Maurice Jones-Drew may have season-ending Lisfranc injury

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The Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have an official diagnosis for running back Maurice Jones-Drew’s foot injury yet. But they’re concerned it could be something very serious.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey acknowledged at his press conference today that a Lisfranc injury is a possibility. The Lisfranc injury usually keeps a player out at least a few months, which would make it a season-ending injury at this point in the season.

That’s the worst-case scenario, and it’s possible that further examination will reveal a less serious injury. But there’s real concern in Jacksonville that a bad season is about to get a lot worse with the loss of the Jaguars’ best player.

Jones-Drew, who led the league in rushing last season, held out of training camp this season in the hopes of getting a new contract — which the Jaguars refused to discuss. This year he ranks 18th in the league with 414 rushing yards, and he might not gain any more.

60 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew may have season-ending Lisfranc injury

  1. To bad, hate to see any player gone for the season. I soon as I heard foot injury and walking boot Lisfranc is the first thing that came to mind (thinks to Matt Schaub).

  2. At least he’ll have two more years remaining on his long and very generous contract. MJD demanded most of the money upfront, which when using simple math, means there will be less money in the remining years. He’s being paid about where he should be now if you compared the 2012 salary to other backs.

  3. Not a good sign for the team – the Jags’ train may now be headed on an express route to the top 2013 draft pick.

  4. As a Jag fan …

    I want to offer a cold beer to jag nation.

    It will be January soon.

  5. Charles Barkley?


    seriously though. What is it with all these lisfranc joint injuries lately? Is it the shoes? The turf? Both?

    Seems like we are either hearing about this more often, or it wasnt reported as much in the past. Guys are dropping like flies this season with foot injuries.

  6. I’d say this is what most people predicted would happen when he held out all offseason. Usually you are either ineffective (which he wasn’t) or you are more injury prone (which he was).

    His holdout didn’t cost him any money but it did hurt the team. Should’ve run with Jennings and not rescinded the fines. That’s why noone worries about holding out because the team always caves on the fines.

  7. Wow, I’ve never seen a running back before miss all of training camp and either under perform or have a season ending injury…

    Way to screw your team MJD.

    Now next year you’ll be the magical age of 30 where running backs die

  8. Do people really think a linsfranc injury has anything to do with the hold out?

    I guess all that extra training camp might have changed the course of the kinetic energy through his feet.

  9. Is it me or does it seem like a rise in the incidence of Lisfranc’s since Schuab last year. Already this year you have Benson, Holmes and now Drew. Something different with the turfs this year?

  10. KIR says:Oct 22, 2012 4:37 PM

    Should have held out for that new contract, kid.
    Alternatively, the Jags could’ve paid top dollar for the 18th best rusher this year.

  11. habsman says:Oct 22, 2012 4:25 PM

    Lisfranc injuries, don’t they cause you to immediately drop to the ground and toss the football to your oppont?
    I’m cutting ‘Tone some slack. If I were lying on the ground, writhing in pain with the play still live and an NFL player coming in to finish the play, I’d have gotten rid of it too. If I had two seconds to think, I’d throw it out of bounds, but I’d be mostly wanting Carlos Rogers to not land on my broken foot.

  12. People who talk about their fantasy squads at a time like this should be waterboarded.

    And this is EXACTLY why he held out, to avoid what’s going to happen come negotiation time…

  13. for an injury that has been around for over 100 years, seems like it is more in the news now then ever before

  14. thegreatgabbert says:
    Oct 22, 2012 4:58 PM
    Turns out it is a congenital defect. Each of his legs is shorter than the other one.


    Does that mean that each of his legs is also longer than the other one?

  15. Whatever after the way he was treated even if this injury is minor he wouldn’t rush back. Where are all the we’ll be fine, train leaving is leaving quotes from Khan?

  16. MJD is being wasted on a team that is not going anywhere anytime soon. All he has too play for is money basically cause anyone with a brain know that jacksonville would be lucky just to get to 8-8 let alone the playoffs, even in the AFC with 2 teams above .500. Now this.

  17. @eagleswin

    They did run with Jennings until he got hurt in the first game and missed the next two games. What else were the Jags supposed to do?

    On another note…. I agree that we are seeing an increase of this Lisfranc injury. Part of it could be the way they take up these guys ankle forcing all the force that usually goes to the ankles to the top part of the foot. Their legs take a crazy amount of force and now instead of the ankle it’s the next weakest point. I also hear their shoes are much more flimsy, closer to soccer cleats. Whatever it is, it’s unfortunate that so many players are going down with that injury.

  18. Part of it could be the way they ….TAPE ….up these guys ankles, my mistake.

  19. guys who hold out seem to have a curse…

    maybe he wasn’t quite in top shape…. maybe he was…. but either way, he joins a long line of guys who got seriously hurt or plain didn’t perform after long hold outs….

    it never pays off

  20. As a Colts fan I can honestly say MJD is the by far the most feared player not named Brady in the last several years to Colts fans. You could almost always count on him always dropping a “duece” (200 yards) on us. A true Colts killer. I hope the injury isn’t serious and he is able to come back but I can honestly say I am not sorry to see him on the side line when we come to Jax.

  21. cspades99 says:
    Oct 22, 2012 5:07 PM
    Do people really think a linsfranc injury has anything to do with the hold out?

    I guess all that extra training camp might have changed the course of the kinetic energy through his feet.

    Actually there is a track record that links hold out running back to season ending injuries

  22. Where are the tweets about him sitting on the sidelines. MJD called out Cutler who really did injur his knee but said nothing about Woodson in the Super Bowl. Is it because Cutler is white?

  23. Been a Jag fan since day one, and this is BY FAR the most brutal year I have witnessed.

    It is just all bad. Everything is bad. I knew when they were up 9-0 against the Vikings, and up 20-6 against the Raiders, that they would probably piss it all away. I was right.

    My dad always said it is the hard times that make the good times so much better.

    These are hard times for us Jaguar fans. You have to hit rock-bottom to climb out of the hole. Every NFL has experienced rock bottom. Remember that when you talk crap!

    If this isn’t rock bottom, I hate to see what rock bottom could be…..

    Go Jags!

  24. vikesfansteve says: Oct 22, 2012 7:53 PM

    Where are the tweets about him sitting on the sidelines. MJD called out Cutler who really did injur his knee but said nothing about Woodson in the Super Bowl. Is it because Cutler is white?
    I hope so. Everything should be racial. Why are kickers almost always white?

  25. Dirty-ass Raider defenders! Rolled MJDs legs and took out our QB the same way! What comes around goes around though and in the NFL I’m sure it won’t take long.

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