Blaine Gabbert has torn labrum in non-throwing shoulder

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The Jaguars expect to find out today whether quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be available for Sunday’s game at Green Bay, but the early indications are that the right-handed Gabbert has suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

That was the diagnosis from the team’s medical staff, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder, and today Gabbert will get a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews.

Gabbert was playing well on Sunday before he was knocked out of the game, and the Jaguars had a 17-3 lead in the second quarter. But after Gabbert was replaced by backup Chad Henne, the Jaguars’ offense fell apart. Henne completed just nine of 20 passes for 71 yards, and the Jaguars would end up losing 26-23.

Henne’s performance was lousy, but Gabbert has shown some promise this season. The Jaguars don’t look like they’re going anywhere this season, but if they’re not going to go anywhere, they’d at least like their young quarterback healthy and on the field.

25 responses to “Blaine Gabbert has torn labrum in non-throwing shoulder

  1. Gabbert did not play well last year, but the sports media constantly hammering his “lack of toughness” was unfair. This year, there has been some improvement, but the label has stuck. Now, he is probably out for a while. At least we are seeing that Henne is not the answer that many were suggesting. I wish Blaine a quick recovery.
    Oh, and before anyone suggests it—we don’t want Tebow!

  2. So you are saying that he is not going to play because of an injury to his NON-THROWING SHOULDER. NON-THROWING SHOULDER. Not his THROWING SHOULDER but his NON-THROWING SHOULDER. But no one should question his toughness? OK, got it.
    I wonder if the Jaguars will resign David Garrad now.
    I guess we know one team that will be interested in Geno Smith in the 2013 NFL Draft.

  3. You can get by with the torn labrum, what matter is the rotator cuff. That’s what keeps the ball in the socket more so. If his rotator cuff is ok, they can put that harness on his shoulder.

    I’m speaking from experience. I obliterated my shoulder and played the rest of the baseball season. Granted nobody tackled me, but if he wants to try he can gut thru it.

  4. This is the first of 2 bye weeks for Green Bay this year. I would imagine that you will see a lot of back-ups. Maybe Grahm Harrell will get some PT this week.

  5. Torn labrum is not just a “gut it out through the pain” injury, but also a loss of strength injury. It depends on how badly its torn. I’ve known guys who had trouble opening a door handle with a torn labrum simply due to an inability to lift/rotate their arm. That would obviously pose difficulties in taking snaps and handing the ball off.

  6. I’ve had labrum surgery on both shoulders. While he won’t be able to lift anything in certain positions with his left side without feeling like there is a rusty nail driven into his socket, his right shoulder will be completely unaffected.
    He should be fine until he has surgery at the end of the season.
    Give him a shot of cortisone and he’ll be good to go.

  7. I wish Blaine a full recovery, but with the injuries of Blaine and MJD..this team is working on a top 5 draft pick in next years draft…”Stick a fork in the Jags” another losing season in 2012.

  8. Well, this settles it then.

    We already knew he sucked, but now we know he’s a sissy too.

    By the way, Gabbert has NOT improved, he’s actually regressed.

  9. Sadly, the jags would have blown out the raiders if it wasnt for henne’s complete ineptitude as a qb. It was either a 3 and out or a turnover every series. Theyre defense hung tough but nobody can be expected to stop a team that many times…even the lowly carson palmer

  10. The injury occurred on his non-masturbatory shoulder. Gabbert is not expected to miss any masturbatorial activities this season.

  11. @joetoronto

    How is a passer rating of 77.1 this year worse than a passer rating of 65.4 last year? I don’t see that as regression, only improvement. I’m not saying he’s the answer, all I’m saying is that there wasn’t regression.

    Interesting facts: Troy Aikman’s passer rating didn’t surpass 77.1 for a season until his 3rd year. And John Elway didn’t surpass that rating until his 4th year (still only 79 in his 4th year)

    All that being said I hope he can get a significant number of snaps the rest of the year so we can see how much improvement there can be.

  12. joetoronto

    says some crazy stuff here. I’m not a Jags fan or a Gabbert apologist but after I read these comments, I looked Gabbert up. His completion percentage is up 5%, yards per game up, TDs/int way better than last year. His team is a trainwreck but that doesn’t fall on his shoulders, how about the owner/GM/coaching staff bearing some of the responsibility? Gabbert is no RG3 but at least be fair in your criticism. You don’t even know if he’s going to play & you’ve already labeled him a sissy?

  13. With the lack of protection from the offensive line, I wouldn’t put Gabbert back out there. I’d throw Henne to the wolves until this team learns to protect the passer.

  14. richatthelake:

    Yes, many QB’s have played with this exact injury in the past.

    I understand that not all do though, just the tough ones.

    As for him regressing or not, I based that on a piece the NFL Network did on him the other day.

    I don’t hate the guy, I actually hope he makes it, I won’t hold my breath though.

  15. At one point in last night’s game, both the starting QBs, Cutler and Stafford, had lower season passer ratings than Gabbert (77). I think they’re a bit higher now, but both of those players were drafted as high or higher, have several years NFL experience, and about double the talent around them to work with. Stafford has been throwing to Pettigrew and Johnson since he came into the league. Cutler has been throwing to Marshall and Bennett for about a decade. Gabbert has to deal with different receivers on a weekly basis.

  16. Henne is such a lost cause, if he has to play for any extended period of time, “abandon all hope ye who enter” jaguars games.

  17. Also that is about the third time this season that Gabbert has been hurt on a play where the defense were offside and allowed to take a free shot at him. Something needs to be done to close that loophole. Five yards isn’t much of a price to pay for knocking the opponent’s quarterback out of the game.

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