PFT Live: Bears ‘D’ comes through

John Mullin of CSN Chicago joins PFT’s Mike Florio to discuss Chicago’s 13-7 win over the Lions on Monday. The Bears are 5-1 and dominant on defense, but a weak offense could hurt them down the line.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Bears ‘D’ comes through

  1. Nothing “weak” about that offense…it’s installing it’s 3rd (a new) OC in 3 years, acclimating a few brand new players, and only just beginning to get its rhythym.

    Oh, it also rushed for almost 200 yards last week, and is currently ranked 8th overall in points scored, and 9th in rushing yards per game.

    As everybody gets more comfortable with the Tice & Bates and the overall scheme, as Cutler gets reacquinated with Marshall, and Jeffrey & Bush learn their way around, and that o-line solidifies and gels a little more, and Forte gets his full giddy-up back, that offense is only going to get BETTER.

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