John Harbaugh is concerned about everything

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The Ravens walked into Houston with a 5-1 record and a shot to establish themselves as the lead dog in the AFC.

They walked out 43-13 losers with all kinds of questions about how to fix what’s broken on the team during the bye week. The defense has not been good — before and after the injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb — and that’s put pressure on the offense that they haven’t been able to meet every week. The return of linebacker Terrell Suggs illustrated one of the problems facing the Ravens. Suggs looked to be in good health and was probably the best player on the field for the Ravens, which doesn’t say much for the players who took the field without a serious Achilles injury in their recent past.

It’s not an ideal scenario by any means and it is one that worries coach John Harbaugh quite a bit.

“I’m concerned about everything,” Harbaugh said, via Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun. “What aren’t you concerned about? Sometimes you get tossed out of the bar. We came in with hype, with good intentions and ready to battle. I thought our guys fought. We kept running back in and they kept throwing us back out.”

The big picture still looks good for the Ravens thanks to their record. How much longer things remain that way will have to do with how many of Harbaugh’s concerns the team can eliminate during their week off.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this team, but I can say we have no true identity. At home, our offense is great and Flacco, at times, looks elite, but when on the road we look like Jags or Browns. The play calling on the road is atroucious, and Flacco doesn’t have command of the offense. Maybe we’re on cruise control until the playoffs.

  2. Why are you throwing the ball 40+ times a game with Rice as your RB? When you put the ball in Flacco’s hand against an elite Defense your going to have a long day!

  3. I give him credit for not blaming everyone but himself like his conceded younger brother, but they should be very concerned at this point. The Steelers are getting healthy as the Ravens are getting injured, and are now 1.5 games back. A win vs the Redskins this week and the Steelers – Ravens matchups become as important as ever.

  4. Ravens will continue to self-implode as they always do. Getting the losses of Lewis and Reed will eventually prove beneficial, both old and will only continue to perform subpar at best. Won’t be a serious contender at anything until they get a legit QB.

  5. Looks like the Ravens bought into Joe Flacids self-hype. Ray is your best player and if you want to win (especially with a struggling defense) keep the ball in his hands to limit both Flacco and the defenses exposure.

  6. I didn’t really watch the game, but from the posters above, it seems that Harbaugh has taken the Eagles approach of sitting your greatest offensive asset while trying to get the “big play” and epically failing.

    I think teams have fallen under the media spell that running backs don’t matter any more even though ever statistic shows that when teams run, they win more games than when they don’t.

  7. You have to be concerned with the Offense not showing up. Cam Cameron had the playbook handed to him by the Packers. That Defense has been the face of the franchise since Vinny to Jackson circus act left town, and when the D needed to be carried the offense stunk up the joint.

  8. This was an absolute whooping so Jon is right to be concerned about everything. If I may, allow me to point out the three biggest areas of concern for ole’ Harbs here:

    1) Flacco’s lack of consistency: the guy looked dreadful on Sunday – I find it hard to believe this is the same guy from the Pats game.

    2) Defense can’t stop a nose bleed right now. Don’t know if it’ll get better as the new starters gel a bit, but as of right now this is not your older brother’s Ravens squad. Can’t stop the run and not a great pass rush (save Suggs who is a freak of nature).

    3) Ray Rice not getting his touches. Even if they were behind, you can still use him in the screen game.

    Steelers are just 1.5 games back with two contents in a month or so. The AFCN is far from decided.

  9. Here’s the problem, Bal’s best player is a running back. With an average-at-best Defense, that won’t get it done down the stretch.

  10. Why is everyone getting on Cam and Harbaugh for not giving Ray Rice the ball when you are DOWN BY THREE SCORES?! Yeah, I’m sure 4 yard runs on Houston’s D will get the Job done…it’s called playing catch up!

  11. I think firing the offensive and defensive coordinators during the bye week is a good place to start. Cam is the most overrated OC in the league and Pees is worse than Mattison.

    How we have a guy like Boldin and he doesn’t get slant routes from the slot still confuses me to no end.

  12. This Ravens team is the classic Hot & Cold Team. When they’re hot…, they’re pretty tough to beat. When they’re cold…, anyone can run them over. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.., just the far extremes.


  13. Joe Flacco’s about to realize what it’s like to be Tom Brady, Peyton Manning (when he was with the Colts), Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. Not that he’s nearly as good as any of those guys just that his team’s fortunes rest solely on him. If any of these guys struggle their defense is almost never there to help them. It’s either be perfect or be in a battle with a good chance of defeat for Brady and those guys.

    Flacco has always had a top five defense to hide his flaws. He could play average and the Ravens could blow teams out because of that defense. There is no top five defense to bail you out now Flacco if you’re an “elite” guy like you think then it’s time to prove it.

  14. The Ravens are not “Hot & Cold”- they are Hot or Cam. Yes, when they are cold it is almost always due to their offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, for not using the running game properly. They know that if Ray Rice carries the ball 20 times = they win…seems simple enough…yesterday, they started with 3 carries the first 4 plays and it resulted in a FG. I thought (foolishly, once again) that Cam was going to control the game and not allow Houston to get the ball, or allow Flacco to throw it away. BUT NOOOOO…Rice touched the ball maybe 3 more times the rest of the half. And by then it 20-something to 3.
    This is just so typical of the Ravens, and no big surprise. They do this same thing every year. But, until they get rid of Cam, they will be stuck in the same rut. It is so frustrating because they are always so close to going all the way…and then they have a few Cam-games, and that’s it! Cam is the problem, but Harbaugh won’t give the appropriate answer. So, way to go John. Here we go again!

  15. The bye week comes at a perfect time for the Ravens, with Suggs returning they now have the opportunity to reorganize their game plan for the second half of their season.

  16. Let me get this straight … the Ravens gave up a Houston franchise record 43 points and Ravens are blaming the OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Really????

    That defense is horrible. Lewis is old and hurt and done. If Nagta can’t come back from his MCL, it will only get worse.

    If your offense can’t put up at least 27 a game (sometimes more against some of the more elite offenses), that 5-2 record will go south quickly.

  17. The Ravens absolutely gave up on the running game too soon! Rice is their best player. They should have run the ball more and tried some screen passes. So what if they were down 2-3 scores? They weren’t going to score anyway…not without Rice getting his touches. Besides, if they’d stuck with putting the ball in his hands and had even some sucess…it would have opened up other offensive options (you know-like Torrey Smith, Boldin, and even Pitta). The Ravens defense is no longer good enough to carry the team. If the offense (and it’s coordinator) doesn’t step up, the Ravens are in BIG trouble

  18. I wouldn’t get too worried yet until after the bye and they go on the road. If they stink it up on the road then I think you will hear the rocks rattling in Ravenators head all the way to Pittsburgh.LOL settle down it was just one game geeeesh!

  19. You can now add the steelers to your list of concerns! The day of reckoning shall be upon you. And we will strike with furious anger sayeth the steelers!

  20. They need to move Flacco to MLB or SS, at least he could force turnovers and not create them. Ed Reed could take some snaps on offense to shore up a weak wide receiving corp.

  21. Ravens are in trouble … As of yesterday @ 1:00 Texas was the first team they played possessing a winning record. Joe is laughed at by national commentators after setting him self up with his “Elite” remark. Granted I was watching from my sofa but I saw Torey Smith open across the field … Anquan Bolden open on the left side … and that was with the few camera shots that allowed a down field view. Most were of our QB being rushed, sacked or having passes batted by defensive lineman.

  22. Here is what is wrong with the Ravens. Everyone except the 70,000 fans that show up in Baltimore hates you. Hows that for a reality check. Plus your elite qb is a flaccup.

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