Panthers fire G.M. Marty Hurney


The disappointing start for the Carolina Panthers has cost General Manager Marty Hurney his job.

In an announcement released Monday morning, the Panthers confirmed that Hurney has been fired.

“This was an extremely difficult decision,” Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said in a statement. “Marty made every effort to bring success to the Panthers and took the team to a Super Bowl and two NFC championship games. Unfortunately, we have not enjoyed the success we hoped for in recent years. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Marty and will always appreciate the way he tirelessly served the organization.”

As part of the team’s announcement, Hurney also issued a statement expressing good will for the team.

“I am very fortunate to have been a part of one of the best organizations in the NFL since 1998,” Hurney said. “As General Manager I will always regret not helping us win the Super Bowl or having back-to-back winning seasons. I hope this change starts accomplishing the direction to those goals. I understand this decision by Mr. Richardson and will always have an extremely close relationship with him. I consider him the best owner in the NFL. I am responsible for everybody in coaching, the players, the scouts and everybody in football operations. After six weeks, we are 1-5 coming off a 6-10 season.”

And that 1-5 start has ended Hurney’s tenure in Carolina.

54 responses to “Panthers fire G.M. Marty Hurney

  1. Need to fire the head coach next. You can tell that guy is just a coordinator, a la Norv Turner.

  2. “This was an extremely difficult decision,” Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said in a statement.

    Tranlation : Somebody had to go to appease the fans.

  3. Wow, if that’s not a scapegoat move I dont know what is. Before the season some people had them as a potential playoff team due to Cam and all the great talent on the team. Now They dont have any talent?

  4. So that’s how it’s going to be.

    Blame everyone on the team except the “elite” QB who locks in on his recievers, doesn’t scan the field, and doesn’t read the defense.

    Yeah, this will end well.

  5. Wow what a shocker, he should have been fired after the ned of the 2010 year if you wanted to rebuild.

    It’s sad it took him 3 straight bad drafts etc to now fire him.

    Who’s next, Ron R, Chud etc? I’m not a fan of this team but how dumb is it to not use your rb’s when every team rb’s gets 15-20 touches besides the panthers?

  6. I know many will assume that I live under a rock and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t realize the Panthers were 6-10 last year!

    With all the hype centering around the season Newton had, I really thought they were at least 8-8 and fell just short of the playoffs.

    Cam Newton is a physical phenom to be sure but is he an NFL quarterback or just an overhyped media darling?

    I think the latter.

  7. “Hopefully Pioli is available to GM for the Panthers after this season. ”

    What has he done with the Chiefs since he left the Patriots? Still hasn’t found the chiefs a “franchise” Qb.

  8. Anyone calling this a scapegoat move isn’t aware of Hurney’s miserable track record as a GM. The only question is “What took so long?”

  9. Panthers fans know this move is looooooooong overdue. He should’ve followed John Fox out the door.

  10. Cam told the owner it was the GM’s fault for the losses so he had to go. Next week when Cam loses the coach is being fired.

  11. Interesting to see if ol Cam will end up like Vince Young. Loses are everbody elses fault and he is on a team that has a bunch of losers.

    Pretty soon even the coaches get tired of hearing it, especially when your losing.

  12. Ya I guess spending your cap money on three RB’s and a QB that is a glorified RB, while at the same time not investing in your OL and defense has taken its toll. The Panthers will be paying for years to come for this guys poor decisions. Guess he should have done his homework on Cam’s mental stability, and paid one RB then he might still have a job.

    Observational note to Panthers fans: When the leader of your team and 1st overall pick in the draft starts sounding like a kid who lost a pee wee league game during his post game press conferance, firing the guy who picked him is a step in the right direction.

  13. u say fire the coach because he’s a coordinator but he’s a DEFENSIVE coordinator and this team has been dreadful on defense.

    so fire him twice? Still this is Chico’s second year – you’ve got to give him at least one more year… if they start 1-5 next year, by all means…

  14. This has been long overdue. he is surely being used as a scapegoat in the heat of the moment but there is a reason he was working this season without a contract. The only issue I have is this is a few years too late. John Fox is smiling this morning.

  15. In era where no one is locking running backs into long term cap busting deals, he did it twice.

    That, in and of itself, is a fireable offense.

  16. Praise God this move was so overdue. I know swarms of misinformed imbecilea who have been looking for every opportunity to trash the QB since his college days will do so here, but frankly, it’s an indictment on them because it simply shows how misinformed they really are.

    There are two key problems with this panthers team.

    The first, is a lack of talent in crucial areas. Oodles of money has been invested into positions with low positional value, while offensive targets and defensive backfield players are ignored.

    The second is a misuse of the players on the team the coaching staff, and the players lack of faith on their coaches has started to show from a VARIETY of players.

    This move alleviates at least one of those problems, and getting a GM who is on the same page with his coaching staff may help remedy the second to an extent.

    In the end though, Rivera is going to have to abandon his college bullcrap offense and run something more conventional as we did last year, when Cam threw for over 4000 yards.

  17. And this is going to make your QB grow up?

    I watched his after game interview and he threw everyone on the team under the bus.

    No way this kid will ever take that team any place.

  18. That TEAM SUCKS! For all the Cam haters and he pouts to much enthusiast; see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady Etc on the sideline when someone run the wrong route or they lose. Same Damn thing except they don’t use the towel. Last time I check Peyton Manning, was horrible his first 2-3 yrs and so was his brother. Until, they built a team around them and got them the pieces they need. The Defense in Carolina is terrible, along with the O-line,The WR’s and RB’s! The only thing this team has is The QB. It’s a reason this team had the #1 pick in the draft last year. It’s because they suck. And the only thing they did was bring in a Stud QB and forgot everything else. That team STINKS, and one player cant change that. You can’t put Cologne on Dirt and expect it to smell good!

  19. “I watched his after game interview and he threw everyone on the team under the bus.”

    I see nothing wrong with what Cam N said, heck the media has no problem with it. How can you develop a qb by playing shotgun 75-80% of the time? How about line him up under center?

    Using the read option as a base offense 20-25% on running plays? No qb under that scheme will ever develop into a pocket passer.

    Ron R and co are poor coaches who lacks clock management, in game adjustments, fundamentals etc. He still has no identity after 23 games.

  20. “And this is going to make your QB grow up?”

    This has nothing to do with Cam needing to “grow up” it has to do with a GM that has been terrible at his job for years and years.

    Why can’t any of you differentiate this move from Cam Newton’s play? Have you even seen the contracts Hurney has given out? Have you seen the drafts this guy has had recently?

    A lot of you just hate Cam that’s all there is to it. People just can’t wait to jump all over him. He’s going to bounce back and right the ship but this team he’s on isn’t very good.

    This coaching staff misuses their players every single game. Cam was more successful last year when they were not running this college spread offense crap.

  21. All of Richardson’s business’ Denny’s/Hardees/Panthers have the same lack of quality and mismanagement!

    This team needs to be sold and moved to LA!

  22. Should have signed Vincent Jackson in the off season. Getting rid of starting linemen and ruining the consistency of the blocking was a total disaster. A QB and RB are only as good as the blocking in front of them. Greg Olson has to be kept in as a blocker and so do the RB. This was the GM’s fault, but he should have been given the chance to fix it. Firing the GM midseason does nothing to fix the problem.

  23. See Clark Hunt, you can fire a GM mid season. Carolina barely has a fan base, and contrary to that fool Eric Winston, you (KC) have one of the best fan bases in all of sports. Make it happen, your dad, and your fans deserve better.

  24. ” Should have signed Vincent Jackson in the off season.”

    Would it have made a huge difference if you have a predictable offensive coordinator who gets to cute of running college plays instead of running nfl plays that helps them move the ball?

    Did their former left guard in T Wharlton torn his acl with the Bengals? Also was due $8 million this year? He wasn’t worth that contract to keep.

    When your oc can’t adjust to what opposing defenses are throwing at you, you’re going nowhere.

  25. You can’t have a GM who ignores the pressing needs of the team (secondary + 2nd WR) in order to overpay 3 rbs and have bad drafts. At least the owner had enuff guts to do right by the fans.

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