Trent Richardson says his rib injury is worse than people think

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After Sunday’s loss to the Colts, Browns coach Pat Shurmur said he pulled rookie running back Trent Richardson not because Richardson was injured, but because he was ineffective. But Richardson says the whole reason he’s ineffective is that he’s injured.

We noted a week ago that Richardson’s rib injury is very painful, and Richardson acknowledged after the loss to the Colts that the pain is affecting his play.

The injury I have is much bigger than what folks think it is, and I don’t want to do anything to hurt the team,” Richardson said. “I’m not myself out there right now. You look at me, I guess I’m not running hard like I’m used to, so I’m not out there right now. So it is worse than what people think it is.”

Richardson was limited to eight yards on eight carries, and afterward he expressed disappointment that he couldn’t do more to help his team.

“I always feel I’m ready to play no matter what, and I always want to be out there for my team and stick it out no matter what,” Richardson said. “I didn’t call the shot. They just told me to stay ready and keep my legs warm. Obviously, I didn’t get back in the game.”

It would be wise for the Browns not to put Richardson in another game until his ribs have healed.

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  1. Lord please don’t let Trent be an injury prone bust, the Browns have suffered long enough…

  2. @bkostela

    Don’t know why you’re getting down voted. It was well known that Brown would always be slow to get up so that no body would know if he was hurt or not.

  3. Rib injuries can stop you dead in your tracks but maybe I’m wrong. Doesn’t the team have a doctor. I mean either he is cleared to play because he says it doesn’t hurt, or he is saying it hurts like hell and the team says he is ok to play?
    Something strange going on. I think its ‘agent itis’.
    These agents are telling their people anytime you suck you need to have an excuse. Otherwise they may actually think you suck and won’t pay you da big mooooney down the road.

  4. Shurmur looks lost out there for every single game. He has no concept of what needs to happen at that moment of the game when key plays are supposed to happen. I would be in favor of the Browns firing him today and going with an interim the rest of the way. It couldn’t be any worse than we have it already.

  5. Shurmur trying to deflect attention away from his piss-poor coaching. Typical.

    Jimmy & Joe can’t move fast enough to revamp this franchise.

  6. Not sure how smart it is to advertise to opposing defenses how hurt you are and WHERE you are hurt. Trent just put a big bulls eye on the side of his body.

  7. Isn’t this the same Cleveland tean that let Colt McCoy go back in against the steelers last years when he had a concussion and came back on the field looking like Rocky Balboa in the 15th round?

    A team needs to know when a player needs to come out.

  8. Rib injuries hurt like hell and are slow to heal. I’m certainly no athlete, but when I had a cracked rib I couldn’t even sleep, and just breathing was difficult. Not moving and ice was the only thing that helped. Now imagine getting hit at full speed by a 250 lb linebacker. Oh, but these guys are rich. I forgot that money takes away pain.

  9. bkostela says:
    Oct 22, 2012 9:50 AM
    jim brown never showed his injuries

    35 76
    g2-565cfd5c11a869191e3803cf365dd100 says:
    Oct 22, 2012 10:08 AM

    Don’t know why you’re getting down voted. It was well known that Brown would always be slow to get up so that no body would know if he was hurt or not.
    It’s true and you have know that Brown wouldn’t miss any time with this injury.

    Having said that, you can’t fault someone for not being as tough as the great Jim Brown.

  10. I still think that they should of kept Mangini for at least one more year. There were problems but some of them have been part of the browns forever, that and he seemed to have NO PROBLEM using Peyton Hillis, unlike Shumar.

    The lows were low but the ups gave at least something to look at for a potential third season. I’m not even a Browns fan at that yet can see how lost Shumar looks. He has no idea on what he’s doing, in over his head.

  11. Jim Brown never showed his injuries, but I highly doubt that teams got penalized for leaving things off the injury reports like they do now. It’s not Trent’s fault that the injury has to be reported. It’s also not the Colt’s fault if they use that info to key on his upper body. That’s the game of football today.

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