Eagles defensive players confident in new DC Bowles


Eagles defensive players seem to have a sense of confidence about new coordinator Todd Bowles, but they aren’t talking about what he has in store on the field.

Defensive end Jason Babin said talking about Bowles’ first talk to the defense as a whole would be “giving away the game plan,” but that doesn’t slow down the sense of optimism.

“He told us we’ve got the second half of this season and we’ve got a great opportunity to do something great, and it’s up to us,” rookie cornerback Brandon Boykin said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “He’s just going to put us in the best position to make plays.

“When preparing for a game, he makes you feel super confident in your abilities . . . we’ll definitely have that confidence that we can get it done – not that we haven’t before – but [Bowles will be] just making it easy for us to play our game and play loose.”

There seemed to be some talk about being less predictable, but Bowles isn’t presenting a wild-man image. The opposite, in fact.

“There’s an equanimity about him,” said cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. “It doesn’t matter what’s going on, he’s always going to be calm, just relaxed and stuff like that. So that’s good. He always feels like there’s a solution, no matter what we’re going through.”

As impressed as I am with Asomugha tossing the word “equanimity” around, Bowles is in a tricky spot. He’s never been a coordinator, though he’s been an interim head coach.

And he’s taking over a side that wasn’t really the problem, which creates a reasonable doubt about whether any expectations on him will be fair.

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  1. The inept offense is the bigger problem. However, no sacks in 3 games and blown 4Q leads are always a problem. Castillo being removed is the right move, he never belonged there in the first place.

  2. I don’t know if you could say defense wasn’t the problem. They blew 6 4th quarter leads last year and 2 in the last 2 weeks. They also haven’t had a sack in the last 3 games. Yes, the offense could be scoring more (and turning it over less), but it’s going to far to say the defense hasn’t been at least part of “the problem”.

    It’s also important to acknowledge that “the problem” is being 1.5 games back with the tiebreaker w 10 weeks left. 10 weeks left. One more time. 10 weeks left. For a team who was 5-1 in the division last year and has 5 divisional games left.

  3. I’m very interested in seeing how this defense responds. They have a good defense but they need to bring back the blitz. That is what made Eagles defenses great in the past.

  4. Well, at least he’s been a DEFENSIVE coach before. And The Eagles have the talent on defense to be really good. They just need someone to utilize the right system that puts their talent to the proper use. Although the same thing can be said about the offense. Can you imagine if they had even a slightly above average QB and a coach who used the right system for the likes of RB McCoy; WR’s Maclin and Jackson; TE Brent Celek??? The NFC East would be in BIG trouble. Actually, every team would have to worry about facing them. By the way, I’m not an Eagles fan or an Eagles hater… but I do strongly dislike Mike Vick.

  5. hopefully our D line can get back to the form they were at last year. 7 sacks is not going to get it done. The team as a whole has to get better if that happen we will make a run

  6. I anticipate he won’t be out-coached by opposing OC’s in the fourth quarter of games. I’ll bet the D responds in a big way against the Falcons. Matt Ryan will help as he chokes against the Eagles most of the time. Too much pressure on Matty when playing his childhood team.

  7. “…..he’s taking over a side that wasn’t really the problem, which creates a reasonable doubt about whether any expectations on him will be fair.”
    It was a problem and just because you guys keep saying it wasn’t, doesn’t make it any more true. It took far too long to make adjustments, was becoming too predictable, and generally was becoming easier to pick apart w/more game film.

    Go back and watch some of the “coaches film” and you’ll see what I mean. It is available on some other websites and I’m sure you guys have access to it…….

    The Eagles have 3 problems: OLine, defense, and special teams. Having “Fumbles” as the QB is too obvious to list.

    1 observation that I’ve heard no one make: is it possible that the uber kevlar vest Fumbles is wearing pushes the ball out further while he’s carrying it and can’t keep it tight to his body???

  8. When someone is fired, and they immediately promote from within– right or wrong, I am always reminded of the dear Dr Z line– what, did he have all the answers and just didn’t tell anyone???

  9. I believe in coach Bowles and the defense. I believe they will turn it around.. The Eagles have top five defensive talent, Bowles is going to maximize it.

    However I don’t believe in Reid and Minionwheg, they push their system onto Vick and he gets killed because of it.

    I actually believe if the playcalling and offensive line was better Vick could be a good to very good quarterback. Unfortunately the Eagles can’t block anybody and the offensive coaches are inept morons who keep calling long developing pass plays even though Vick would be lucky to have 2 or 3 seconds in the pocket.

  10. And he’s taking over a side that wasn’t really the problem, which creates a reasonable doubt about whether any expectations on him will be fair.


    Were you watching the same 4th quarters in the past 2 games as the rest of the NFL?

  11. dogluverssuck says: Oct 23, 2012 2:39 PM

    The Eagles are still 6-1 vs The East in the past 7 games and 9-1 vs the Giants.


    And no Super Bowl wins.

    If you’re going to keep hanging onto that, we’ll continue to trump it.

    Find new material.

  12. Eagles have already proven themselves to be the class of the East. 5-1 folks. 1-0 already this year. You fans keep posting arguments on the message boards while the Eagles continue to do my talking on the field.

  13. Todd Bowles as far as I know is a quality coach with big upside. Frankly the Rooney Rule aside he’s deserving of an opportunity regardless of race although if Reid is fired he will be a hot candidate for any open HC job.

    Thing is he might be just enough to save Reid’s job in the short term.

  14. He does have enormous pressure on him to fill in the DC spot.

    The defenses that win Super Bowls not only get turnovers, but score off the turnovers without their own offense taking the field to do that.

    Juan’s schemes couldn’t get a sack, was too predictable, and could not score when they actually got a turnover.

    And being dominant in the division only isn’t enough to get you in the playoffs. It was evident last year.

  15. “wasn’t really the problem”

    Oh, that’s right: we only have one problem in Philly, right?

    If they stop wimping out in the 4th, he achieved his #1 goal.

    If we can remember how we pressured the QB last season, he achieved his #2 goal.

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