Kyle Williams lays into Bills defense

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Heading into the season, there were a lot of people making bold predictions about the Bills defense.

Seven games into the year, the Bills are 3-4 and their defense has been shredded in each of the four losses. That includes Sunday’s 35-34 loss to the Titans, which featured a huge day for Chris Johnson against the league’s worst run defense. The performance left defensive tackle Kyle Williams with a bad taste in his mouth.

“Well, I’ve got to look at it and say the talent is, uh, you know, I mean … You’re not very talented if you’re doing what we’ve been doing, OK? I’ve said it from the very beginning when we were at training camp. Talent doesn’t matter,” Williams said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “It doesn’t matter what things look like on paper, what you say. ‘We’re going to be good because look at this sheet of paper.’ That doesn’t matter. It matters if you’re playing fast, you play physical, you play together. It’s everybody on defense. It starts up front, it works its way around.”

Williams waved off suggestions that the scheme or coaching were to blame and kept the focus pointed strictly on the players after Sunday’s game. Coach Chan Gailey was on a similar wavelength when he said that there would not be a move involving the dismissal of defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt or other members of the defensive staff during the bye week.

Something has to change before the Bills embark on the final nine weeks of their schedule, though, or the Bills will continue to be on the wrong end of defeats and the preseason hype about their defense starts to look even more ridiculous.

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  1. If you look at their schedule, they might only win one more game this year, the game against the Jags.

  2. The Bills seem cursed. Looking back they made some moves that seemed right … drafted correctly … yet nothing ever changes. I’m baffled.

  3. They’re one play from being 4-3 and still have the 10th ranked offense in the league. Although their defense is terrible, they’re going to go 6-10 or 7-9.

  4. We always beat Buffalo. I went to Buffalo for week 1 in ’04 when we were down for 59:54 and won it with a Leftwich to Wilford TD pass thrown so high only he could catch it. I screamed “touchdown!” You could hear it echo.

    Both teams are looking for ways to lose, but the Bills are better at it than we are!

    Fire Gene Smith.

  5. It was all a secret plot by the Cardinals. They let the Bills come in here, stomp them, and get overconfident. The plan worked perfectly.

  6. It is coaching. This team is so poorly coached that it continues to shock the system: poor decision after poor decision. After giving up historically bad numbers, someone should have been fired. Instead, they stick with the same people and, shockingly, get the same result: a loss. It’s time for yet another re-set at One Bills Drive.

  7. I like Chan in press conferances but as a coach he should be fired. His record is worse than Dick Jauron’s was. His play calling in the fourth quarter was horrible and his cloack management in the last 3 minutes brutal. And the fact that he did NOT go for 2 TWICE to go up 7(it doesnt matter if you lose by 1 or 2, a loss is a loss), shows that in game he is over his head.

  8. It is MOSTLY coaching…Really no blitzing at ALL??? DW thinks the front four can get pressure, and they can’t! Start bringing some heat! If you are going to give up HUGE plays without blitzing why would you not starting bringing extra guys? What do they think, that they score two TD’s on one play or something???

  9. As a Pats fan, I wish we’d hear someone call out our defense like this. They aren’t as bad as the Bills (vs the run at least, plus we get turnovers), but man they stink. Gotta respect a guy who’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

    Still remember Brady and Mayo talking about how “good” their D was in training camp last year. It’s like they’re in constant denial about who they are as a defense.

    Definitely miss having renegade types like Rodney Harrison on this team

  10. When your defense features a sieze like Nick Barnett in the middle, what do you expect? There is a reason he was sent packing out of Green Bay, and that reason was because he can’t play. For someone who has a perception about him that he can run, he’s not fast. He’s not big enough to be physical and he’s not a very instinctive player inside. Buffalo’s defense is flawed with him in the middle. Until they realize that, they can’t get better.

  11. I think it’s time for Buddy Nix to step up and do whats right, which is make some coaching changes. He’s the one who drafted and signed the team, he’s the one who the coaches are making look like a fool.

    It probably isn’t the time to get rid of Gailey, but it is definitely the time to get rid of Wanstedt. No matter what Williams said about the players, the cliche’ is you can’t fire the whole team (defense), so the coach must go.

  12. Gailey, Wannstedt, Fitz all have to go. Gailey is the worst coach in the league. At this point give me Marty Morhinweig, Richie Kotite, or Cam Cameron over him. If they get to 3-7 and get blown out the next 3 games which seems likely they’ve gotta get rid of those clowns.

  13. I wonder how much of the Bills lackluster defense has to do with the massive contract given to one person and the resentment other players feel towards him and management. It’s been said over and over that Mario Williams is not a leader. You expect some sort of leadership from the “best” player on D. Unfortunately, he suffered from the AlbertHaynesworthitis disease once he got paid.

  14. Chan Gailey needs to reevalute himself and the management in the box reviewing plays as the fumble recovery at the end of the game which was not challenged would have won the game. CLUELESS!!!!

  15. The Texans’ decision not to break the bank in an attempt to re-sign “Super” Mario is looking better and better. Oh, wait…my bad: Williams has sucked because of ref’s not calling holding and his “hurt” wrist. Looks more like a case of Haynsworthitis to me. However, its not all on Mario…there are 10 other guys out there who aren’t doing their jobs, and a defensive coordinator who doesn’t look like he knows what he’s doing.

  16. The sad thing is that the Bills WILL win 2 or 3 more games. Chan and Buddy will stay on the staff, and worst of all, they won’t finish with a poor enough record to get the 1st or 2nd pick, but rather get some future bust at 9 or 10…

    story kind of sounds familiar

  17. If you read between the lines Kyle is saying “Mario half assing it and Mark Anderson is invisible”. Ohhhhh Ohhhh take the money and run….should be the theme song to that defense.

  18. joetoronto says: Oct 22, 2012 10:05 AM

    If you look at their schedule, they might only win one more game this year, the game against the Jags.
    The bills have one of the easiest second half schedules in the league jackass.

  19. Juan Castillo is available.Maybe he could help Buffalo’s defense or offensive line or maybe both.

  20. granadafan says:

    “It’s been said over and over that Mario Williams is not a leader. You expect some sort of leadership from the “best” player on D. Unfortunately, he suffered from the AlbertHaynesworthitis disease once he got paid.”

    I agree with part of your take and disagree with the other part. Indeed, Mario Williams is not a leader. I’m a Texans fan, and Williams wasn’t a leader in Houston, either. But he has always underachieved. At his size and strength, he should be dominating out there, and obviously, he’s not close to doing that. The guy has no heart, and that fact was evident even before he got the huge pay day from Buffalo. If he had his body and, say, JJ Watt’s heart and desire, he could go down as one of the greatest of all time. Instead, he’ll likely go down as one of the biggest busts of all time. Very sad. I truly feel sorry for Bills fans, as you’re stuck with this guy for a good while.

  21. Tuna time.
    Spare us from this talk. Parcells wants nothing to do with coaching a team in a non-major media market. His ego couldn’t handle not being the center of media attention. Plus, his act is OLD. He last won a Super Bowl over 20 years ago. As his tenure in Miami as overseer proved (and as his tenure in Dallas led us to suspect), he’s all wind and long-ago credentials now.

    If you’re going to go after a retired coach who once was a winner, go after one who can thrive in a smaller market, like Bill Cowher. (Not a good idea IMO, but better than Bill the Blimp).

  22. Williams is one of the few guys out there that looks like he is trying. If i was him I would get sick of the effort you see around hm. This team is cursed! No one in 13 years can figure it out. Remember 10 years ago we brought in the GM that supposedly built the Steelers. He sucked. All those draft picks none of the work out. There must be something in the water

  23. Tuna time.
    First of all hes too old. Secondly we are not going to get a big name coach, remember Shanahan, Cowher and Harbaraugh? They all said thanks, but no thanks.
    We need to find a young energetic coach that is hungry and can change the culture of this organization. A guy like Mike Tomlin that will punch you in the face if you look at him funny. A guy that has more to say than “I don’t have any answers”

  24. edwinmoses says:
    Oct 22, 2012 12:36 PM
    joetoronto says: Oct 22, 2012 10:05 AM

    If you look at their schedule, they might only win one more game this year, the game against the Jags.
    The bills have one of the easiest second half schedules in the league jackass.
    That’s an impossibility, moron.

    Every game left is most likely a loss and it doesn’t even matter who they play, that’s how bad your Bills are.

  25. I feel sorry for the bills… I really do.

    Dude, don’t feel sorry for the Bills… these guys are all making alot of $$ and at the end of the day go home to their nice big houses and cars… if there is anyobdy to feel sorry for, it the longtime suffering fans from over the last 13+ years now with no playoffs.

    That entire organization needs to be blown-up from the owner down to the guy who empties the waste cans. Only a new owner will bring in the much needed relief that Bills fans so desperately want.

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