Pat Shurmur says Richardson could miss time with rib injury

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After Sunday’s disappointing performance against the Colts, the Browns would surely like to avoid going into another game with a diminished Trent Richardson.

That could mean playing without him altogether. Coach Pat Shurmur said Monday that the team will evaluate Richardson’s status on a week-to-week basis to determine if his rib injury has healed enough for the rookie to be at full speed. Richardson said that he wasn’t himself during the loss to the Colts and the Browns responded by keeping him on the bench after the second quarter.

If Richardson doesn’t heal up, Shurmur hasn’t ruled out letting Richardson sit until after the team’s bye in Week 10.

“You just watch him practice and see where he’s at physically,” said Shurmur, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If he’s ready to play, he’ll play. If we see this is bothering him to the point where he can’t perform, then we’ll make those decisions as we go.”

Montario Hardesty filled in for Richardson in the second half against Indianapolis and would presumably take over the job in the event Richardson isn’t able to play.

17 responses to “Pat Shurmur says Richardson could miss time with rib injury

  1. The Browns should go into the next game without Shurmer.

    Who punts while trailing, time running out, on the opponents side of the 50, with only a yard to go?

  2. If he’s smart, Shurmur will just make the call and go ahead and sit him until at least after the bye week. At 1-6, there’s no point in damaging Trent. Of course, the key phrase is, if he’s smart. And up to this point we know Shurmur isn’t!

  3. I’m ready to sit Shurmur too. Haslam will bring winning ways to the Browns and it has to start with a culture of winning, not playing not to lose.

  4. Shurmur is scared to take any chances! We may have won if he would have went for it on 4th &1 with six minutes left in the game! Why not go for it, you were 1-5!

  5. Maybe while he’s resting on the sidelines they could let TR call the plays. He’d have to be better at it than Shurmer.

  6. The only words *anyone* wants to hear coming out of Pat Shurmur’s mouth at this point are “Effective immediately, I resign as head coach of the Cleveland Browns.”

    There’s really no value or interest in anything else he could possibly say.

  7. I agree, who punt’s while trailing with six minutes left and at 1 and 6? Go for it! I liked seeing Haslem lose it up in his box seat when that touchdown pass was dropped.
    I liked that he was very emotional. Haven’t seen much of that on the sidelines or from upper mgmt.
    Go BROWNS!

  8. I’m not a Shurmur fan, but it’s face it.

    The punt worked.

    The Browns stopped the Colts and got the ball back with 4:00 minutes left.

    Its hard to bitch about the logic when it worked exactly like it was supposed to.

  9. I agree that he could have gone for it on 4th and 1. Maybe he loves his team a lot and knows he’s on the hot seat got nervous and made a bad call. Every coach does it. Billichick does stuff that makes me flip my lid all the freaking time. But in the end he’s a good coach and I’m behind him. Shurmur is a good coach thus far I think and I would be proud if I were u browns fans. Also shurmur could have wanted to punt to not risk giving the colts the ball at midfield and instead get them inside the 5 and force a safety or fumble and he trusted his defense to do it? Isn’t that possible? And wouldn’t u be happy if it worked?

  10. “After Sunday’s disappointing performance against the Colts, the Browns would surely like to avoid going into another game against a diminished Trent Richardson.”

    First question is why would the Browns go against Richardson since last I checked he was on their team unless this is like pro wrestling and Richardson turned on them?

    Second question is how exactly would Richardson have prevented Josh Gordon from dropping a game winning touchdown pass that hit him in the hands while he was wide open in stride in the endzone?

    The Browns could have beaten Indianapolis without any running backs playing at all. I guess it’s a better story if we make it about the 3rd overall pick in the draft though and ignore the missed opportunities due to self inflicted mistakes by a team who’s offense otherwise outplayed their opponents including almost every Josh Cribbs punt return being called back for stupid penalties.

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