Kindle not frustrated by being demoted to practice squad


Ravens outside linebacker Sergio Kindle lost a roster spot and a pile of money last week, but he insists he’s not losing patience.

The former second-round pick was knocked down to the practice squad when Terrell Suggs was activated last week, but said he isn’t as frustrating as you’d think.

“It could be, but it hasn’t,” Kindle said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “Being frustrated isn’t going to help, so why do it? I feel like there should be more motivation, but my motivation was never deterred regardless.”

Kindle had a load of potential before breaking his skull and suffering hearing damage in his left ear prior to his rookie season. But he’s only been active once, and has one tackle.

By going to the practice squad, his weekly paychecks have shrunk from $27,644 per week to $5,750.

“Yeah, it’s a business,” Kindle said. “I know the business aspect of it. Being upset wasn’t going to get me back on the team. . . .

“I feel like I’ve improved as a player all the way around. Whatever they’re asking of me specifically, I wouldn’t know yet.”

Kindle’s probably fortunate to be getting paid any amount, and if the Ravens hadn’t sunk a high pick in him, he probably wouldn’t be getting this chance.

14 responses to “Kindle not frustrated by being demoted to practice squad

  1. I remember when Belichick got so much criticism because he didn’t pick Kindle. Instead he picked some guy named Gronkowski. I wonder if he ever amounted to anything.

  2. He’s not frustrated about it beacause that means he won’t have to be on the field for the weekly slap-down.

  3. Being that Sergio Kindle gets paid while he is on the practice squad makes things a lot easier. The fractured skull injury has slowed him down but the practice squad is better than sitting at home.

    Just to give you some perspective on this situation.

  4. Hey, pay me $100K to be on the practice squad for 17 weeks and I’ll take it. Uhhh, that does come with medical insurance, right?

  5. broken skull, hearing loss… wow

    I would say it’s time to transition to the real word Sergio..

  6. Gosh! I hope he can survive on $5,700 per week!!! I bet many fans don’t even make that in a month. I’d say the Ravens have done right by him, considering the circumstances. Not sure how anyone can claim he’s a bust, though. Due to the unfortunate non-football related injury, his career hasn’t even really started. I admire him for having a positive attitude and striving to get back into the game.

  7. It seems as if every headline I clicked on so far has a typo or two in it.. Another one here..

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