Hurney: “I understand” why Richardson fired him


Panthers general manager Marty Hurney has always been accountable. That’s why Monday morning’s meeting with owner Jerry Richardson, and the end result, did not come as a surprise to him.

“I understand it,” Hurney said in a brief phone conversation. “It’s hard, but I understand why he did what he did.

“We didn’t get the job done. The responsibility for winning games comes down to me, and we didn’t get it done.”

The decision to fire Hurney in October is unusually timed within the context of the current season, but will give Richardson the chance to formulate a list of candidates now, so that when he can talk to them as soon as the season ends.

In the short term, the surprise might be greater that coach Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski still have jobs, since the offensive progress that was so evident a year ago has disappeared, and the Panthers appear more rudderless than at any time since the 1-15 swan song of George Seifert.

The Panthers won’t name an interim GM, allowing current staffers to continue in their roles now.

That effectively takes the Panthers out of any significant transactions until a replacement is hired, and creates an awkward holding pattern for the staffers who remain.

But it’s clearly the first move of many, making the last 10 weeks of the season an audition for players and a chance to get houses on the market for many throughout the building.

33 responses to “Hurney: “I understand” why Richardson fired him

  1. By all accounts Marty Hurney is a great guy. I hold no ill will toward him. I think he did the best he could, but in the end that just wasn’t good enough. You can’t blame a guy for doing the best he can. It was past time to move on though.

  2. What Richardson has done here is pick off an easy target at the back of the herd. It makes the others run faster.

    Look for Newton and Rivera to step lively now.

  3. Hurney gone.
    Soon Rivera and Chuds will be gone.
    In a couple of seasons, Cam will be gone.

    We are seeing the true Cam. Last year was a fluke and DC’s have figured him out. He will pout himself out of the league in 2 more years

  4. “Sean McDermott and Ron Rivera are next if they don’t get that defense together.”

    Hmm has your team defense played better over the last 2 games? Holding the Seahawks to 16 points, Cowboys to 19 points?

    No mention of your oc in Chud? Who doesn’t seem to adjust, run normal nfl plays from start to finish etc. Not using his rb’s, not lining the qb under center.

  5. I am surprised Richardson didn’t get rid of Rivera and both coordinators. 15 touches between Stewart and Williams yesterday is as rediculous as Cam crying after the losses. First of all, run some iso dives and get physical… use the fullback that we recently aquired… triple option is not a base offense used in the pros (insert curses). Second, Cam, you are the leader of the football, team. ACT LIKE IT. Instead of sulking and being a baby, hold your head up, look people in the eyes and assure them that you can’t wait for another chance to get back on the field and get a freaking W. Stop being a baby. Get pissed. If you can’t do that then go join Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell and quit wasting my money!

  6. the old bait and switch. we don’t want you paying attention to our quarterback melting down, so here is something to take your mind off it.

  7. Not sure why the hate toward Cam Newton. Our offensive scheme is a joke. If anyone has been exposed, it’s Chudzinski. Last year, we ran just enough option looks to keep the D honest. This year, we’ve doubled down on the gimmicks and we’re running darn near a pure spread option attack. That just can’t work long-term at the NFL level. When we do run a straight forward passing play, all of the routes are complicated, slow developing downfield routes. There aren’t enough short and intermediate quick hitters. This puts a ton of pressure on an OL that has been reshuffled. They’re not up to the task. Newton is under constant pressure and teams are doing a better job of staying disciplined to fill the running lanes. If I was him, I’d be frustrated too. This college offense is holding back everyone on that side of the ball.

  8. “We are seeing the true Cam. Last year was a fluke and DC’s have figured him out. He will pout himself out of the league in 2 more years”

    Oh boy, another so called magician who can predict the future before it gets here. When will it end? Why can’t any basher give credit where it’s due for what Cam N did last year? Dc’s has figure out Chud predictable read option scheme. To stubborn to make adjustments on so ever.

    75-80 of plays being mostly a shoutgun instead of being under center. 20-25% of running plays being a read option in a base offense? Name a qb who would have success during this in their career?

    Hell i’m a Falcons fan and I can predict Chud playcalling.

  9. You win, everything is great.
    You lose it is not. Good bye. You lost
    Is that easy enough to explain why you were fired?

  10. I’m so fed up with losing these close games! Someone please tell me why the hell did we line up from the shotgun and pass the ball with the game on the line before the 2 minute warning on 4th and 1??? We have 2.. no 3 RBs, plus Cam, who are capable of gaining that one critical yard and we pass the ball?

    I swear it just feels like we lost our will to be physical on offense. We have no identity on offense despite having a plethora of RBs, a stud WR and TE, and a decent OL with pro-bowlers.

    And I agree: Hurney did the best that he could do but it was time for him to go.

  11. I don’t think anyone understands why he chose to pay 3 RBS big bucks with none of them being used as a workhorse.

  12. We spent all our money and picks on offense on RBs that we don’t use and we spent all our money and picks on defense on LBs that can’t stay healthy. Winning!

  13. not sure why no one is talking about the fact that this team is down 2 pro bowlers (beason & kalil), and the best DB on the team by far (Gamble)

    take away those players and add some bad luck and you’ve got a 1-5 team

  14. It’s about time. Look at some of the horrible mistakes Hurney has done
    1. Signed Jake Delhomme to a long term deal after his 5 int game in the playoffs
    2. Tied up ridiculous amount of money at the RB position signing Stewart, Williams, and Tolbert all of whom are underachieving
    3. Armanti Edwards trade (gave up second round pick)
    4. Used last years 1st round pick on a LB despite needing D-Line and WR help
    5. Resigned an aging (33 years old) (5’9″)Steve Smith rather than look for a younger and bigger target for Cam
    6. Countless of other bad draft picks that never panned out

  15. i like the first comment. gotta get that defense together. holding the opposing team to under 20 points and allowing only 1 TD should be enough to get a win. unless of course your offense is based on a college play that doesn’t work in the pros

  16. When a new GM comes in, doesn’t he normally bring in HIS coaching staff and HIS players? The rest of this season is an “opportunity” for those players and coaches who remain. I’m anticipating the Cats will “clean house” in 2013.

  17. Yes! Happiest day for a Panthers fan in a LONG time. It’s good I do well in fantasy football to keep my sanity.

    Where to start, just a few years ago…

    He traded the Eagles a 2nd, 4th round pick, and #1 pick in 2009 for bust OT Jeff Otah in 2008.

    Then without a 1st round pick trading the 49ers their 2010 #1 pick to take bust tiny DE Everette Brown in 2009.

    Then without a 1st round pick they take QB Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd in 2010. Then trading 2011 2nd round pick to take college QB Armanti Edwards in the 3rd in 2010. Then taking Cam Newton number 1 overall in 2011. 3 QB’s 4 top 3 round draft picks, and we have holes, imagine that.

    And he still haunts us. Trading away next year 3rd round pick to move up in the 4th round this year.

    Time for a fresh start. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  18. Hurney goes out and gets another running back in the off season when he already has 2. Meanwhile, your lining up turds across from steve smith. You should have been fired 2 months ago.

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