?

  15. Anyone who knows Gibbs knows hes a man of god and if they asked him to come in and talk about how his faith has guided him, not surprised he agreed to it. Trying to spread the gospel. But…im still surprised by this. Gibbs is still revered here, but he might lose his title as “Saint Joe” after this…

  16. Maybe we can get Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells to chat up the Eagles before the falcons game next weeked?

  17. Joe Gibbs wanted to pass along some tips to a younger man just starting his career.

    Joe said’ Ok, first you need big , brass balls to be a real NFL coach. Garrett just starting crying softly and looked the floor.

  18. I have to give Joe Gibbs a pass on this. Too many Super Bowls to knock him for this. Maybe he was helping knock Carolina off for some weird reason. HTTR

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