Jaws: Panthers can help Cam with fewer “college runs”

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The Carolina Panthers fired their longtime G.M. on Monday. Their record is 1-5. They have two high-dollar running backs who don’t get the ball enough. Their franchise quarterback appears to have taken a second-year step back.

Offensively, though, the Panthers’ problems should be fixable. There is no shortage of talent. The players need to perform better, and the coaches do, too.

On tonight’s Monday Night Countdown, ESPN game-tape guru Ron Jaworski broke down Cam Newton and proposed a solution for Carolina’s offense.

“In the offseason, I went back and studied 517 passing attempts from Cam Newton,” said Jaws. “There were a lot of flaws in his games that were not exposed last season. This is not a ‘sophomore slump,’ as we like to say now. It’s a growing period. An embryonic development that all young quarterbacks go through.

“That being said, what I believe the Carolina Panthers must do is help him. A young quarterback’s best friend is a running game. Forget about all these college runs they’re trying to put in. Get back to some base, fundamental, NFL-style runs. That will set up the ability — like the Redskins are doing with Robert Griffin III — to allow him to get on the edge and use a play-action passing game.”

Jaworski’s suggestion actually isn’t all that different from resident Panthers guru Darin Gantt.

Bang it here for Darin’s ideas.

28 responses to “Jaws: Panthers can help Cam with fewer “college runs”

  1. I think he is right. When i watch panther games with my NFL rewind service I see them trying to overcomplicate things. Their offense looks unlike all other offenses in the league, in my eyes

  2. He right but first, the o-line needs to be strengthened. They are bad. I don’t know if it’s lack of talent or bad coachi.g but they can’t stop the rush nor can the make a hole so the backs can run. This must be resolved or the Panthers will be 1-15.

  3. The read option as a change of pace running attack is okay, the read option as your only running attack is garbage.

    Chud needs to change it up or he can go along with Marty to the unemployment line.

  4. I’m not Ron Jaworski, but I’ve been saying this since week one about the Carolina read-option.

  5. What would be nice it Newton stop acting like a kid and get out there and make plays. He thnks he is so good then take charge and don’y play the poor me and blame everyone else.

  6. they can bring in Montana, Marino, Bradshaw, warner, and any other hall of fame qb to teach this kid and he still won’t get it. defense knows him now, he can’t throw or make quick decisions, he will fail and bring everyone on that team down with him until he screws them over in fee agency and goes to someplace where he can get more attention on him like the jets. all he cares about is himself.

  7. sd1024 says: Oct 22, 2012 8:53 PM

    Redskins might wanna think about teaching RG3 a pro-style offense too. I cant see Baylor winning a Super Bowl…Im sorry.
    The Redskins have the #3 offense in the nfl, top 3 in total points and #1 in rushing. It’s seems to me like the offense is working pretty well. The Skins #30 defense is their problem. RG3 is the real deal and the Shanahan’s are using him perfectly to compliment his skill set.

  8. Funny how a year makes people question the anointed one called Superman. Chud was lauded as a mastermind last year and now the GM is gone and Jaws is suggesting a more pro style offense.

    The problem is Cam.. He’s the second coming of Vick 1.0 in Atlanta where he thinks talent alone will carry a team. Sorry Cam but until u develop the work habits of Brady, Brees and P Manning, your troubles will be mired in mediocrity

  9. Lets face it lockout hurt defenses more than anything else. Last year’s defenses were not good at all, I’m sure this year’s Jacksonville Jaguars could tear up some of last years top 10 defenses. The problem with Newton was no one knew what to expect from him, no team prepared for it, and no one figured out how to adjust to stop him and his college style offense they were running. I feel similarly with RG3, they just don’t know how to stop him in his style of offense. The difference is he seems much more polished. Cam on the other hand, they are trying to transition him into a pro style offense, which he is not suited. They need to expand that spread offense they were running last year.

  10. Since week 5 of last season, Cam Newton has thrown for over three hundred yards exactly once. He has, however, failed to eclipse 250 yards in passing a dozen times during that same span. A liar, a cheat, and a thief. Just the kind of guy everyone wants to build their franchise around.

  11. @rg3andout, you obviously have no clue what football is and you are a straight up hater. Cam is a malcontent and has 1/10 the character RG3 has. He is much faster than cam ever was or ever gonna be. Cam pouts on the sideline where RG3 rallies his team and makes everyone around him better. RG3’s accuracy is head and shoulders better than Cams. Cam is another entilted athlete like LeBron thats been spoon fed and coddled since middle school. RG3 is from a military family and was raised with discipline, morals, and values. It shows. There are both athletic QBs, but that is where the comparisons end and there is no question about it.

  12. The Panthers could use some receivers. The only guy worth anything is Steve Smith and he’s not exactly in his prime. They spent money on Tolbert and have two other good RB’s, I don’t understand why they don’t run the football. Their defense these last several season hasn’t made it any easier for them either. Cam is either in catch-up mode the whole game, or he builds a lead and the defense chokes it up in the second half.

  13. Cam is Vince Young like Baby, he’s probably is upset that RGIII and Luck are stealing his stage. Hopefully he doesn t relapse, and start stealing labtops again,

  14. What’s with all you angry RG3 idiots?? They mentioned his name and all you people have nothing but negative things to say. Hating gets you nowhere! You should be enjoying a different style of QB play instead of hating every chance you get. HTTR!!!!

  15. Yeah, because RGIII is just being blasted every game. He got concussed on one play. I guess that’s never happened to another QB. We’ll just keep leading the league in completion percentage and yards per. attempt while you guys keep salivating over RGIII and wishing you had him on your team. HTTR. How’d you like that perfect pass to Santana Moss? Guess that was the result of some gimmick play?

  16. was saying this since the end of last year…this is the nfl not college take the training wheels of cam…and for crying outloud get the man a weapon he can toss the rock to thats not 35. oh wait they did get a weapon…a 4th runningback…no wonder the GM just got the boot

  17. been saying it since last year. the read option is like the wildcat. use it sparingly and it might be effective. build your offense around it and you see whats happening in carolina. 3rd and 1 and cams in the shotgun. on the goal line and cams in the shotgun. line up with a FB and a RB with cam under center and take that yard.

  18. Cam Newton is the product of the Carolina Panthers believing their own press plain and simple. Nothing the guy is doing now is any different than what he did last season it’s just they were more willing to ignore all the negatives last season because all those beautiful passes that weren’t intercepted made a hot story in the news every week that a 1st overall drafted QB didn’t look like he’d be a bust finally.

    Two seasons in to the new regime and the interceptions are still there but the touchdowns aren’t and now the press is talking about “Is Cam Newton a franchise QB” when last season he was pretty much handed a Hall of Fame jacket by the same press. Maybe instead of playing musical QB’s (which the Panthers have done since ax’ing Jake Delhomme) they should build a team around the kid and help him evolve as a QB (since it’s not like everyone in the world wasn’t told a million times that he didn’t run a pro offense or anything near it in college and would need to learn it).

    Carolina wasted too many draft picks on QB’s as is and it’s not like they’ve been blown out every game either as almost every game has been kept close.

    Firing the GM is a step in the right direction only if one of the main factors in bringing in a new one is helping the team get more out of their investment in Newton.

  19. Have gotten to the point that I cannot stand watching that offense. Predictable, boring and if I want to watch a college game, I’ll do that on Saturday, thank you very much.

  20. mrfrostyj – wasted too many draft picks on QBs? What in the world are you talking about? The Panthers have drafted exactly 8 QBs in 18 years of drafts – Kerry Collins, Jerry Colquitt (both ’95), Chris Wienke (’01), Randy Fasani (’02), Stefan LeFors (’05), Jimmy Clausen, Tony Pike (’10) and Cam Newton. Only 3 of those (Collins, Clausen, Newton) came in rounds 1-3. All the other QBs we have ever had were brought in from other organizations.

    Where we have fallen short is in WRs (although LaFell has a lot of promise) and interior linemen. Kalil is one of the league’s top centers, and him being on IR is going to hamper Cam the rest of the year. But we have little on the rest of the O-line, and the D-line has been pitiful for several years.

    I think Smith has plenty left in the tank, LaFell has promise, Olsen is a great TE and of course we have all these RBs. The new GM (and possibly new coach), need to spend the top 3 picks in each of the next 3 drafts getting interior line talent and Cam will be fine.

  21. sd1024 says: Oct 22, 2012 8:53 PM

    Redskins might wanna think about teaching RG3 a pro-style offense too. I cant see Baylor winning a Super Bowl…Im sorry.
    As with Chud & Newton last year, I think it’s a smart strategy to incorporate plays that makes your young QB feel comfortable and helps him gain confidence. It’s when that BECOMES the offense that it’s not a good idea. And Shanny is one of the best playcallers I’ve ever seen. No way he doesn’t adjust when those plays stop working. And RGIII should be able to execute whatever Shanny wants to run just fine. Shanny’s never drafted or signed another QB so perfect for his style of offense.

  22. I don’t know the kid personally but I’d love to know if he LISTENS. He gives an air of 24/7 self awareness (ego centric), more concerned about the choreography of his end zone prancing. So far only his ego seems SUPER.

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