Moon thinks criticism of Newton is off-base, possibly racist


Few have worked as closely with Cam Newton as Warren Moon, and the Hall of Fame quarterback is still defending last year’s pupil, even while acknowledging his need to improve.

Moon thinks placing too much of the blame for the Panthers’ 1-5 start (and the firing of general manager Marty Hurney) at the second-year quarterback’s feet is wrong, and any suggestion he’s a bust is ridiculous.

“I think a lot of this is because so many people want to say ‘I told you so’ about him, but couldn’t because he was so good last year,” Moon told Yahoo’s Mike Silver in a wide-ranging interview. “I think people are overreacting. How can he be a bust? He just had one of the great years a rookie has ever had, and now he can’t play? Come on.”

Moon acknowledged he’d like to see Newton adopt a more even-keeled approach, something he’s done more of in recent weeks. But as he did prior to the draft last year, Moon thinks there’s an undertone of racism to some of the criticism.

“I don’t understand it,” Moon said. “I heard somebody compare him to Vince Young. It’s the same old crap – it’s always a comparison of one black to another black. I get tired of it. I get tired of defending it.

“If you want to compare him to someone because of his demeanor, compare him to Jay Cutler. There are a lot of guys who whine and moan. Cam’s not biting anybody’s head off or pushing his linemen. He’s just disgruntled, and not handling losing well, because, think about it, he basically didn’t lose in college.

“I don’t think Cam’s as bad as Cutler, because Cutler looks like he doesn’t give a damn sometimes, or he’s yelling and cussing at someone. Cam, he just looks down when they’re losing.”

Moon also doesn’t think the Panthers coaches are putting Newton in good positions to succeed by ignoring the run game with the talent they have, and leaning too heavily on the read-option principles he ran in college.

“I don’t know why they got away from what they were doing last year,” Moon said. “They were running more of a pro-style offense, and now they’re going more to the read-option, the stuff he did in college. I think some of it is coaching. I think some of it is they don’t have enough good players yet. And there’s no question he’s not playing as well as last year.

“That offense doesn’t allow you to be an NFL-type quarterback. It’s a lot of tricks, sticking the ball into a running back’s stomach, trying to freeze the defense. Even though he can do that and had success with it in college, I don’t think it serves him well in the long run. You can’t keep going back and forth. I think he’s a little bit confused with the footwork, and I think that’s one of the problems with his accuracy – his feet are crossed up. Why this change? I think it’s backfiring. I think they’re out-thinking themselves.”

Sounds familiar.

168 responses to “Moon thinks criticism of Newton is off-base, possibly racist

  1. Of course the racist thinks it’s racism.

    That’s how it works and that’s how Warren Moon works.

  2. Every time a black person doesn’t live up to expectations and receives criticism, it’s not racially based. Contrary to what Chris Matthews says.

  3. Are people comparing him to VY? Really?

    I think a more apt comparison is probably Rick Mirer: great rookie season, bad afterwards.

    But I guess that might be racist because I’m *not* comparing him to any great black QBs intead?

    As a person of color, I do see a fair amount of racism and prejudice in society.

    But I don’t see it everywhere. And sometimes criticism is just that and nothing more.

  4. PLEASE…race card is getting old folks. He pouted like a school boy so he got compared to Vince Young. No comparisons to RG3, right?

  5. No disrespect but why would I care what Moon thinks about Cam?

    It’s odd how he had to play the race card too.

    The media and fans are equal opportunity bashers and if you suck it won’t matter what race you are.

  6. This is getting out of hand. So now you can’t say anything critical about someone without being labeled “racist”? Gimme a break Warren. What do you want everyone to do? Give a pat on the back and say, “Well, at least you tried Cam. Here’s your “Participation Trophie”. And about that Jay Cutler comparison; didn’t Cutler get lambasted because of his antics? Was that racially driven too, or was it because he was stinkin’ up the joint and blaming his own players? Get a grip.

  7. Moon sometimes makes sense, but this isn’t one of those times. I believe most comparisons to VY aren’t due to race but more due to the perception they are both mentally a bit fragile. Newton is much more talented than VY, there is no comparison there. Is Steve Smith racist because he called out Newton publicly for sulking? As bad as Clausen played for the Panthers, Smith never called him out publicly that way. Jamie Dukes even thinks Newton needs to straighten up his attitude and that guy is an apologist for most “playmaker” type QB of any race out there.

  8. Does this mean Romo should cry racism? It kills me how black athletes always try and play the race card. Tony Romo is 2nd all time in career passer rating in spite of not getting any help and is one of the most criticized players in the NFL. Warren Moon needs to get a grip! Cam makes bad reads and bad decisions. He’s completing less than 60% of his passes etc. He is is what he is, A RB with a half decent arm and very little touch. At the end of the day either he is winning or he isn’t. Unfortunately that’s how QB’s are judged in the NFL. Grow up and ignore it like Romo does!

  9. Maybe his mentor should teach him how to read coverages, how to take a snap from under centre, how to go through progressions and how to properly react after obstacles impede his and his team’s success.

    Comparisons to Vince Young are fair because of their respective paths to the NFL and their rookie seasons. An unfair comparison would be Jamarcus Russell.

    If a quarterback in the NFL can make the case for race related and stereotypical comparisons it’s Robert Griffin because he’s accurate, intelligent and a leader, three things Michael Vick’s never been despite the comparisons. Griffin is more like Aaron Rodgers than Michael Vick. Cam Newton seems to be more like Vince Young than Steve Young.

  10. Ugh, the racist card is so annoying at this point. The same people who pull this card will compare all white receivers to Wes Welker.

  11. ” it’s always a comparison of one black to another black. I get tired of it. I get tired of defending it.” Funny because I get tired of hearing its racism when a black athlete is critiqued for underperforming

  12. Oh yeah. No other QB has ever been criticized after having a good rookie year and then slumping. Not Sam Bradford or Vince Young or Ben Roethlisberger or Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez, Oh wait……..

  13. Warren… Your ‘pupil’ is a bust. Defenses finally had time to study NFL tape of him and they figured out how to play him. I would take Cutler 110% of the time over Cam. Can’t wait til Cutler throws 4TDs and 0 INTs against Carolina while Cam has 2 fumbles lost, 3 INTs, 6 sacks, and 1TD then let’s see you run your mouth.

    Oh, if it’s about race why doesn’t everybody hate RGIII, why is he one of the most popular players in the whole league this year?

    Quit trying to make everything about race, that’s what is really tiresome.

  14. How long has Newton been in the league? What has he accomplished so far? What have the last 5 or 10 1st overall quarterbacks taken in the draft accomplished within the same period of time? End of discussion.

  15. It’s only “the same old crap” because anytime someone says something negative about Cam, you bring up race. You, Moon, are the racist.

  16. OK already with the race card. Some guys just struggle regardless of race. You don’t do anybody favors whipping out the race card at every turn.

  17. Warren Moon is sounding a lot like Chris Matthews — seeing and hearing racism and racist tones to everything. It’s beyond absurd. We tend to compare like to like in athletic terms, not racial ones. People who compare Newton to Young aren’t comparing the two because they’re both black, but because they were huge winners in college, extremely athletically gifted, early draft picks for whom the NFL hasn’t been all rosy. I hear Michael Vick compared to Steve Young quite often, and you know, they don’t share the same melanin levels!!

  18. Of course we’re all racist. No one ever dishes on bad white QB’s only blacks. This racist talk is an old and worn out tirade.

    I travel internationally for a living and America by far is the least racist country in the world. Heck we even voted in- handily too- a minority for president! Yet that’s not good enough either.

  19. Right, and when Chris Carter said when speaking about Decker having to step up (paraphrasing) “receivers like Decker – Welker, Nelson – are most visible when they have a bad week”.

    But that’s okay? No one comments about that?

    Please, stop bringing race into EVERYTHING. Yes, perhaps it’s easy to compare one black quarterback to another, but it’s easIER to compare the top drafted quarterbacks in their respective years who had a steller rookie year, then declined steadily in subsequent seasons.

    But of course that’s not a possibility according to Mr. Moon and other pundits, unfortunately.

    “They’re both black, MUST be a race thing”. Do everyone a favour and shut up, bigot. This is one of the number one reasons why race is still even a discussion. Sad.

  20. Why is it everytime someone of color or race other than white ridicules someone of color or race its consider racism? I wish you people would get over yourselves.

  21. glennsyank13 says:Oct 23, 2012 1:26 PM

    Of course it is partly because of racism. Look at a large segment of the NFL’s fanbase: ignorant, white trash, southern racists.

    3 possibilites here

    1. You’re being sarcastic
    2. You’re really Warren Moon in disguise
    3.You’re as ignorant as Warren Moon

  22. Of course the public reaction to these comments is: “Oh the race card”.. completely ignoring the valid points being raised.

    When you see things like “Cam sucks” or “Cam is a bust”, you see who does and does not watch Carolina Panther games. Anyone who does, knows what he is saying about the playcalling/gameplan is completely accurate. No excuse for those RBs to be used as little as they are. We want to rush and attack Cam for his demeanor, acting as if that is the same as his play. Matt Stafford, former #1 pick, great season last year, team is struggling this season. No attacks or pointing at him, because he isn’t demonstrative with his discomfort. Excusing Stafford is basically saying, “It’s okay if you struggle and underperform, just as long as you continue to feed us the same monotone “We’ll do better” rhetoric week after week. Struggling is struggling, underperforming is underperforming. If one is catching blame, so should others in the same boat as him.

    Now go ahead and click that thumbs down. Show your bias.

  23. Having sat through the Vince Young “era” in Nashville and watched it transpire in person… I think the Cam Newton comparisons are actually relatively fair. And it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. They both had immediate success their first years. DCoordinaters got film on them, figured them out, and stunted their progress in year 2. And the pouting… Alot the same.

  24. I don’t think it’s racist, but it’s definitely off base. He was great last year as a rookie and this year our OC for whatever reason scrapped that successful scheme and installed a pure spread read option attack. It’s a garbage scheme.

  25. Stiller43 says: Oct 23, 2012 1:31 PM

    How does Nolan Nawrocki’s scouting report of Cam sound now?

    Just like the same racist piece of crap it was when he wrote it. Go look at Newtons first year stats. Watch the games and see how the defense lost ALL of those games

    Fake smile of a 21 year old? Let’s see what the people who really know you would say about you when you were 21 they’d probably would say even worst about you now.

  26. Warren Moon is my all time fave QB. Nobody threw a prettier ball than this man. He was a joy to watch.

    That being said, I hate reading stupidity like this coming from my favorite player. I mean I always knew his character was questionable with the whole wife beating situation back in the early 90’s. But now he may be a racist too?


  27. The only thing about this that I don’t like and has racial undertones is the comparison to Vince Young. Yahoo did a whole story about this. Comparing his stats and hype after he won a National Championship.

    He is right though. You don’t ever see a black quarterback compared to a white one. Even Jason Campbell who rarely ran was compared to a black quarterback.

    I think the only person who should be compared to VY is Tim Tebow. The wins are partially there, but he’s far worse.

    If we’re supposed to be equal didn’t compare him to a quarterback based on his stats and accomplishments. Not on the color of his skin.

  28. As a fan I am offended that my criticism of an athlete who is suppose to be a franchise QB acts the way that Cam Newton does. A franchise QB is suppose to be a leader of the team so someone please tell me how has Cam Newton showed anyone that he is a good leader or even a franchise QB. All he has shown me is that it is always someone else’s fault for the TEAMS losing and especially the turnovers in the redzone. MAN UP and be the Leader you are suppose to be. As for Moon calling me a racists, I have little to no respect for you!

  29. The comparisons to VY could be because theyre both tall and large qb’s who can run and had success early…after a little bit, they were both shown to be mentally fragile and their careers pointed down.

    Thats not to say Cam can’t recover, but to think its racist when all those comparisons are valid is just silly.

  30. What’s a bigger concern…..a guy getting 72 million as a rookie with an all star roster of offensive weapons and has been blown out the last 2 playoff games by a combined score of 72-23 and has an 0-3 playoff record or a 2nd year player with only 1 legit receiver?

    No racism there.

  31. This comes from a convicted wife beater and cheater. Warren has been the victim his whole career. Houston loved him and he could care less! Stay out of town Warren!

  32. He’s compared to Vince young because they play a similar game- ability to run, make plays with your feet etc. most black QBs have that ability hence that’s why they are compared. People are surprised when a white QB can run?? probably also compared on ability to learn -reading defenses, plays etc. I know there are dummies all over the league, and all colors but when your the QB it stands out and a Black QB can be quickly labelled as such, where a white guy prob gets more slack. That’s not racist, that’s stereotyping.
    Is it racist when people act surprised when a white QB has running ability?? I don’t think so

    Moons right on one thing that offense sucks. read option is a trick play at the pro level not the focal point of an attack.

  33. Wow. Vince Young was simply getting hit a lot and lost his job for different reasons. He couldn’t deal with the pressure and just threated to kill himself and went AWOL….

    So its not a black quarterback thing at all.

    Its just that Vince Young was really good for a while, then started to act incredibly stupid, and subsequently lost his job to a 35 year old quarterback who showed up to work.

    Panthers just need to call more running plays and/or fire the OC too. It’s definitely not Cam’s fault.

  34. Well when you are forced to leave your own country and go star in a foreign country, come back and still make the hall of fame, I think you know a thing or two about what racism reallly is.

    Well spoken Mr. Moon.

    It’s kind of hard to see racism if you have on your racism glasses.

    Just a thought.

  35. Racist. Right.

    That must be it, because no one has ever criticized Jay Cutler for being selfish or having a poor attitude when things are going badly.

  36. 1. Maybe Warren Moon is racist for saying the coaching staff is at fault. We have a white Offensive Coordinator and a hispanic Head Coach. Watch it, Warren!

    2. To me, a better comparison for Cam Newton is a mix between T.O. and Julius Peppers, and it has nothing to do with skin color. T.O. because it’s “all about me” on the field and he’s quick to call people out for what THEY are doing wrong, and Peppers because he is trying to rely only on his raw talent and not working to improve his mental game. Raw talent caught everyone off guard last season, but this year, you’ve got to combine your talent with good mental preparation to stay one step ahead of the defense.

  37. you want racism to persist, then play the race card every time a black person is criticized for playing poorly or simply acting juvenile – like Cam did at his press conference. It gets old people, really effing old, when a player, who deserves to get criticized, or those around the play cries race every time a black player is criticized.

  38. Would it make Moon upset if everyone compared Cam to him? A guy that puts up great passing numbers but doesn’t win when it matters.

    The run and shoot made Moon seem a like a great quarterback. If Manning or Brady had the run and shoot, they would be pushing 60k yards by now.

  39. Stiller43 says: Oct 23, 2012 1:31 PM

    How does Nolan Nawrocki’s scouting report of Cam sound now?

    I never heard of Nawrocki until I read your comment, but after reading his scouting report I’m amazed how much he got right, including predicting that Cam Newton “could foreclose a risk-taking GM’s job and taint a locker room.”

  40. Does Moon ever make a comment , when directed toward a black players play, that he doesn’t throw the trump card RACIST?

  41. You tend to get compared to other players in a similar situation. Just so happens that Vince Young did the same pouting as Cam. And his team wasn’t very good.

    Cutler has some of the same pouting attributes, but he is a bettere QB on a better team.

    Grow up Cam! And Warren…please don’t go there!!

  42. Mr. Moon, it’s comments like this that you make that have no evidence or credibility behind them that will discredit all people of color when true discrimination is evident..

    Think before you speak, just because your a man of color, doesnot give you the right to use racisim as a defense when you have no evidence that htis is true.

    If you don’t want to be a hypocrite then defend jordy nelson for numerous cornerbacks who are black saying he must be slow because he is white, or saying erick decker and wes welker are possesion recievers because they are white..

    Truth is he is a highly paid nfl quarterback who’s team is 1-5 and whether it is his fault or not he choose his profession that will always come with bashing as you say regardless of color.

  43. Any negative comment toward any black person is racist according to Moon. The racism conversations have become so boring. People are people, move on.

  44. It is as simple as a South Park episode when they cover hate crimes. Basically a hate crime ( or racism) is anything a white guy does something to a black guy. However, the white guy can do the exact same thing to a white guy and it is ok. Pretty simple.

    It must be a hard to live when you see race in every aspect of your life Warren. I bet Cam was picked in the draft because he was black. If he was Asian he never would have been drafted. Racism!

  45. I heard a while back, a commentator talking about some guys coming out of college and struggling in the NFL because for the first time in their football lives, they have competition that’s as good as they are. That could be the case here. Allow me to explain-

    Would it be stretch to surmise that Newton was far ahead of every other kid in Pee-Wee football, then lit up his high school, and obviously was a man amongst boys at college? Now, for the first time in his life, he’s being challenged by defenders who can play at his level! And it’s taking some time to adjust, and he’s not used to having to work this hard. For every Peyton Manning, there’s a ton of guys who come out top in the draft and really struggle because it’s the first time they’ve played with guys who are as good as them (and better sometimes). Hopefully he’ll figure it out and not become a magnet for NFL-Style Drama

  46. “nestaaali says: Oct 23, 2012 1:43 PM
    Now go ahead and click that thumbs down. Show your bias.”

    You received many thumbs down because your post was poorly written. You started strong and had a valid point but just rambled on and on.

  47. You’ve been out of the league for what? 10 years? Go away Warren Moon; no one cares what you think anymore…And you wanna talk racism? Look in a mirror and see who the first person to throw out the race card every time someone has something negative to say about Cam Newton is

    Cam Newton a) Is never compared to Vince Young, b) Is getting ripped because he looks and has been playing awful and c) Is being taken out of the game by opposing defenses because they know what he’s gonna do so they stop it this year…and by calling people racist for criticizing him just draws attention to the pathetic, weak-minded, racist individual that you are

  48. “You miss the Ol man in the Moon” Jack Nicholson in Goin South. That is my favorite Moon.

    Shut up Warren and tell Cam to grow up.

    Someone needs to coach this guy before he goes in front of a mic. Acts like a Jr High kid.

  49. Vince Young won ROY and was terrible afterward.
    Cam won ROY and has been terrible this year.
    See the similarities… no mention or hidden message about race there. Toughen up Moon, stop being a sissy.

  50. I just lost a lot of respect for Moon. Cam deserves his criticism just like all the white QB’s in KC, Oakland, Arizona, Dallas, ect. Just because you are black doesn’t mean you get to pull the race card when people compare your mentor Cam to another black athlete. Give me a break…

    Cam needs to grow up and take some lessons from the elite qb’s and see how THEY handle adversity. Running around on the sideline, yelling at people is NOT the way to get it done.

    Attitude reflects leadership…

  51. warren, if you want the world to look at you as a man and an equal, then stop telling the world that you are a black man and deserving of special treatment.

  52. I think sucking cuts across all racial boundaries. Yes, last year good, this year, not. Remember Vince Young? He was the next big thing and then – poof! Gone. Can only get by on raw athleticism so far.

  53. Wow here we go again!! Racism all the time from this guy!! If you dont like the white man moon why didnt you stop taking the checks he wrote you all those years!! If racism was that big of a factor they wouldnt of taken cam #1!! Any qb who plays like trash gets smashed in the papers

  54. What happened to Superman? If you act like VY, JaMarcus, etc, you get compared to them. No one is making that comparison about RG3, Russel Wilson, Josh Freeman, hell even Tavaris Jackson. So suck on it Moon, your act is tired.

  55. Can we say anything critical or make a negative comment about any black athlete or politician these days without some other blacks rising up in object horror and shamelessly throwing down the race card in unconditional defiance.

  56. To criticize people for lambasting cam and then to lambast cutler in the next breath is the kind of bi-polar double talk that has lost most people’s respect for Moon

  57. Warren plays the race card on everything. Even cited is as a reason for his wife-beating actions in the 90’s.

  58. Funny, Warren. Really. Every time someone criticizes a black person it has to be because of his race, right? It couldn’t possibly be because he was so overhyped coming into the league that he couldn’t possibly live up to the expectations, could it?

    Question for you Warren: If Cam were WHITE, would you still say the criticism was racist?

  59. Yep, blame everything else but the problem Moon. Pull your head out of the 50’s. The same writers who have anointed RG3 the next coming, also look past skin color and just state the facts about his pet project. Get over it!

  60. Ah, the racism card. I wonder if he has his laminated.

    “If you want to compare him to someone because of his demeanor, compare him to Jay Cutler. There are a lot of guys who whine and moan. Cam’s not biting anybody’s head off or pushing his linemen. He’s just disgruntled, and not handling losing well, because, think about it, he basically didn’t lose in college.”

    Cutler has been getting the crap out of him since he’s been on the Bears, and quite frankly, I don’t see him crying anymore than the golden boys of Rodgers, Brees, Manning, and Brady. Even when he was crushed by Suh, and got nailed when he didn’t slide on a run, he didn’t complain. But still, the haters are out there. If anything, he’s proven to be one tough sob.

  61. Before we throw Moon under the bus, let’s consider where he’s coming from as a former NFL quarterback. Here is a guy who was a great college QB, but had to go play in the CFL largely because of racist attitudes that prevailed in the NFL at that time towards black QBs. It’s understandable that he would be particularly sensitive on this issue, and perceive racism even where it may not exist (it is odd, though, that RGIII gets compared constantly to Michael Vick, even though RGIII’s work ethic, accuracy and ability to read defenses is better now than Vick’s was even as a veteran).

    I don’t necessarily think that the Newton-Young comparison is racist, as both have shown signs of mental fragility. I do think, however, that Young has taken it to an entirely new level, so the comparison isn’t that valid.

  62. Comparing Cam Newton’s wuss demeanor to Cutler’s intensity is embarassing. Cutler is the most critiqued, scrutinized and hated QB in the league and no one really knows why.

    You’ve never seen Cutler behave like that in a post game interview. Cam was behaving like a sissy.

    Cutler wins games and has an attitude and expects high levels of performance from himself and his team.

    To compare the two is an incredible disservice to a warrior like Cutler. Newton has talent but needs to stop acting like someone killed his puppy. Sack up Cam and call off your racism pit bull Warren Moon.

    Critiqued because of racism? Try because he was a 1st round pick, Mr. Hollywood, supposed superstar and he’s playing and acting the fool.

  63. Funny, but the other day three(3) black commentators were discussing Newton and who did they compare him to, You got it, Vince Young and Randall Cunningham.

    There were NO white reporters at the table.

  64. We’ll try to ignore the fact that Moon’s comments towards Cutler is racist simply because he is white.

    Bottom line Cutler wins games. Cam Newton does not…much like Moon during his playing career.

  65. burm61 says: Oct 23, 2012 1:26 PM

    Every time a black person doesn’t live up to expectations and receives criticism, it’s not racially based. Contrary to what Chris Matthews says.
    Thank you.
    dogluverssuck says: Oct 23, 2012 1:56 PM

    Well when you are forced to leave your own country and go star in a foreign country, come back and still make the hall of fame, I think you know a thing or two about what racism reallly is.
    So Doug Flutie was a victim of racism too? Both quarterbacks played in Canada because NFL teams didn’t think they could contribute. Race may have played more of a role in Moon’s NFL rejection than Flutie’s, but just because he may have been a victim of racism doesn’t make him an expert on the subject. I was the victim of a credit card scam a couple years ago: should the FBI give me a job in their cybersecurity department?

  66. Cmon Moon, I’m black and I see no signs of racism. All the negative attention Cam is getting is because of Cam’s pathetic childish greater than thou attitude. I was at the NYG V CAR game and Cam did not interact with his receivers or offense on the sidelines. Sat by himself with the towel over his head. He can’t handle adversity. This is just a football game not social economics.

  67. Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin were all taking Cam to task for his play and his behavior. Did I miss the part when they became white?

  68. The VY comparison is dead on. Both qb’s are to stupid to learn a playbook. Both never learned it in college and both are clueless in the pros. Did anyone remember cam doing the gruden camp last year. It was sad how dumb he was. He could not draw up one play. Gruden asked him to draw up something basic and cam looked at him like a deer in headlights. That is the reason both will never be successful at this level.

  69. Would you prefer that he be compared to Trent Dilfer? Cam doesn’t care about the team, only himself which is why he celebrates a touchdown like he just won the SuperBowl even if his team is down by 30 points and why he cries like a baby when they lose the game.

  70. Warren Moon is the racist. When he was in Houston and married to Felica he would only date WHITE women. Black women weren’t good enough for him. Maybe Warren should talk to Earl Campbell or Robert Brazil and learn what it means to be a man and not have to constantly play the race card. These two men are still loved and respected in Houston and NOBODY cares about their race.

  71. Warren Moon is this better??

    Cam can scramble as good as Fran Tarkenton…

    But since I am a racist, I will compare him to all running QBs who act like petulant children when things go south….Vick, Cunningham, Young, Culpepper, and Russell

  72. “if cam was white…..” if cam was white he would be Tebow, and Tebow gets made fun of all the time, but that’s ok because he is white. at least Tebow wins

  73. I for one and sick of the new meme that only racists point out racism. Warren Moon speaks from experience. Has it changed since he first came into the league? Probably. Are there still segments of the population that latch onto the color of one’s skin and link that to the ability to play QB? Yes.

  74. Cam Newton’s sense of entitlement is entertaining to watch. He has yet to realize that all the perks, adulation, and glory will last only so long based on physical ability. He needs to get his head in the game instead of up his….

  75. Warren Moon is doing Cam no favors. He’s a classic enabler who’s constantly giving Cam an easy out: “It’s not your problem, Cam, they’re all just racists. You’re doing great, don’t let anybody else tell you different…”

  76. Warren, please!

    Was the praise he recieved during his rookie year racist, Warren? How about his college career where he could do no wrong. Where was the racism then, Warren?

    The guy plays baldy at times and he deserves to be crticized for it. Why isn’t RG3 dealing with racism,Warren?

    Playing the race card is beneath you,Warren. Show some class.

  77. I hate how people always criticize Tony Romo, even when it isn’t his fault, just because he’s white

  78. Warren Moon nailed it on the head. Is it Cams fault his Recievers cant catch? Is it Cams fault his Oline is awful? Is it Cams fault Stewart and Williams cant gain a yard? Is it Cams fault Panthers DB’s suck? Is it Cams fault the defense cant tackle? Is it Cams fault when he leads his team down the field for the go ahead score the defense turns right around and gives up a score with no time left? Is it Cams fault his coaches are awful? Cam shgould be the least of the Panthers worries if it wasnt for Cam they wouldnt be able to score at all just look at 2010 before Cam got here dead last in every offensive catergory.

  79. I don’t think it’s cuz he’s black, I think it’s cuz he sucks. If matt cassel was black, then cheering when he got injured would’ve gotten the whole Midwest in trouble #please

  80. is it the teams fault cam throws it to the other team? is it the teams fault can can’t hold on to the ball when he scrambles? is it the teams fault cam takes forever to go through his reads? is it the teams fault cam has NO pocket presence? this is getting ridiculous, people don’t even have to say anything anymore, cam is making himself look bad.

  81. warren moon is just your typical wife beating black racist, when all else fails, pull the race card. i bet he has jesse jackson and al sharpton as newton’s agents soon

  82. I know this shouldn’t matter but I’m a middle aged African American male. I can remember when it was said that black athletes didn’t have the intelligence to play the position. But, I also remember when the bucks drafted Doug Williams out of Grambling State and the Houston Oilers took Steve McNair. Sense then there has had multiple African American QBs taken in the first round. Unfortunately many of those have not panned out. Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with race, see Ryan Leaf, David Carr, and until recently Alex Smith. MR Moon in case you didn’t notice any of QBs I’ve mentioned is black.

    I don’t pretend to think that racism doesn’t still exist in the country. But, as it relates to the black QB I think the time of this really being an issue has past. I assure you in every city in the NFL most fans could care less the color of the QB. In fact the QB could be green with two heads if he could lead their team to the Super Bowl. Now, I could be wrong but just a few weeks ago Jay Cutler was dragged through the mud for the very same reasons. And, at that time I didn’t remember anyone claiming that he was being judged differently because he was white.

    As a black man I find MR Moons commits offensive. It suggests that anyone who views anybody’s performance in any person who happens to be African American as sub-par must be a racist. That’s simply not true. I for one think Cam Newton has a great deal of potential. But, the truth of the matter is he lacks maturity and isn’t a good leader. Now, that can change. But, it won’t as long as we have people in the African American community that will deflect legitimate criticism by throwing up the shield of racism.

    Finally MR Moon everyone knows that you weren’t drafted in the first round when you came out of Washington because of racism. As a black man I appreciate the contributions you’ve made to destroy the stereotype that we can’t play the position because we lack the intelligence needed to play the position. But, that time is gone. And, that struggle was our struggle not Cam Newton’s, Mike Vick, RG3, Josh Freeman, or any other QB that happens to be black. It’s you struggle. And, it’s this simple if you produce you will be accepted. If you don’t then fans rather the be black or white who have paid money for tickets and invested the emotions in rooting for a team have every right to express how they feel.

  83. iamthefootballjerk says:
    Oct 23, 2012 1:58 PM
    Would it make Moon upset if everyone compared Cam to him? A guy that puts up great passing numbers but doesn’t win when it matters.

    The run and shoot made Moon seem a like a great quarterback. If Manning or Brady had the run and shoot, they would be pushing 60k yards by now.

    If the rules were then what they are now, Moon would have put up 60K in that offense too. The difference between the Moons, Esiasions, Cunninghams and todays guys is the rule changes that have made passing much easier in the current NFL. Look at completion percentage alone, for guys like Moon & Esision it was 52-53%, even Montana was 55%, today it’s up over 60. Moon would have killed it in any era, was was a great QB. Too bad he’s such a racist.

  84. Last I looked it’s 2012…we judge qbs by how they perform not race. Please Mr. Old washed out qb quit bringing past into the present it’s over…once again last I looked it was 2012.

  85. @hor2012

    Set aside immaturity Cam is struggling just as bad as Matt Stafford and his play is under a microscope every week outside of last nights Monday night game you don’t hear a peep about how bad Stafford has been playing.

    Also, if you bothered to read the comment section before last yr, you’d notice just how many “Scam Newton” or “he’s the next Jamarcus Russell” comments were posted… This is before he stepped foot on a field in Carolina. Those were probably the same people, this year, saying RGIII would be a bust while Andrew Luck would be a star. Race shouldn’t be a factor but you’re fooling yourself if you believe it doesn’t exist at all.

    Lastly, Jay Cutler has been a douche on the sideline for years… frankly, as long as the Bears win, I could care less. Cam has been a baby on the sidelines this year and if the Panthers were winning 1) it wouldn’t happen and 2) if for some reason it did, I don’t think Panther fans would care.

  86. Moon pulled this same crap out of the bag last year……..bkah, blah, blah, racism, blah, blah. Warren, no one wants to hear it anymore, And you said it is basically because he never lost in college that he acts like this…..which one of his multiple colleges would that be? What you should be saying is” Cam, you need to grow up, man up, and drop your ego at the door and become a TEAM player! “.

  87. Good God !!!! Moon was my teams QB for a Little while …. So I am impartial when I say this !!!! Warren Moon is a racist himself !!!! So How does he have the Gaul !!! to call other people Racist ??? Cam Newton has always been known as a showboat when winning and a whiny Baby when LOSING !! Newton ? If your going to be a good QB ? You have to stop whining and when your losing Don’t run over and sit on the sideline with a towel over your head!! Stay in the Game !!! Watch what the other team is doing !!! Maybe you will pick up something useful for your next meeting !!!!

  88. Warren, Cam Newton is a bust and a one year wonder. Quite frankly, you weren’t that good either, you just managed to stay in the league a long time. Doesn’t have anything to do about race, if it did the NFL wouldn’t even exist. I must ask why you are bringing it up so much? You spout the same thing year after year. Explain this to me, 70% of the players are black men, 70% of the fans are white men, where’s the racism you so often always speak of? It seems to me both races, and others make it work, so quit with stirring a pot nobody wants to hear about anymore.

  89. tell Moon to go home with all that bull crap. Cam is losing games like any other 2nd year QB. The defensive coordinators have had time to watch Film of him an they know how to stop him. an you cant compair Cam to Cutler because Cutler is 5/1. You cant say nothing about a WINNER.

  90. What we have here is an immature punk kid who is basically sulking like a baby. During the offseason he said he was going to do better with leadership after losses. Apparently he can’t do it.
    As for Moon, similar to Chris Matthews, he’s an idiot. Was it racism last year when everyone was praising this punk?
    Is it racism this year when people praise RG3?!?!?
    What ignorance!!! Cut out the racism crap! Act like you have an ounce of sense!

  91. Me thinks that Warren Moon is actually racist and I will put my money where my mouth (actually typing fingers, but you get my point):

    Even though Obuma vows to raise taxes for the wealthy, which includes the Afrikan Moon, I bet you that Moon still gives his vote to Obuma, and it’s for ONE REASON only. And guess what, THAT reason is nothing other than PURE RACISM.

    It DOES work both ways brother.

  92. Yeah, and the Cowboys suck because their quarterback is white.
    I hate to burst your little bubble of delusion, Moonie, but Newton’s criticism has EVERYTHING to do with Cam’s production–excuse me, lack of–and NOTHING to do with race.
    OR it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he’s been in the league LESS than two years.

  93. Ask Steve Nash and Larry Bird about racism in sports. Ask Jordy Nelson and Wes Welker too.

    Then someone tape Moon’s mouth shut with duct tape, and let us men discuss football, and not bogus Race Card 101 garbage.

    Anyone see the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” back in the 80’s?
    Let’s see you make and name a movie “Black Men Can’t……” (fill in the blank, there are many you could use that compare to can’t jump)

  94. I think black guys should just stop trying to be NFL quarterbacks. The media, the bigots, and the faceless masses on the internet will never give a fair shake to a black qb.

    They will be begrudgingly quiet when he does well, but will be quick to pile on the moment his performance slips or something negative is brought up about him away from the field.

    Then when this lopsided criticism is noticed, the ‘he’s playing the race card’ pile on begins.

    As much praise/apathy is being heaped onto RGIII, I’m sure the boo birds and haters will come out the MOMENT he struggles just a little.

    when its all white.. its allllll right! 🙂

  95. After reading all these comments I believe it’s time for Mr.Moon to get under a rock and hide.
    He is not the big man on campus he thinks he is.

  96. “nestaaali says: Oct 23, 2012 1:43 PM
    Now go ahead and click that thumbs down. Show your bias.”

    Awwww, how cute. Now if you don’t agree with him/her, you’re biased/racist there too.

    PS – Matt Stafford sucks this year.

    You obviously don’t live in Detroit if you think no one’s saying it.

  97. If fairness to Warren Moon he was screwed as a black QB in this era. There is some bitterness. But his comments are a way off. Newton deserved the heat he took and had NOTHING to do with his race!

  98. I think the comparison makes sense. These guys game play a very similiar style of game and really there arent any QBs I can think of built like VY and Cam. There are no 6’6 white guys who won national titles in college by able to dominate defenses with their arms and legs , who then came into the NFL and dominated in their rookie season.

    VY and Cam are freaks and that is a good thing. Cam would be wise to quit getting upset by comparisons to Young and try to learn from his mistakes.

  99. I’m white and believe there is plenty of racism still going on in society. As for Cam, I think getting the Panthers running game going would help relieve the pressure he may be putting on himself to do it all.

  100. Somebody tell CAM that in the NFL
    when you WIN you are a hero BUT if you lose its all your falt. thats the life of an NFL QB…. ITS NOT ABOUT
    RACE ITS ABOUT WINNING. an it wont get better this week cause Chicago will beat the panthers this week.

  101. Racism continues to exist because of people like Warren Moon. White people are constantly criticized just as Latino and Asians are as well, yet they all take it in stride. Now when a black person is criticized by someone OTHER than a black person, all hell breaks lose. Everyone is racist then. What a joke. You want to play the race card? Fine, you still have more than half of the critics, you know, black people who don’t view the people of color’s skin when formulating an opinion

  102. Calling all criticism “racism” is a childish cop-out.

    Maybe Newton’s just a whiny butt-hole and is hiding behind the mirage of “racism”.

    Isn’t the whole race-thing played out yet?

  103. Racism? That’s a tough call. It may be lazy to compare two African-American QB’s with a similar skill set who both led their teams to BCS Championships and have maturity issues. Then again it may not be…

  104. If Newton wins, this becomes a non issue. He won’t win with the team they have now. Panthers need to stay in the pro spread and get some better skill players, and it will all be OK. And they might draft for some D so they can hold a lead.

  105. Thank you Warren Moon for opening my eyes on why I didn’t get drafted into the NFL. I am white that’s why…Or because I am 5’7 and 220 pounds. I am going to play the race card though!

    In all seriousness, Cam Newton is a special talent, he has all of the tools to be a great player for a long time. But, his mental state could be the one thing that holds him back. He needs to be a leader and when they lose be the one to accept blame and instead of saying add it to the suggestion box, he could say next game we will play better and be mature.

    Warren Moon sure dealt with racism as I am sure Cam does too. But, to constantly play the race card is such a cop-out. Well, I guess ESPN will run with this so thanks for giving them something to talk about for the next two-three months.

  106. well, most african american qb runs the balls… so that was why the comparision was drawn. if you were to compare newton with mannings, or brady, or even Luck? not even close.

  107. I think if you have watched QB’s through time ? 95% of ALL great QB’s are great because they are Pocket passers First ,and running backs Second, Scrambling means moving around to buy time, If your a QB? and your leading your team in rushing ? Oops !! what are your RB’s doing ? As far as Black QB’s succeeding ? I must remind you of a Fairly Good QB Named Randall Cunningham !!! remember his days in Philly? He ran all the time !!! Then the last 4-5 yrs of his career in Minny ,He became a Pocket passer and was Deadly because he could still run when he needed but he learned to read DF’s and became a very good passer!! Could you Imagine if he’d played that way in Philly? I have No Doubt he would have been a HOF’er.
    If Cam Newton can learn that ? He will be an extremely Dangerous QB !!!!!!!!

  108. Give Newton a break.Young QB who is plays for a team that sucks.There is no denying his talent and also his prima dona attitude.He needs a good QB coach,a kick in the ass,and some talent around him.As far as Warren Moon-please.Just go away.Never won a big game in the NFL after unreal career in Canada so he has a bug up his ass over that.

  109. nflrule says: Oct 27, 2012 6:46 PM

    Give Newton a break.Young QB who is plays for a team that sucks.There is no denying his talent and also his prima dona attitude.He needs a good QB coach,a kick in the ass,and some talent around him.As far as Warren Moon-please.Just go away.Never won a big game in the NFL after unreal career in Canada so he has a bug up his ass over that.

    nflrule? I think you are Dead on about Warren Moon,Actually ? He Never did a thing in the NFL ,All his yards and Glory came from the minor league in Canada ,He never produced for Houston nor did he for the Vikings . Moon was a canadian QB NOT NFL …. Read his stats !!!

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