Lions lose Nate Burleson for season with broken leg

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The Lions’ loss to the Bears on Monday night became even more painful with the news afterward that receiver Nate Burleson suffered a broken leg and is done for the season.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz announced at his postgame press conference that Burleson will not play again this year.

Burleson landed awkwardly after catching a 16-yard pass on the Lions’ second offensive play of the second half, and although he tried to get up on his own, he couldn’t stand and had to be helped off the field and eventually carted to the locker room.

In addition to being one of the Lions’ veteran team leaders, Burleson is a starting wide receiver who entered the game tied for second on the team in catches, so this is a significant loss. The Lions will need young receivers Titus Young and Ryan Broyles to step up in Burleson’s absence. And they’ll need to find some way to make their offense move a lot better than it did on Monday night, despite losing a key piece.

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  1. Hey Nate! How’d the team look when they started playing angry again?!?! From the training room. Keep ya mouth shut next time.

  2. To bad for Burleson.

    Welcome back Detroit Lions!.. You weren’t gone that long but 2-4 is about right. Seahawks are gonna wipe the floor with them Sunday!

  3. Moving it wasn’t the problem. Dropped passes, tnability to punch it in from red zone and terrible fumbles from the young RBs certainly is though.

  4. I’ve been a strong supporter of the current regime, but tonight was not a case of being short of talent, but short on strategy.

    On a positive note, all of a sudden, the choice of Ryan Broyles, no longer looks like a luxury.

  5. Well I supplied a few pages of comments for my game write up today, and Broyles had 3 highlights. He is a better player than Burleson for sure. He just doesn’t have the experience yet, and Burleson is a true warrior with a lot of toughness and grit. The Lions will be lucky if Broyles can show that, but we should be ok with this injury. See my comments in the below game notes for the other article for more details.

  6. The Lions DID move the ball vs the Bears. They outgained the Bears in yardage by quite a bit. If you watched the game and look at the stat sheet, only 1 thing really stands out: the Lions turned the ball over 4 times, and the Bears had zero turnovers. The Lions are clearly talented, but they don’t focus like professionals.

  7. Is this the guy that was talking smack before the game, saying that he had something for the Bears when he got into the endzone?

    Wonder what it was?

  8. Sorry about Nate, but as far as the Lions go it really doesn’t matter. As mentioned above, Linehan needs to go. Even Gruden was pointing out that the Bears players were seeing the same plays as last year. That toss to CJ that Tillman broke up was pathetic. Everybody in the building knew where the ball was going.
    Congrats to the Bears D, they studied up and executed. But considering the holes their offense put them in, the Detroit D played as well if not better. The score very easily could have been 21-7 or worse.

  9. You Lions fans don’t get it. The Bears don’t care about how many yards this or that. They know that turnovers mean 1 thing; WIN. When you play with a lead, you don’t have to rack up a ton of yards on offense. How many big plays did your team have? That’s right; zero. The underneath stuff and the end of game stuff you got IS BY DESIGN. The Bears D GAVE it to you in exchange for time off the clock. It’s called strategy genious’s. it wasn’t as close as the score, and you know it. Try to look past that stupid hopeful rose color glasses. You got whooped.

  10. Get well soon Nate Burleson.
    Detroit should learn from the Panthers and Browns. Young wide receivers do not step up immediately, it normally takes a season or two. To replaced Nate’s production, the Lions should sign Terrell Owens or Plaxico Burress for the rest of the season if they want to make the playoffs. Trying to win with young wide receivers will only create losses and criticism of your quarterback like Cam Newton is dealing with in Charlotte.

  11. So they would need to go 8-2 from here on out to make the playoffs? I will be rooting against my team for the rest of the season for better draft picks. They are truly only a few pieces away from having a good team:

    Get Peterman off the field
    Get a respectable #2 CB
    Get a respectable speed RB (unconcussed, preferably)
    Get a FS (also unconcussed, preferably)
    Get a return guy that is an actual threat to take it to the house.

    Those can be obtained in one offseason.

  12. I am not a Nate Burleson fan at all given all his yapping to the media, but the injury is a bummer and I hope he fully recovers.

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