Eagles fiddle with offensive line reserves too


The Eagles are reportedly moving King Dunlap back into the starting lineup at left tackle this week.

Should that come to pass, it won’t be the only change on the offensive line in Philadelphia. The team announced Tuesday that they have signed guard/center Matt Tennant and released Steve Vallos, who was filling a backup role on the interior of the offensive line this season.

Tennant was a fifth-round pick by the Saints in the 2010 draft and spent the last two years in New Orleans before getting cut at the end of the preseason. He landed with the Patriots, but has not seen any game action with the team this year. Vallos started eight games with the Seahawks in 2008 and 2009, but he’s strictly been a backup in the last three seasons. He was cut by Philly this summer, but resurfaced after the season-ending injury to original starting center Jason Kelce.

Dallas Reynolds hasn’t blown anyone away with his work in Kelce’s place, so Tennant could wind up getting a chance if the Eagles decide on further shuffling of the line down the road.

14 responses to “Eagles fiddle with offensive line reserves too

  1. You have to really appreciate what Andy Reid has done with this football club. Almost no one had this team going anywhere and they are right in the thick of it in the NFC East.

  2. This line is absolutly terrible. All these undersized guys was a terrible idea. They get bulldozed every play leaving Vick with no time to progress thru his reads. There are only so many 3 step drop plays you can run. Andy is sealing his fate this season with his myriad of mistakes.

  3. “All these undersized guys was a terrible idea.”

    King Dunlap
    Height: 6-9 Weight: 330

    If that’s undersized… then I don’t know what to say.

    The terrible idea is keeping Vick as the starting QB. Can’t read a defense, holds the ball too long, runs the wrong way and takes huge sacks. We are not even going to start on his turnover issues.

  4. Vick and Reid are garbage. I’m amazed at people who think Reid is a good coach. He’s won games but big deal. He also choked in 3 NFC championships and either drafted or signed a bunch of wannabe QB’S including mr garbage Mike Vick.

  5. willardj says: Oct 23, 2012 3:34 PM

    You have to really appreciate what Andy Reid has done with this football club. Almost no one had this team going anywhere and they are right in the thick of it in the NFC East.

    It’s all Ray Rhodes’ fault! Look at what he left Reid with!

  6. Reid is garbage? Is that why there are 20+ owners in the league that would fire there current coaching regime and hire Reid faster than you can admit to being stupid?

  7. The Eagles really must think that Jamal Jackson is washed up. He’s only a year removed from being on the roster and isn’t that old. I haven’t heard that he’s playing for any other team. I’m sure if Andy Reid thought he was still viable he would have been in for a workout by now.

  8. I still think a lot of the problems with the line are due to “not knowing where the Blitz is going to come from”.

    Certain pre-snap reads and adjustments are the key to avoiding pressure. That being said, King Dunlap is terrible.

  9. Whether Jackson is washed up or not is irrelevant. He’s far too large of a center to fit into Howard Mudd’s line scheme. That’s why he was let go – in favor of the Jeff Saturday-esque Jason Kelce.

    I would love to see this whole “smaller, more athletic” approach to the offensive line be scrapped. Not that Vick is the same guy he was 2 years ago, but his best statistical year with the Eagles was when Juan Castillo was still O-Line coach & larger lineman were the norm.

    If the Birds want to start winning (and protecting their quarterback), they need to get back to the offensive line scheme that was one of the most consistent when they had larger, stronger guys up front like Jamaal Jackson, Jon Runyan, Tra Thomas, & pre-headcase Shawn Andrews.

  10. offensive line wasn’t a problem last year. They lost one of the nfl’s best tackles and their center, who was probably their next best lineman. Wakins looks like a bust at this point. Ried drafted him ib the first round last year to the fans dismay. Reid’s biggest problem is he thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He’s a good coach, but the whole act has grown stale here.

  11. Andy has given us some exciting years, however, I have given up on him taking us to the Super Bowl. Why???? bad decesion making…Brandon Grahm, the Temple kid SS. Juan C. The previous Def Coord. Game Plans, on and on…….Does anyone have Bill Cowhers phone number????lets get a proven winner in here.

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