Nothing imminent on Victor Cruz contract front


It probably goes without saying at this point that Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s career is off to a tremendous start.

He finished his first 25 professional games tied for the sixth-most catches and receiving yards over that span in NFL history. Cruz’ 26th game saw him catch seven passes for 131 yards, including the game-winning 77-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. Not bad for a guy making $540,000 this year.

That salary was briefly a discussion point during the offseason and Bob Glauber of Newsday is revisiting it now that Cruz has made it clear that he’s no one-year wonder. Cruz is a better receiver now than he was during his salsa dance into the national landscape last season and there’s every reason to believe his partnership with Eli Manning will continue to bear fruit in the years to come. Glauber wonders when the Giants are going to affirm that with a contract more representative of Cruz’s contributions, even as Cruz passes on such thoughts.

“I just kind of want to block it out,” Cruz said. “I feel like if I start thinking about it, it will start consuming me, and I don’t want it to get that way. I just want to block it out and focus on football, and I think I’ve been doing a good job of that.”

Glauber reports that no deal for Cruz is imminent and there’s not a tremendous amount of pressure on the Giants to get one done now. Cruz will be a restricted free agent after this season and we saw this offseason with Mike Wallace that other teams don’t rush to make offers to players in such situations. The memory of Steve Smith, who was in line for a big deal before injuring his knee in 2010, likely also contributes to the Giants’ desire to wait as long as possible before handing over big money to Cruz.

If he avoids such an injury, it remains a matter of when, not if, Cruz gets that big contract.

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  1. The difference between Cruz and Wallace will probably be night and day in terms of other team’s desire to make him an offer. There is no way the Giants will be able to tender him, at even a 1st and 3rd and fend off other teams.

  2. They should definently pay him. A Suzy would gave nursed his knee after Carlos Rogers flipped him like the tool that he is. The guy is tough, he has an amazing feel for soft spots in zones, and he can get open against just about anybody. The fact that hes the 4th leading receiver in the league, and Nicks as missed most of the season–making him the sole focus of defenses– speaks to his abilities.

  3. If the Giants don’t make him an offer before the end of the season and Cruz makes it through without injury (fingers crossed!), I hope Cruz rakes the Giants over a BARREL for making him risk likely $70M or so this season!

    This coming from a Giants’ fan.

  4. Paying the man is tricky. Nicks is the Giants’ #1 WR. I doubt Cruz will accept #2 WR money. Working with Eli, with Nicks on the field drawing doubles, Cruz is a killer. Love him, but if he holds out for #1 WR money he will likely be playing elsewhere.

  5. Jerry Reese isn’t stupid (and his roster depth proves that). Cruz will be taken care of, as will JPP.

  6. @rocky – I disagree. The Giants are the rare team that has two No. 1s. It’s impossible to say one is more valuable than the other. When Nicks isn’t playing (which is fairly often), you barely notice a dip in Cruz’ production. Due to the Giants’ talent at WR and DE, I can foresee Reese spending on these areas and then patching the rest of the team with glue kind of like how the Colts did with Wayne, Harrison and their D-Line (while neglecting the rest of the team).

  7. “PAY DA MAN” ….. Cruz is the #1 receiver for 2 reasons !!! #1 he is Eli’s favorite and most reliable receiver and #2 nicks just can’t stay healthy and I love him to death but he is always dealing with some kind of ailment !!!!

  8. @rockyburnette

    You cannot tag every player as “#1” or “#2”. Both Nicks and Cruz play different and equally vital roles on the team. Consider them #1A and #1B. If you think Cruz is the kind of “complementary” player that the Giants can let go of, you have no idea what youre talking about. Cruz is not Andre Roberts or the typical “#2” WR.

  9. Last year Cruz finished the season with 1536 receiving yards 18.7 yards per reception and 9 TDs. Those are number one numbers. This year is more of the same. Just watching how he breaks down secondaries shows he’s a number one. As a Redskins fan I was more worried about Cruz ending a close game with one of his patented 70+ yards reception than any other receiver on the Giants.

  10. Besides Mannin and JPP, no other Giant holds more value to the team than Cruz, yes I said it! we can replace Nicks but we won’t find another Cruz. However, I rather we keep both because I love having Nicks on this team so Reese don’t break up the trio!

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