Jay Cutler misses just one play after hit from Ndamukong Suh

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Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh knocked Bears quarterback Jay Cutler out of Monday night’s game in Chicago with a brutal but clean slam to the turf that looked to be serious at first — but Cutler returned after sitting out just one play.

Suh collapsed the pocket, grabbed Cutler by his left arm and then slammed Cutler down onto his right shoulder and head. It appeared that Cutler could have had a concussion or a serious injury to his throwing shoulder, and he stayed down on the ground for a minute. But after backup Jason Campbell came in for one play, Cutler returned.

Suh and Cutler have something of a history, and Suh has been fined for hits on Cutler in the past. Tonight Suh initially got up and celebrated his sack, but when he realized Cutler was down he went over to check on him.

Surprisingly, it turned out that Cutler was OK, despite a nasty hit.

UPDATE 10:27 p.m. ET: Cutler went to the locker room early before halftime to have his ribs checked, but he returned to start the second half.

42 responses to “Jay Cutler misses just one play after hit from Ndamukong Suh

  1. Maybe this would will shut up all of these so called experts on the four letter network, that now claim they are body language experts

    Good for the fans to cheer as he returned after one play though.

  2. You can’t let my Lions hang around like that….An offensive performance like that and only down 10 at half? Second half is ours.

  3. Both of these teams suck. Especially the Lions. My god get some discipline and quit stealing money from fans who pay to watch something they could see from a local high school team.

  4. Lions fan here. I’m very impressed with Cutler’s toughness, however, the fact he wasn’t checked for an injury before he went back in the game is a joke.

    Either protect the players or don’t…

  5. Not to say I told you so…but before the season started I said the Lions would not be that good.

    The wins, due to a weak division last year sent all of the bandwagoners into a frenzy, along with the stockpile of arrests and offseason antics disrupted continuity.

    Proof is in the pudding

  6. With all due respect to the Bears, how did they get two Monday Night Football appearances within a month?

  7. I’m a Cutler fan and a long time Suh hater…. Suh showed a little class. I can’t bash him for that. Cutler has demonstrated his toughness. If this guy doesn’t win a Superbowl. Then there is no such thing as karma.

  8. I just do not like Cutler based on what I see in attitude, interviews, etc … but he is one TOUGH SOB and I respect that a lot.

  9. NICE WWF slam there, Suh, butI smell a chop block coming the next time you play the Bears, watch your knees please. Karma.
    Jay is one tough Hombre. will need flack jacket for a month or two for those ribs.

  10. Not a doubt in my mind Suh was trying to seriously hurt Cutler. The way he swung his leg behind Cutler… the NFL needs to rein this beast in before he kills a QB.

  11. The play may have been legal, but I remain convinced ( maybe more than ever ) that Suh is trying to injure people.

  12. One of the toughest QB’s in the NFL.

    He has been behind one of the worst lines in the NFL for the past 4 years. Taking huge hits like the one from donkey kong last night.
    Also keep in mind that being a diabetic he cant go into the locker and get drugged up on pain shots like every other QB in the NFL would do in the same situation.
    He literally has to play through the pain.

  13. “Suh initially got up and celebrated his sack, but when he realized Cutler was down he went over to check on him.”

    Probably waiting to see if he needed to stomp on his head.

  14. Does anyone not realize that the only reason anyone is talking about how tough Jay Cutler is, is because he has been such a cry baby in the past.

    It is the NFL people! Players take hits like that in every game every week and the media doesn’t pour out all of the compliments on how tough they are. Cry babies get babied.

    The Lions beat themselves and it wasn’t Stafford’s fault. Stefan Logan fumbles twice in a row??? Come on! Fumble by both Bell and LeShoure? Really?

    They got to HOLD on to the ball. of the four fumble I mentioned, only Leshoure’s was forced. The other three were just bad players.

    The Detroit defense was ferocious, and to all of the Suh critics…you would be a fan if he were on your team.

  15. Pro football is a tough game played by big strong men. Suh’s tackle was very violent, but legal. Culter was out of the pocket and was basically a running back at that point.
    Hopefully , the NFL will not drastically change the game I grew up watching and playing. I see a bunch of lawyers waiting to make money by exploiting player injuries.

  16. @timothyw1

    Are you forgetting the two fumbles specifically forced by Tillman on the sidelines? Oh right, they all just magically flew out of their hands.

    The two things Detroit could hang their hat on–the best WR in football and the best DL–were outplayed by the Bears’ counterparts.

    The Detroit defense was ferocious? Only thing that kept the score that low was a borderline hit on Cutler that limited his throwing. And he still was better than Stafford.

    Your denial and revisionist history is a little sad. About as sad as the 2012 Lions.

  17. the NFL wont punish Ndamukong so I say put him out the game… Target his knee with a chop block on every play an use 3 guys so he dont know who’s coming for it. take the penalty an do it again but take him out

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