Report: Fan injured at MetLife Stadium fell more than 30 feet

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The afterglow of another epic Giants comeback win was dashed by the news that a 42-year-old fan suffered critical injuries while falling from an escalator at MetLife Stadium while leaving the stadium.

Contrary to multiple reports that the man fell roughly 20 feet, CBS 2 in New York reports that the fall actually exceeded 30 feet.

During the preseason, a fan died after falling from an escalator at Reliant Stadium in Houston.  The incident was ruled an accident.

In the most recent case, it’s too early to draw conclusions about what happened and how it can be prevented in the future.  But the challenge for the NFL, which wants to maximize the number of people who choose to attend games, will be to ensure that incidents like this are minimized or eliminated.

Sure, “accidents” happen.  But plenty of accidents can be avoided.  And the NFL has the resources to identify and rectify the places in a stadium where the risk of injury is the greatest, and to in turn eliminate that risk.

While it’s entirely possible that fans are in some cases creating their own risk, if the NFL is going to protect players from themselves on the field, the NFL needs to be willing to consider ways to protect fans from themselves off it.

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  1. The railings are high enough as it is as this stadiums. Will the NFl try to bubble wrap its guests during the pat down so we don’t get hurt wither?

    Tired of people trying to protect us from ourselves, at some point you need to allow Darwinism to take hold just a little bit.

  2. The fan in Atlanta that fell was drunk and reaching out for a chic-fil-a parachuting t-shirt. The Houston fan was sliding down a bannister on an escalator…

    Its yet to be determined what the deal was here, and its sad that people are hurt/dead. But you can’t build safety features to correct high-risk choices.

    I watched a bannister-slider at the Fox Theater break his leg as I was walking down behind him. It looked like Theissman. Awful. Was so drunk that he refused to stay down and tried to walk on it.

    Think when you drink.

  3. These incidents may be accidents but unfortunately I’ve never seen someone fall off an escalator without messing around.

    Note to self, don’t try to slide down the rail of steps or an escalator. No matter how cool or easy it looks on TV.

    BTW, I came across an outdoor marble bar a couple of months back in the peak of the hot season. I got on that ladies case who was suing the Cowboys for a hot marble bench she sat on. I have to stand corrected on that one, those slabs of marble get crazy hot in direct sunlight and frankly I almost burned my arm on the bar not realizing.

    That woman has a case but falling off an escalator seems to be a case of acting like a fool.

  4. I was right there after it happened, and it was terrible.

    Coming out of the stadium after a great win, and you see this.. Ruins your day.

    However, from everyone that actually saw it happen, this guy was sitting on the escalator railing, with nothing behind him. Why the hell anyone would do that is beyond me.

    Still, very sad.

  5. I came down that same escalator yesterday afternoon. Saw the paramedics with this guy. He was in bad shape, blood everywhere. When we heard the commotion below us coming down the escalator, we were looking at how the guy could have possibly fell. Only 3 ways the guy could have fallen, riding the railing of the escalator, pushing & shoving with buddies & falling over and/or passing out & falling over the side (a stretch as the sides of the escalator are over waist high, even if you are over 6′ tall).

    Sadly, all 3 would have to be alcohol induced.

  6. Short of banning alcohol sales, what exactly can be done? Are all escalators going to have to have to be enclosed so no one can fall off of them?

  7. Hmm how can we avoid falling off an escalator…Wild guess: we don’t sit or ride on the railing? There comes a point where you let stupid/drunk people just be stupid and drunk and suffer the consequences; there’s not really much you can do to prevent it and if you’re going to fall off a flight of moving stairs with railings on both sides, then chances are you’re doing something wrong, not the team or the stadium’s fault

  8. Sad. I hope the injuries aren’t too serious. Unfortunately sounds like it could have been prevented. Also sad that there will probably be a lawsuit involved and somehow some way people that know how to handle their alcohol will end up paying the price for a drunken accident.

  9. What a bad way to end the day but this has to be one of two things someone pushed him or he was not just riding down like he should.

  10. There were no escalators where this guy fell unless they carried him about a hundred feet. There are stairs over where he was lasting at getting level that are partially enclosed, he would have had to put himself in a precarious situation to fall. Everyone was piling into the stairs so he could have been pushed.

  11. I was at the game but did not hear of this until I was on my way home. What a sad incident to happen at the end of a great game. With that being said, my thought is not to serve alcohol during the game PERIOD….Not sure this was alcohol related, however I am betting it was, but many, many people tailgate from early morning and by the time the game starts are so plastered they probably don’t know they are at the game. Then to go in the stadium and be able to continue to drink is ludicrous. Not sure they still have a 2 beer limit at each purchase, but have friends that don’t drink and you can get more than that…stopping sales in the 3rd quarter or half time you can see doesn’t work either…stock up before hand. I just don’t understand why alcohol has to be sold in the stadium anyway – especially after partying hardy in the parking lot, to which I may add is a disgrace with bottles, garbage etc.

    It should NOT be the job of the NFL to protect people from themselves. People need to be responsible for themselves and when people get plastered that is not responsible….. I feel bad for that gentleman and his family, but what happened before that fall and what led up to him falling is yet to be heard.

    You can have just as much fun and be just as rowdy as you want to be WITHOUT the alcohol…..I know of a friend whose daughter was injured when a drunk person fell on her, making her fall and injure her elbows & knees. This was a kid, who was there to watch the came. Come on people!!

  12. Get with Vilma and his team of lawyers, someone must be at fault because you’re too stupid to stay on an escalator. Time to cash in. Don’t forget to donate your “earnings” to the Saints. I’m sure they need it more than you.

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