Steelers get it done on the ground with a bunch of backups

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It makes perfect sense.

The league’s second-worst rushing offense, missing four key parts, turned in their best rushing performances of the season.

The Steelers outgained the Bengals 167-80 on the ground, with their top two running backs (Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman) on the inactive list along with a pair of starting offensive linemen (Maurkice Pouncey and Marcus Gilbert) in their win over the Bengals.

The Steelers only dressed seven linemen all night, and the only backups were rookie Kelvin Beachum and practice squad promotion John Malecki, who had one NFL game between them.

That meant a banged-up group had no choice.

“I told the guys before the game when we broke it up, this is all we got, ain’t nobody getting hurt,” left guard Willie Colon said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “If anybody gets hurt, bandage it up and let’s go.”

Those five stayed out there the entire game, and paved the way for the backup backs to win.

Jonathan Dwyer had 122 yards, and fifth-option Chris Rainey scored the game-winning touchdown.

“There was no letdown, even though our top two guys went down,” Dwyer said. “It was an opportunity, and the next man is supposed to step up.”

The Steelers did that to perfection Sunday night.

35 responses to “Steelers get it done on the ground with a bunch of backups

  1. Doing what the steelers have done for years. We always next man up. We never rebuild! We reload!

  2. If it wasn’t for 2 blown 4th quarter leads and late mistakes this team would be 5-1 right now and in first in the afcn. It’s the best 3-3 record I can hope for. Cause while trying to fix things, the Ratbirds are showing their true colours. If it wasn’t for insanely blown calls by the refs against NE, KC, and DAL, Ratbitds could easily be 3-4 or maybe even 2-5 right now. I’m gonna say the Steelers are better, but ravens fans have no excuses. Your team is falling apart. How do you get beat that bad? And Flacco elite? He’s B Roth’s ball boy. Not even close to his level.

  3. It’s hard to overstate how much of a liabilty Rey Maualuga is. Marvin/Zim: let’s see Muckelroy or Rey or Skuta or anyone else in there – they just can not be worse.

    Watch the tape. The way Foster drove him out of the hole on every play – it’s like playing with 10 men on the field.

  4. To be fair, mendenhall and redman are backups on a lot of nfl teams. They just don’t have great talent at the rb position. But they do have quantity.

  5. RG3 > Dalton. See you next week Pitt! Your makeshift running game will get shut down, so you better hope Rothlisberger does what Eli did, or before your fans blink, you will be down by 21. Skins fans can make excuses as to why we are 3-4, but we lost and that’s it. Seems like the Steeler fans continue to use excuses for your loses, or think that your team never loses a beat, but this year is different. Your old and slow (with the exceptions of Wallace, and Brown). The game will be fun to watch next week. As for all the Pittsburgh fans that go down 95 every morning to DC, please keep you flags flying and your decals on your cars next Monday if you are on the wrong side of the score board. Also, if we win, you’re welcome Raven fan.

  6. Where do they get these guys? The Pack has no running game. The Steelers number three and four guys are freight trains with speed?
    After last night, I have the steelers right at the top or near top of the AFC by the end of the season. That O line my be one of the best in both leagues. And they have a lot of talent still on injured lists.

  7. Where are the coaches fire!? If I was a bengals coach last night, first off, I would have benched Rey Maualuga. Secondly, I would have been grabbing every player on the defense’s face mask and telling them how terrible they were playing and how bad it is they can’t stop a third string running back. Then I’d go to jay gruden and ask him why the hell he was calling such bad plays on offense! Where were the coaches last night!? Where have they been this year!? Jay gruden has helped us become a great offense but yet we still turn over the ball EVERY GAME! I wait for us to turn over the ball literally every game. Zimmer, where the hell is your defense!? And you almost became a head coach this year…. That’s laughable! Where are the coaches!? I feel like i jave more intensity sitting on my couch than these coaches… When are you going to fire up this team and turn it around!?

  8. And yet we lose to Oakland and Tennessee…WTH…I dont know what to make of this team but I will. Tough games ahead which will provide the real measuring stick.

  9. Looks like we’re not so old after all? Steelers football folks! Lets see the ravens do what we do? Win games with 8+ starters out.. Can’t wait to play ravens!!

  10. How does Wallace think he’s worth $120 million ?
    He is probably worth a trade for a lineman or two or a corner or a safety. AB > MW

  11. Dwyer may be the Steelers best pure RB – he’s a breakaway threat with good cutting ability.

    Dwyer has kept Dwyer down so far…comes to camp out of shape, slow to learn O and pass-blocking skills, etc.

    Jonathan Dwyer may prove to be a legit #1RB.

    Weird year in the AFC so far, with one legit front-runner contender and a bunch of decent teams with issues. 9-7 may even get a playoff spot this year.

    After a “must win” last night, I’m liking the Steelers playoff chances.

  12. Willie Colon was like a different player at left guard. And a couple of times watching Dwyer, I had Bettis flashbacks. Legursky did what he does–stepped in when he was asked and got it done. Our corners had a good game as well.

    But I’m concerned about our defense for next week. James still isn’t playing at 100 percent, and who would have thought it would take this long for a calf injury to heal. We’ll need Polamalu going up against RGIII. We’ve done a great job of plug ‘n’ play with our offense, but the defense is still showing too many signs of wear and tear.

  13. This team wont even make the playoffs. Last time i checked being .500 was considered mediocre. Yet steeler gabs are giddy. Pathetic.

  14. LaMarr Woodley was the difference-maker in the game. His timely pick changed momentum instantly.
    The thing that disturbs me the most is that the linebackers have better hands than the defensive backs. That’s not good.
    The 2012 Steelers have yet to play and/or beat an actual good team. But in today’s AFC (Awful Football Conference), they may not have to.
    By the way: What happened to those FOUR touchdown passes that Roethlisberger was predicted to throw?
    OK. Let’s all pretend that he did.
    Pretending is fun.

  15. @bobzilla1001 …

    In fairness, the 2012 Steelers have yet to take the field. The old offensive line is gone and the new offensive line is injured. So are half the running backs and several key defenders. I see a guy wearing #17 but don’t recognize him … although he bears a striking resemblance to Limas Sweed in his playing style. But Limas was more likeable. Oh, and Ben did throw one more TD pass than the stats indicate. He just forgot to say the magic words to make the two defenders standing directly in front of Heath Miller disappear. It’s so annoying when defensive backs do their jobs. 😉

  16. Marvin & Zimmer are idiots. They have taylor mays a run stopping safety and they don’t use him because zim likes his old fart players. Please fire them

  17. Deb:
    The four TD passes were in reference to the idiot who thinks Roethlisberger throws four or five TD passes every game and that the offense averages 35 points per game. I think you know who he is.
    Anyway, why do people insist on bashing an O-line that is playing pretty well? Pouncey and Gilbert are out. Legursky and Adams are in. Don’t really see any difference.
    The Steelers’ schedule has been so soft that the next team they play will be the best team they’ve played: the 3-4 Redskins.

  18. All I got to say is the Ravens got blown out and are mediocre at best. The steelers still havent lost two in a row in a long time and will be breathing down the ratbird necks till the very end. The Ravens will be lucky to split with the Steelers this year. The losses will be coming in

  19. BTW, you keep stating that the Steelers had 2 starting offensive linemen out. Correction: They have 3 out:
    1. Center Pouncy
    2. Right Guard DaCastro
    3. Right Tackle Gilbert

  20. Funny how every steeler fan is talking trash after beating a sorry bengals team that lost to the BROWNS this season. For as bad as yinz say the ravens are, they seem to have put a worse beating on the bengals than the steelers did. Do you morons get more satisfaction from a steeler win or a raven loss? Ask yourself one question, what’s the chances the steelers could go down to Houston and grab a win? Slim to none, matter of fact it would probably be worse than last years loss down there. Let’s not forget that the steelers lost to the raiders and titans, true contenders don’t lose games to mediocre teams. The ravens true colors may be coming out, but the steelers have already been exposed.

  21. bobzilla- Woodley was the difference in the game?? He was standing aroung in no mans land when the ball slipped out of Dalton’s hand hit a lineman in the head and bounced into Woodleys arms. How bout Dwyer or Ike or the Oline. Woodley stood around for most of the game as always.

  22. Not hard for the Steelers to win when they have to go against super-Offensive coach Marvin Lewis.

    He took a team weak on the running game, devised a gameplan to run the ball, pulled out his unbalanced line and ran to the opposite side from previous weeks and scored a TD. Then leBeau compensated and it was over. Yet Marvin, the super-offensive minded man that he is, continued to run the ball on first down the entire second half, well after it was proven to anyone with a bit of offensive common sense that you need to adjust to the adjustments. He basically told the offense that he had given up and just wanted to get out of his own stadium with a LOSS ASAP, effectively ending any chance the Bengals had at post season.

    For bengals3285: It isn’t Zimmer. It is the fact that the LB and DB coaches left the team after last year and we have a NFL rookie coach and a long time Brown family favorate (Guenter) coaching. And Marvin is doing everything he can to ensure the defense gets worn out by running on first and second down in the second half while you are behind.

  23. @bobzilla1001 …

    Actually, I was making a little joke about how Roethlisberger tends to throw these bizarre INTs in or near the Red Zone. Last week, it was easy to see that Peyton Manning’s receivers were stopping short, running the wrong routes, and making other boneheaded errors that caused interceptions. That happens to Ben sometimes, too, of course. But other times, he just throws the ball into impossible coverage–as he did in the end zone against the Bengals. The guy is so talented and makes so many right calls. But that kind of decisionmaking just baffles me after eight years in the league.

    Yes, the makeshift o-line has stepped up once again. This year, the defense has struggled.

  24. stillers:
    Prior to Woodley’s opportunistic interception, the Bengals held a 14-6 lead with the Steelers’ offense dazed and confused.
    Up to that point, the Steelers quarterback had been doing his best to give the game away. Woodley’s pick, however, changed momentum by giving the Steelers’ offense possession at the Bengals’ 29 with just 1:23 left in the first half.
    All created turnovers, really, are luck. Please forgive Woodley for being in the right place at the right time.
    By the way: I would hardly call a linebacker positioned at the line of scrimmage standing around in “no man’s land.”
    Both Dwyer and Taylor played well.
    Feel better?

  25. Deb:
    There is no question that Roethlisberger, because of his size and great athletic ability, is an imposing figure on the field. He’s highly entertaining and fun to watch.
    However, the offense is averaging just three more points per game than last season’s 22nd-ranked scoring offense. The Steelers are the only offense this season NOT to score 30 or more points against the Titans.
    Roethlisberger’s inability to finish drives with TDs somehow is always overlooked, with the defense’s flaws getting all the attention.
    Make no mistake about it, the Steelers’ D is a shell of its former self. The veteran players are too old, while the younger players are not nearly as talented as the veteran players they’ve replaced.
    Turning back the clock is not an option. The Steelers’ defensive glory days are over. It’s time for people to start focusing more on an offense that is loaded with high-priced talent but can’t put other teams away.
    Even the bad teams.

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