Next Panthers G.M. has some big decisions to make on Newton

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When the Panthers hire a new General Manager, he’ll have some tough decisions to make.

The biggest ones will relate to quarterback Cam Newton.

The first:  Should the Panthers keep him?

The second, if yes on the first:  What will be done to properly support him?

Newton absorbs plenty of blame for the things that have gone wrong in Carolina lately.  He deserves some of it, but the franchise deserves the bulk of it.  They’ve given millions to running backs they won’t use.  They failed, obviously, to determine how defenses would adapt to the things Newton did so well last season and exploit the ensuing opportunities this season.

And they continue to allow Newton to face the media without the appropriate training or guidance on what to say and how to say it.  Unless, of course, they’ve given him the training and the guidance and he has ignored it.

If that’s the case, maybe the answer to the first question should be no.

For more, here’s a slice of Monday’s Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

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94 responses to “Next Panthers G.M. has some big decisions to make on Newton

  1. Cam is not the first QB to throw his teammates under the bus … are you listening McNabb and JaMarcus.

  2. If any GM would even suggest getting rid of Cam only 6 games removed from the greatest rookie QB season in history they should not be considered for a job. You have got to be kidding me with that…

  3. Minnesota needs a QB. Trade? They’ll send every other person besides Harvin and Peterson.

  4. Isn’t his entire contact guaranteed? 4 years ~$22 million and $14 million signing bonus. Why would the Panthers cut a guy who could have tremendous upside over a few million which they have to pay anyway?

  5. What? No way, you don’t toss talent like that away. I’d take him in Jax in a heartbeat. That should not even be an option for them.

  6. Whaaaaaaaaa??? Why would they give up on a guy who had a record breaking rookie year and he’s only in his second year? You’re a bit too early on that Florio…

  7. If they decide to let him go, maybe he’ll end up in a northern city where it’s actually appropriate to wear that awesome sweater.

  8. This can’t be serious, should we keep our 1st overall pick, the guy who threw for over 4k yards as a rookie and ran for 700. I mean seriously, he’s obviously young n dumb but your better off dumping the entire staff than even considering getting rid of this guy, such a stupid comment, like trying to create a story out of thin air that doesn’t even exist.

  9. “Should they keep him?” I realize this is NC, however how can he go from Superman to Barney Fife in one year?

  10. Newton will be just fine.
    He just needs the right coaching and a better defense but they deff cant give up on him yet. I was hoping my fins would have got to draft him. i think Tannehill is the real do. I did think the Panthers would play a lot better this year tho but it didnt turn out that way, they need some more talent. A WR or two and many holes to fill on defense. I would have fired the GM to just for giving those 2 running backs all that money. I believe in Cam and think he will still be a great player in this league.

  11. easiest decision for the new gm…. “with the first pick in the 2013 nfl draft, the Carolina Panthers select, Eric Barkley, qb from usc “

  12. wow….what a difference a year makes..people already thinking can cam…las year thats all u heard about is how he shut up all the wow

  13. The Problem is more than Cam Newton, he gave this franchise hope after being dismal for a long period of time.

    They need a offensive identity, besides hoping that Cam and Steve Smith will do it they have no offensive game plan, they seem they have regressed to their days of expansion.

  14. Here is the plan to improve the Panthers. First, create cap space to fix the horrible defense and horrific offensive line. Second, draft players who are ready to contribute at the NFL level. Build the team through the draft. Third and final thing, surround Cam with more playmakers at the wide receiver position.
    How do I apply for the Panthers general manager position.

  15. Really? Last year he was the next big thing, now we are at the point of possible no return? Why do I keep reading this website…. Blah

  16. This is not even the complete year 2 for Cam but how come no one questioned Sam Bradford after 2 years in the NFL? Has Sam Bradford become an elite quarterback? Is Christain Ponder or Jake Locker elite yet? How about Josh Freeman? I find all of this criticism of Cam Newton interesting especially since no one identifies one of the problems with Cam was the Panthers decision not to resign Jeremy Shockey nor sign Plaxico Burress to play opposite of Steve Smith. The former gm decided it would be better to sign Mike Tolbert to play behind Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.
    Why is it so hard for the media to dig deep to find out the real problems? Challenge yourselves people.

  17. Carolina should trade and will trade cam newton after the season!! A great place for him would be Dallas! I could see the cowboys shipping Romo, bryant, ware and 2 1st rd draft picks to Carolina for cam Newton, Williams, Ryan kalil and Steve smith!! I would love to see cam the superman with a star on his helmet battle Weapon X RG3 2 games and maybe 3 games(if the skins and the boys meet in the playoffs) a season and grow into one of the most exciting rivalries in sports!! would also be pretty awesome if the cowboys don’t trade for cam that the eagles trade for superman !! that would be 2 awesome redskin-eagles games a season. I think philly would be a great place for cam and his superman act!!

  18. The problem with Cam Newton is that he’s the opposite of everything great about Mr. Drew Brees.

  19. so let me get this straight. last year he was the savior? now, six games into the season, he might not even make the team next year?

    give me a break.

  20. He CAN be a franchise QB, but he needs an OC that will rely on him to stick with a stable game plan that will lessen his exposure and rely on his ability to take advantage of broken plays. He is midpoint of the new generation of NFL QBs that come from a spread offense in college. The OC needs to realize all of the things that worked last year were a result of defenses not seeing what Newtwon brought to the game before. I thought the league would catch up to him midseason last year. At this point, they need to rely on the guys they gave outrageous extensions to recently and reboot the pass game with more dink and dunk ‘run after catch’ routes. Keep him in the pocket and give him easy routes to throw and hopefully, his confidence will return so he can throw down the field more.

  21. Oh yeah, tell him to answer the press with one sentence answers, with no emphasis on how he feels. State the facts and say that will need to improve regardless of whether the team won or lost.

  22. Carolina should trade and will trade cam newton after the season!! A great place for him would be Dallas! I could see the cowboys shipping Romo, bryant, ware and 2 1st rd draft picks to Carolina for cam Newton, Williams, Ryan kalil and Steve smith!! I would love to see cam the superman with a star on his helmet battle Weapon X RG3 2 games and maybe 3 games(if the skins and the boys meet in the playoffs) a season and grow into one of the most exciting rivalries in sports!! if the cowboys don’t trade for cam that the eagles trade for superman !! that would be 2 awesome redskin-eagles games a season. I think philly would be a great place for cam and his superman act!! Lol have the eagles and the cowboys have a bidding war with Carolina for trade for cam newton!!! honestly philly would be the best place for newton to succeed bc of the talent they have in place!! lol then mike vick could be the cowboys starter next year lolol

  23. Answer to first question: yes. The guy is 23 and was expected to just carry the whole team. He has growing up to do A LOT but he is worth it.

    Williams hasn’t been productive since 2008 by all NFL standards and he’s in his late 20’s, Hurney overpaid to keep him. Stewart is the only back in Carolina that tries to get extra yards and they have used Tolbert sparingly to say the least. LaFell isn’t playing terrible when they can get him the ball, but he needs to get open quicker. Steve Smith hasn’t had the ball in open field since trash time in the NY game. Murphy continues to underachieve in CAR as he did in OAK, Gross looks old this season and without Kalil the line looks awful as a unit.

    Defensively we can’t cover ANYONE. Norman was heralded in training camp but he really hasn’t done much, Gamble is out and Nakamura isn’t an upgrade over Martin. It’s bad, but it could be worse. Yeah, they’ve lost games but they’ve lost by a score or less in all but one game this year, 4th quarter woes, as always.

  24. this is ludicrous can newton is all they have on offense besides a 30 year old wideout on the decline, I knew it was a mistake when they signed back deangelo williams, id rather have cam newton and be 1-5 in his second year then have mark Sanchez and lose in the afc championship, Carolina is bad they need to look for the future and with no outstanding qbs coming out this year this could set the franchise back 4-5 minimum

  25. It’s way too early to bail on a guy with that kind of athletic ability. I’m not sure he can have a season like his first again unless he learns how to play the position. Right now, Cam is a superior athlete that plays QB. He needs to be a QB that is also an athlete. That takes hard work. If he concentrates on his brand he will fail. It will take a few more years for the Panthers to truly be able to know if they need to move on.

  26. Should the Panthers keep him? If the Panthers don’t keep him they will be ridiculed for eternity. This can’t be a serious question.

  27. Cam had a better rookie season than Sam Bradford and is on pace to have a much better 2nd year than Bradford as well…

    ..but yet no one has ever challenged that Bradford is NOT a franchise QB.


  28. Wow, not even a full two yrs an your talking about cutting him…..makes me wonder how Alex smith has lasted so long as a starting QB

  29. Poor guy… Last year he exploded onto the scene like the “real deal”. Then he loses 5 of his first 6 games, they fire “his” GM, he needs a therapist and they may try to get rid of him. Wow its amazing how fast the world can change…..

  30. What? The next Panthers GM has no decision to make on Newton. They invested a #1 overall pick in him and he’s unquestionably the face of their franchise. There is no choice here at all… Cam’s rookie year bought him at least three seasons if being the number one overall pick didn’t do that already. You’re jumping the gun here big time.

  31. why would they not keep Cam Newton? Its only his second year after a 4000 yard year. So the new thing now is to use a guy for one year then let him go? Really?? ,,, wow… Imagine if the Colts would have released or traded Manning after his first. its probably good the article writer isnt a GM.

  32. I’m not even Panthers but come on to throw the towel in on a NO.1 overall pick after just 2 seasons is beyond ridiculous to even consider.

  33. There’s no decision to be made. Hell yes you keep him. He showed last year what he can do. Get rid of this college spread option crap and this guy will take off again.

  34. Really????? Will they keep him?? How does he go from the prototype QB of the future to will they keep him in ONE year? I will take him over jake, jimmy, and Anderson any day. The panthers and their fan base sounds really spoiled right now.

  35. It is way too early to say No to the first one.
    I’ll admit I’m not a huge Newton fan, my main reason is a QB’s #1 job is to win Football games, if he is not doing that he isn’t doing his job. That being said he had a pretty good rookie year and to drop him after that would be ludicrous.

    Unless as you suspect Jerry Richardson really does just want to win one now, while he is still with us, maybe if he doesn’t improve this year you dump him and go out and get someone who will win you a ring.

  36. Yes, Newton needs to be better trained in handling post-game interviews, and probably needs to work with a sports psychologist to better handle defeat, but he is not going anywhere. If anything, I’m more concerned about the behaviour of other leaders on the team. I mean, Steve Smith proudly telling the media after the Giants game how he advised Cam Newton to be more like Jimmy Clausen (huh?) really says it all about the lack of veteran leadership and guidance on that team right now.

    Cam needs to refocus and limit his time with the media over the next month until things blow over, but he will be fine.

  37. Cam is proving all those questioning his ability right. A leader takes responsibly in the good times and bad. Take a leadership course Cam until then shut up!

  38. Watched your afternoon show for the first time, and that was an interesting discussion on Cam Newton.

    Obviously a lot of Carolina’s problems have nothing to do with Newton. Just look at what John Fox was able to do in Denver with Tim Tebow. Yes, Tebow is a unique competitor, but he didn’t devise the gameplan that blew up my Steelers. Fox doesn’t get enough credit for that win. His destruction in Carolina wasn’t all self-made. The organization has issues.

    If Newton’s career stalls in Carolina, it won’t be the first time a promising star has faded because he landed with a subpar franchise. But given the level of talent he has, it would be a real shame.

  39. By the way, if the team ever did release Newton, he’d probably end up in Kansas City so fast it’d make your head spin. And if they didn’t want him, I guarantee you that one of the Jets, Bills, Jaguars, Browns, Titans, Chargers, Raiders, Eagles, Cardinals or perhaps even the Seahawks would grab him up without even a second thought.

  40. If really someone can think the problem for the Pantehrs is Cam, i think there’s something really wrong in Carolina.

  41. Are yall serious?

    Cam Newton is not going anywhere. The guy was the best rookie qb of all time! (And don’t say he wasn’t, because if you have the most passing yards, rushing yards, and rushing td’s by a rookie qb in NFL history then you are pretty dang good.)

    Cam Newton just needs a mental adjustment and some new confidence. His leadership skills are obviously low because he wasn’t even voted captain by his teammates, but the guy is 23 years old.

    The Carolina Panthers are so much better than what is going on right now, but it will be fixed.

    And by this die-hard Panthers fan, sorry Coach Rivera- but you are why we suck.

    And my pick for new coach: Jon Gruden.

    Thank you- Goodnight.

  42. I don’t recall the Rams facing these questions regarding their 1st round quarterback from three years ago. Why not give Newton more than 22 games to prove himself?

  43. thats ridicilous.. cam is a superstar he just needs more time and he needs this o coordinator or whoever calls the plays to STOP calling the option 40 times a game.. the option needs to stay where it was college. when they played the giants i was amazed how someone with the talent cam has could be held back so much by lazy playcalling

  44. HERE is the deal…so you can all jump on me. He like most talented Black athletic QB’s today,,,have one glaring flaw. They lack the field general skills of Manning, Brady, Brees,,etc etc. They cannot absorb the playbooks and do the homework, Plain and simple. When the called play at the line does not develop, they take the ball and run for their lives. This completely destroys the tempo of the game plan. It also makes it easy for defense really. Take away steve smith, on a pass play and you will make newton run…simple formula. Same with Vick, same with RGIII,,,they believe in their heart of hearts,,,Damn guy covered..Take off,,,they don’t for the check down,,or third Rec.
    Lastly, because they can’t or won’t do their homework, they can’t read defenses at the line and audible out of the called play…Simply they don’t know what they don’t know. Go watch any Jr high game with an athletic will see the exactly the same thing…first guy not there,,take off and run.

  45. Fickle much? The kid has a bad first half of football and there is already talk of him not being their QB? What the hell is going on? People do realize he’s a 23 year old who is 22 games into his career, right?

  46. As a 49er fan who is very supportive of Smith and very optimistic about Kap, if they dump Cam, we’ll take him.

    He’s struggled this year but this is a poorlyanagef team. If he had a coach that played to his strengths he has the potential to be much better than he’s playing now, or played last year.

  47. Only in pro sports can you go from the ‘next big thing’ to ‘an afterthought’ in less than 30% of a season.

    And only in the NFL is a high 1st round QB taken but the franchise demands to be a ground & pound team. I mean if you want to run it, why draft a QB so high? Jets, Carolina, Jax, Ten etc.

  48. He’s just spoiled. He needs to toughen up. Learn to become a real man and how to handle the toughness of life. Unfortunately Cam still has baby soft hands…let’s get some callouses on those paws.

  49. There’s no other choice but to keep him and he’ll keep blowing up at every press conference as long as they’re bad which will likely continue as long as Cam stays negative and distracted.

  50. Let’s get this right, Panther fans aren’t the one wondering if Cam is Right. The National Media is making this whole firing out to be Cam’s fault. He’s not the one asking to run the read option the whole game. As far as “Chud” everywhere he goes the second year blows up in his face(When you get to the goaline, punch the ball in).

    If you are wondering why they fired Marty don’t look further then this.
    1- Jake Delhomme Contract
    2-Draft pick(Clausen, Amanti Edwards, Everette Brown, Dwayne Jarrett) to name some.
    3- Spending the whole CAP on three running backs and a DE that only plays when we play Atlanta.

  51. I like Cam.. but not this week. Chicago is waiting. an whats wrong in Carolina? 6 games into the season an they fire the GM? any new GM will want his own coach. any new coach will want his own QB. CAM IN DALLAS…I was thinking out loud.

  52. The most important skill an NFL quarterback needs to have is the ability to read defesnes and coverages, anticpate whether the play called will work against that, audible a new play at the line if he thinks it won’t, and find the open receiver.

    It is NOT to run like a gazelle with the football.

    That’s what they have running backs for.

    Players like Vick, Young, Tebow, Newton, and on and on, will never truly succeed, because they are relying on speed to run – not even finding the holes or seams – rather than being a pass-first precision passer.

    These days you win games through the air, or lose to the team that does.

  53. This is the most stupid article I ever read on this site. I thought the title was sarcastic and you were going to explain all the reasons to keep him; but to even question that..

    Question of my own.. Are you High???

    Cam broke a record last year for rookie QBs.. Has the All time record for rookie QBs in not Carolina history; but NFL history..

    Yes you must be High or slipping because you’re on TV so much.. Hire better writers who know about sports and stick to the TV gigs..

    and you Racist out there and it’s obvious by your comments who you are.. Will you stop??? Don’t you think it’s time? Haven’t you figured out yet that we’re all the same??? Let’s talk sports facts people.

  54. Here is the REAL TALK about Cam.

    He started with a national champion team at Florida and got caught with a hot laptop and cheated on a couple of papers. Well, no 18-year-old college kid has ever stole anything before, and no 18-year-old kid has ever cheated in college before. Therefore, this means that Cam is the devil himself, and will never be anything but a criminal, even if he lives another 70 years without committing another crime. He committed crimes at 18, therefore, by gawd, he is a criminal for life. Whenever his name is mentioned, you must bring up that he committed crimes when he was 18.

    He goes to junior college and wins a title. He wants to go to Misipi St where his Florida QB coach is now the head coach. His father, straight out of the Jim Bakker crooked preacher playbook, demands money for Cam’s committment. They say no, dad tells Cam to go to Auburn. Misipi St. turns Jim Bakker Jr. in. A year-long NCAA investigation turns up no exchange of money between anyone. But of course, Cam knew the whole time what his dad was doing. Every person in the world knows every activity their parents have engaged in their entire lives, so Cam knew too. Also, if dad demanded money from MSU but didn’t get it, that proves that Auburn paid for him. It doesn’t matter that the NCAA found Cam, Auburn and MSU completely innocent – no, Cam got paid! This reinforces that Cam is the devil himself.

    Everywhere Cam has played, his team has won a championship. He was the best player in college football his last year there. But every talking head insists that he’s a fraud, and that he has no work ethic. They think he has no work ethic because he’s a black man, although they will never admit that in public.

    He gets drafted #1 and sets every rookie record imaginable. But we must continue to hate him. Remember, he committed crimes when he was 18, so he is a criminal for life. His dad tried to make money off his name, which means Cam got paid in college. He said he wants to be an icon, which makes him the most disgusting egomaniac that ever walked the Earth.

    Now, in his second pro season, the haters who have been calling him every evil name they can think of since 2008 gleefully spew hatred every time he makes a mistake. Everything wrong with his organization – and there are plenty of thing wrong with his organization – are all his fault. The organization must give serious consideration to getting rid of him.

    Haven’t you people had enough already??????

  55. The difference between Newton this year and Newton last year can be summued up in one word.


    Gone is the creampuff schedule of last season.

    So, welcome to the real NFL Cam.

  56. @jgedgar70 This has nothing to do with race. Sorry, no race riots to be found here. Move on – get another theory, maybe tie it to performance on the field, wins and losses.

  57. This is dumb. Cam Newton keeps the Panthers in games, last year ESPN was salivating over him and now they want to get rid of him. He may try to do too much, but other than Steve smith who is long in the tooth he doesnt have a real #1 reciever and average offensive line. Not to mention a D that just let the Bears throw curl routes 65 yards down the field today..and Im not a Cam fan, to throw in the towel(pun intended) is foolish.

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