Drops don’t shake Roethlisberger’s confidence in Wallace

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There are receivers around the NFL with reputations for not having the best hands.

Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace isn’t one of them. He dropped a small number of passes in his first three seasons, helping him earn the trust of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the coaches in the process. It’s reasonable to wonder if that trust took a hit on Sunday night when Wallace dropped four passes against the Bengals.

The answer, from Roethlisberger, is that the confidence remains high in a player he targeted 15 times during the game.

“I don’t shy away from them even with drops,” Roethlisberger said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “I will always have confidence in them no matter what. These guys all hold themselves to a really high standard, and it just shows how valuable these guys are to our attack.:

Wallace is on pace for the most receptions of his NFL career, although he’s also on pace for the lowest yards per catch. Both things are also true of Antonio Brown, which would seem to support Roethlisberger’s belief that the offense run by offensive coordinator Todd Haley is longer on dinking and dunking than it is on the big plays that were formerly a staple of the Pittsburgh attack.

Should things continue this way, it will be interesting to see what impact it has on Wallace’s quest for a new long-term contract in Pittsburgh or somewhere else. We’d say the same about the drops except that we’re pretty sure that it won’t be a positive outcome for the wideout.

28 responses to “Drops don’t shake Roethlisberger’s confidence in Wallace

  1. Had Wallace made just one of those catches I would have lost my fantasy game, so I’ll give him a pass for this week. But on a more serious note, he’s playing his way out of millions of dollars.

  2. These bums lost to the raiders 34-31. tennesee 26-23. Wow the beat a bengals team that hasnt beat them in wat 3 years? Watch them go 1-7 in thier next 8. Three river trash this team is. Lets not talk about them until they can beat an average team let alone a good one. They stink worse then sanders acting.

  3. Fritzgerald would of made All those catches and scored on atleast on 2 of those drop that’s how u can demand the contract he has

  4. And why shouldn’t he have trust in his receivers? Wallace and Brown are two of the best. Wallace just made some mistakes that I’m sure he will fix. This one of the best 1-2-3 in the league. The third is Heath Miller. One of the most underrated players ever.

  5. greglloydrules. Im sure they are two of the best.. thats why wallace can’t catch the ball and brown fumbled twice in oakland although he got lucky and got the one back. Overrated players on an overrated team.

  6. Nice to see stoogy is out from his coffin today. I think him and ravenator our dating and bobzilla is caught up in their wicked love triangle!

  7. Nice to see stoogy is out from his coffin today. I think him and ravenator our dating and bobzilla is caught up in their wicked love triangle ….To be continued…

  8. Oh really?? The way I saw it, the Steelers won a must win game, on the road, with a number of key people injured and not playing, against a division rival, who had a winning record, and one of the top WRs in the game today. It was a great victory, if you know anything about the game of football.

    Ben will keep spreading the ball around, and throwing to Wallace. I don’t understand why he is dropping more balls than usual. It think he needs a couple really good catches to get into the swing of things and get confidence. Not sure if they will keep him next year unless he becomes much more reasonable with his contract demands. But if he keeps dropping passes, he will have to come down on price since other teams may not offer that either.

    Another big game this weekend!

  9. steelersownsyou: I have not been hiding just been too busy rubbing it in the locals around the pittsburgh area that the raiders beat the steelers. 34-31 remember… the raiders own you buddy.

  10. Oh and by the way steelersownsyou the raiders will do something that the steelers were not able to do last year and wont be able to do this year and beat the ravens. so you can be thanking the black and silver that weekend.

  11. Haters gonna hate no matter what! Reasonable Steelers fans, and I include myself in that group, already know that Wallace doesn’t have the greatest hands. You trolls aren’t saying anything we don’t already know.

  12. Oh really?? What’s the Ravens record on the road this year? It is not a winning record. They lost to a pathetic Eagles team that just fired their defensive coordinator, and were lucky to beat Cleveland. Now, they are facing mounting injuries. They are about to experience a downward spiral, just watch.

  13. holeinone09: The steelers are are 1-3 on the road they only beat the bengals on the road and thats basically a home game 4 the steelers. how do think that is something to brag about?

  14. Stoogy?

    Totally appropriate name for your level of posting.

    Bozo was already taken?

    Steelers are a playoff contender in a surprisingly weak AFC this year.

    Mike Wallace continues to be one of the most underrated football players of all time. Awesome speed – which opens up O for Antonio Brown, Heath and Sanders, awesome stats, good teammate, never gets injured…but most people want to dwell on what he is not.

  15. I remember in the super bowl Ben threw to Santonio Holmes in the end zone. the ball went right between Holmes’ fingers. on the very next play, Ben threw the same exact pass to Holmes on the other side of the end zone which was caught for a TD. so I believe Ben when he said he hasn’t lost faith in Wallace.

    Too bad a lot of steelers fans have lost faith Wallace and laugh at his big contract dreams. he’s still valuable, but if we need a catch, I’d prefer Ben throw it to heath miller instead of Wallace

  16. @stoogy, watch the Raiders game again. Big play decided by the replacement refs – McFadden’s long run – Larry Foote was clearly being held and no call, see the stop-motion snapshot. 4th quarter, Antonio Brown goes to the ground after the catch which had the first down and more, rather than try for more yards, game over. And that was with the horrible Steelers D.

  17. Maybe Wallace is putting too much pressure on himself because he’s in a contract year? Who knows? But most players go through some yips in their careers. All that matters is that they pull themselves out.

  18. Ben should lack confidence in himself. In all 3 of their losses he had a chance at game winning drives. He threw the pick 6 in denver, couldn’t move the ball on oakland wich resulted in a punt with 1:43 left, allowing Palmer to get the GW drive. In tenn he missed an open Sanders after the Timmons int. forcing a punt and couldn’t drive the steelers into FG range on their final drive. They could be 6-0.

  19. sixlombardisinyourface: The Steelers are 6th against pass and 9th against the run. Can’t blame the defense…. Holding is on every play so thats just watever. 34-31 raiders won because they were more physical and ben couldn’t produce when nessecary. Remember raiders were without their 2 starting cb’s. Had a safety playing cb and pat lee who was signed off of packers practice squad. Ben stll couldn’t win

  20. Roethlisberger was Wallace’s number one cheerleader during the off-season impasse. I wouldn’t expect him to turn on the guy. That’s not his style. He generally defends his offensive line and receivers.

    But it is what it is. Wallace sat out the whole of training camp and preseason. He’s not going to perform like someone who put in the effort. And the team is going to suffer for it. I love my team win or lose. But I have less patience with prima donnas who put the entire team at risk with their antics.

  21. steelersownyou:
    Your boyfriend Ben will throw SIX touchdown passes this week, and the Steelers will lose 28-20…

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