Mario Williams: “I don’t care about anybody’s expectations”


When the Bills gave Mario Williams the most lucrative contract for a defensive player in NFL history, just about everyone in Buffalo expected Williams to be more of an impact player than he has been through his first seven games.

But Williams says he’s not interested in what everyone in Buffalo expected.

“I don’t care about your expectations. I don’t care about anybody’s expectations,” Williams said when asked if he thinks he is living up to expectations, via the Buffalo News.

Having said that, Williams has high expectations for himself. And he indicated that the wrist injury that’s been hampering him for most of the season is one of the reasons he hasn’t met his own expectations.

“I need to play better and I need to get healthy, it’s No. 1 on my point,” Williams said. “I can say this and you can take it however you want to take it, but it really don’t matter to me. I really don’t care what you think. At the end of the day I know I need to get physically back into things so I’m not hesitating.”

With the Bills now heading into their bye week, there’s no better time for Williams to get physically back to complete health, so that he can start meeting those expectations he doesn’t care about.

85 responses to “Mario Williams: “I don’t care about anybody’s expectations”

  1. What a jerk Mario Williams is. He gets the biggest contract in history, and tells everyone mind their own business. Lovely, just sleep on your money and play like crap. That’s probably not what the Buffalo fans want to hear. They pay a lot of money for their crappy seats and deserve more than that.

  2. Wow… nice to see he’s so graciously open to obviously deserved criticism… when even HE admits he needs to pick it up!

    Sarcasm intended.

    How bout wrapping, splinting or casting that puppy Mario? Imagine that!

  3. He needs to play better, but so does the rest of the defence. The only member of that D-line who makes plays every week is Kyle Williams. The rest of them — Mario, Darius, Kelsay, etc. are pretty much invisible. Mario and Darius in particular have far more talent than they’ve been showing.

    The scheme is the other problem. Too much Cover 2, and far too little imagination and variety with the blitz packages.

    More pressure on the QB is going to help the secondary and make teams more one dimensional.

    Then they need to figure out how to stop the run…

  4. I never had high expectations for him to begin with. So with his play — and attitude — he’s doing just as expected in my book.

  5. At what point does this guy think before speaking. Hes a colossal failure and to say he doesnt care about anyones expectations after he accepts that fat payday is basically a huge slap to all Bills fans faces. I understand the spotlight is on him and it should be. It comes with that check he cashed.

  6. It’s true; Most people cash their checks in ignorance. When you’re making six figures then its that much easier to skip to work

  7. What happened to the high character style guy that signed the contract before this season? Sheeze….he’s not going to last long in Buffalo.

  8. As a Texans fan, his comments ar De Ja Vu. Dude really needs to stop making excuses. But as long as he is 6’6 300lbs and can run the 40 in 4.7 secs. He will always have a high paying job in the league. However is slowly being exposed as being a second rate D-end.

  9. Statements like this is the only way we will remember that Mario is in Buffalo. Great players need to remember that their supporting cast does as much to make them great as they do. This would happen to Patrick Willis.

    Bad teams that sign the super star free agent, like the 9ers used to do with Nate Clements or that bum tackle they got from Buffalo, need to remember this lesson as well.

  10. Mario will play much better in a city that appreciates him and an NFL team. The Bills are being bought and moved to LA, a superb city that is hands down better than buffablow by every imaginable measure. Let their city fall into Lake Erie with its fans.

  11. When Mario ws a rookie, I had to look up “Planter Fasciutus” or something like that. Then every year something new happened. Now I just think he must have badly injured his vagina in college, and should never have tried to play pro football.

  12. He has 90+ million reasons not to care about anyone’s expectations.

    Still think Williams was the best off season acquisition?

  13. I still don’t understand how this punk got this
    contract from Buffalo. he never did anything
    in Houston. the Texans let him walk because they had jj Watt’s who is now the best DL in the NFL.

  14. He says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks but has expectations for himself which match the expectations that everyone else had. So whats the problem here? Drop it.

  15. Mario Williams: “I don’t care about anybody’s expectations”
    … Most obvious statement ever. Even blind people can see that.

  16. We all knew that when you signed with Buffalo. Guess reality is setting in. Stop whining, you took the money, nobody is made at you for getting paid, just don’t act like you thought they were superbowl contenders

  17. Wait… Was he the best defensive player in the league in Houston? Why the heck is he making the most $$$ then? Oh right… It’s buffalo.

  18. With that contract, Williams had two roads to travel… The one paved by Julius Peppers or the road to nowhere driven by Albert Haynesworth. Peppers has been worth every penny in Chicago. Can’t say that about Super Mario or Fat Albert. What a waste. Both of them.

  19. Fast forward 20-30 years when Mario is broke and has a talk with his agent and Mario ask his agent:

    “Why am I broke I once signed the highest contract for a defensive player in history, my family and I expected that I would be rich for life”

    his agent should reply ““I don’t care about anybody’s expectations!!!!!”

  20. Mario will play much better in a city that appreciates him and an NFL team. The Bills are being bought and moved to LA, a superb city that is hands down better than buffablow by every imaginable measure. Let their city fall into Lake Erie with its fans.
    Seriously.. Must make you feel good to bash on a small city.. I’ll take being able to drive to work in 10 minutes and not live in my car thank you… Live in a 4 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood for a third of the price.
    LA is a beautiful city… I was just there. But the reason that LA does not have a pro team is because superficial jerks like yourself go to the games to be seen.. Not to be a fan! And soon or later they stop attending the games when it’s not trendy anymore. The NFL is great but in LA the NBA is the big ticket and always will be.. Even with the Kings winning the cup interest will fade there as well.. It’s true!

    As for Mario.. He is not playing to his potential but some of that can be attributed to BAD LBs.. And a horrible scheme! Wanney is playing a bad cover 2 he rarely sends 5, and never sends 6. The middle of the field is wide open!! Making it easy to beat a pass rush with quick passes. Mario is a big part but he is not the entire problem !

  21. reconl63 says:
    Oct 23, 2012 5:39 PM
    Mario will play much better in a city that appreciates him and an NFL team. The Bills are being bought and moved to LA, a superb city that is hands down better than buffablow by every imaginable measure. Let their city fall into Lake Erie with its fans.

    First, your a di-k.
    Second, the Bills are here to stay, not in your or my lifetime will we see the City of Buffalo without an NFL team.
    Third, the Buffalo Bills have some of the best fans that an NFL team can have. No Playoffs in a decade and they are still selling out their home games! #BillsMafia is so diehard and deep, you’ll never see better fans! Ralph Wilson stadium is one of the toughest places to play in the league! The 12th man is hardcore!
    Fourth, your a di-k.

  22. It’s painfully obvious to Bills fans that you don’t care about their expectations, Mario. Besides, what right do they have- thinking you should meet any expectations? It’s not like their team gave you the biggest contract a defensive player has ever received. Oh, wait…

  23. Albert, is that you?

    Why this dude was ever handed such a huge contract, I have no idea.

    He’s always been decent to good, never at any time great.

  24. As a Bills fan this doesn’t Bother me at all. He shouldn’t care about expectations, why are people roastng this guy? Just play good, he’s not he’s playing OK, that’s not enough so he is mad. Which makes me happy because this entire d is playing poorly and maybe a week to sit in their own stench will be good for them.
    But he shouldn’t care what people expect. He can only control Mario , so f the rest. But for gods sakes play better !!

  25. Id say the same thing. We all answer to ourselves in the end. Expectations of yourself are all that will make a difference. Expectations of others only leads to disappointment. Trying to meet other peoples expectations ultimately leads to failure. Focus on your own problems.

  26. I’m so glad the Titans didn’t sign this pompous
    a-hole. Overpaid self absorbed, egotistical athletes are a dime a dozen. The least he could do was earn his money before he blows off the Bills fans. Sorry Buffalo but the Texans got the last laugh on this one.

  27. Mario Williams is a deadbeat and a disgrace to the uniform. Wrist or not, this guy got PAID and went straight into loaf mode. It’s not hard to see if you watch the games, the dude is a bum.

  28. just another reason along with the 3 december home games 12 losing seasons and a another year wasted trying to find a qb since 1996 for me to want to renew my season tickets

  29. Thats why you are in Buffalo, Mario. You obviously didn’t care where your big paycheck was coming from. If we want to remember you fondly in Houston, we have about four games where we can watch your best highlights on DVR.

  30. When in Houston the coaches couldn’t stop making excuses for him when he didn’t produce. It was like a broken record. Then he’d bust off 3 sacks in one game.

    Problem is after that he’d disappear again……

  31. what a complete douche/ass/jerk/tool. i am RIDICULOUSLY glad that he is no longer a texan. i really do feel bad for bills fans, this guy was supposed to bring a new era of defense and they got a complete fail. wade phillips is an absolute genius for letting this lazy no good moron go and bringing in future HOF JJ WAAAAAATT!! i seriously cant believe this guy doesnt care about peoples expectations that literally translates into he has failed everybody and he is giving up on himslef 7 games into his new contract. the funny thing is when he left houston we slapped the city in the face basically saying he was never appreciated and the city of buffalo has shown him something he never got in houston. i repeat..what..a..tool. #BULLSONPRADE #DONTMISSMARIO

  32. Mario Williams plays football because he hit the genetic lottery for size and speed, not because he wants to. Compare him with someone like Ray Lewis who is a true leader, has a motor that won’t quit, and puts the effort in to make himself and others better players. Mario plays for his contract and himself, and doesn’t like to play hurt. Mario Williams is SOFT.

  33. We in Houston tried to warn you, Bills fans. There was even a blog written in our paper to Bills fan on what to expect from Mario. You just assumed it was sour grapes cause you knew that we knew that he was gonna be gone. Next time, try to look beyond a highlight reel and do your homework before you get all giddy over nothing.

  34. oh Mario. they just don’t know how to treat you. look, when that contract let’s up, we’ll welcome you back to Houston, obviously not for what buffalo is paying, that’d be stupid.

  35. Since when is seven games into a season enough to judge a players long term contract worth? O yea since this year when everyone already has the super bowl champs picked out (texans or falcons) and has anointed rgIII to the H.O.F. Already which writing off the best QB in the league in Aaron Rodgers (how’s that working out btw). How bout we let the guy at least get an entire year under his belt before we crucify him? Every bills fan knows he’s not playing very well right now, but who the eff on this team is? Our first round pick gets shredded every week and our linebackers look lost, I bet jj watt would have a tough time on this team right now, maybe…

  36. Joke is on the Bills and their fans for spending so much money and expecting so much from this guy.
    He hasn’t had double digit sacks in years, and has only done that twice in 6 complete seasons. Not a guy I would even come close to giving a record contract to.

  37. I’m quite aware you don’t care about expectations, the fans, the team, the coaches or anything else. I’ve watched every play of every game you’ve played this year and it’s quite obvious you don’t care in the least about any of us. As a life-long Bills fan, it hurts.

    At some point in time, if nothing else, I would think you would start to care about your own pride. You have taken a beating this season from all angles on your play, attitude, and lack of leadership and you have done nothing to prove anyone wrong. You are proving all the nay-sayers right and you don’t care.

    Remember when Singletary saw V. Davis not playing hard? He pulled him from the game and kicked him off the sidelines. It sent Vernon a message and he flipped the switch to become the game-changing TE he was expected to be from then on. Will it work with Mario? I don’t know, but he isn’t doing us any good out there.

  38. So glad the Bears didn’t wanna throw him the kind of money he demanded. I know we paid Peppers a boat load but at least he’s producing and living up to his contract.

    I feel bad for Bills fans if he keeps up this attitude. You have some nice pieces to build on and his contract will hurt you cap wise to sign more reliable players.

  39. Quite apart from the “I got paid“ attitude, he must be pissed that Houston`s D is so good without him and maybe headed to the Super Bowl. But hey, he gets to go to Toronto once a season !

  40. Williams was also heard to say “Hey I’ve made my mega millions and if I suck it up the rest of my career who cares ? I’ll just hang on the bench with my buddy Merriman and we’ll keep laughing all the way to the bank while the suckers in the stands boo our sorry rear ends.”

  41. I’ll bet he’ll cares when they cut his useless ass.

    Then nobody will want anything to do with him. I hope he’s budgeting that guaranteed money, if not he’ll be broke in the next 5 years

  42. i remember a steve miller song…. go on,take the money and run….why should he care…a fat check is a fat check….and he has auto deposit

  43. I feel sorry for the people of Buffalo,
    I mean, they live in Buffalo!
    Then there`s no NHL hockey to distract them this fall.
    And then there are the Bills…. worst team with 3 wins in the NFL.

  44. just try, mario. as a bills fan who is only old enough to remember as far back as the beginning of their playoff drought, just TRY. give us something to be excited about, and show us that were all wrong for doubting you and this organization

  45. This sounds like a case of life’s priorities changing once you are guaranteed tens of millions of dollars over many, many years.

    Atleast he should have been smart enough not to say “I don’t care about people’s expectations of me.” There’s tens of thousand of Buffalo Bills season ticket holders who spend more than a thousand dollars a year expecting their team to perform at the highest level possible. A good chunk of all that money went into this dude’s pocket.

  46. I’m happy you Bills fans told LA to stick it! The team belongs in BUFFALO! Keep making movies out there and stay away from the NFL. You have proven that you will not support a franchise.

    Pats fan

  47. Is this giant of a man really blaming a wrist injury? Jack Youngblood will be giving you a call soon Mr. Williams.

  48. Let the billboards rise and the boos rain on Mario.

    I had high hopes for this guy coming in, even so as a Bills fan I knew he was overhyped to a degree but instead he’s a flat out douchbag, and piss poor player to boot.

  49. Boy good thing the Texans chose him over Reggie Bush back in 2006.

    Bush has a Superbowl ring

    Williams has a hurt wrist

  50. Let’s wait until after next year. Remember, Jay Cutler didn’t look too good in his first year with Chicago- that worked out pretty well.

    If he isn’t doing better after next season, then you can start to worry about him.

  51. Wait a minute, Mario Williams still plays in the NFL? Haven’t heard his name since last yr. Reggie Bush is smiling somewhere

  52. this is probably why he left houston, expectations of playing like a champion and #1 pick too much…lets not for get the greed factor

  53. The guy is a $100 million professional football player. He wasn’t paid to be a one-dimensional bull rusher, which would require a strong, healthy wrist. If he is physically unable to bull rush, he needs to use more speed & finesse moves to get to the QB. He would only have an excuse if his wrist was broken or shattered, otherwise it means nothing.

  54. I’m going to lose my mind if I hear one more bills fan say that they sell out every game. They have not sold out every game since 2009, and are on pace for 4 games not to sell out this year.

    The fans here are full of it. If you’re sooo great, then go buy a ticket and support your team in December.

    Enough is enough.

  55. I’m not giving up on Mario, yet. A lot of people fail to remember what happened when Julius Peppers came to Chicago on what was the largest contract for a defensive player at the time.

    Julius Peppers first 9 games with Chicago = 2 Sacks

    Mario WIlliams first 7 games with Buffalo = 3.5 Sacks.

    It all just hinders on whether he decides to do his wrist surgery this bye week.

  56. Another fine example of the dysfunctional salary structure in professional sports. All of us working stiffs could never imagine getting paid for non-production. The corporate environment would not allow that and will only pay for what we did “most recently” in the form of productivity incentives. And that is the way is should be for the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.

    Howard Cossell, the man responsible for the demise of thousands of TV sets, used to label rookies playing with “reckless abandon” until they signed the big contracts. Then production declined. Yet they still got paid their accelerated wage.

    Mario – enjoy your luxurious situation, alienate the fans that help pay your salary, and continue to play like crap. Perhaps then will the sporting world realize how far-fetched it is to pay someone like you for what you did in the past, not the here-and-now.

    Nice moe Buffalo!!!

  57. The only thing Super and “Super-Mario” is his nickname. He has never lived up the all the hype.

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