Rams getting an early start on London preparations


The feedback from Jeff Fisher’s microphone was audible during his press conference, but this week, the sound quality wasn’t the highest priority.

“You have to bear with us,” Fisher said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Half of our stuff is on the airplane already, and these guys haven’t slept.”

The audio-video crew that would have normally fixed the problem pulled an all-nighter preparing game tape for the week, part of a hectic travel schedule in advance of Sunday’s game against the Patriots in London.

The team left yesterday afternoon for an eight-hour flight to London, a huge logistical challenge for any team.

The Rams at least have the advantage of having good facilities in which to train locally, as owner Stan Kroenke owns the English soccer club Arsenal, where the Rams will work out.

“Our biggest challenge is just acclimating to the time change and the long flight,” Fisher said. “They’re all excited. They know the challenges associated with going ‘across the pond,’ as they say, and they’re looking forward to it. They’ll have some [free] time. We’ll follow the normal schedule as close as we can there through the week.”

The Rams will have extra time to adjust to the time change, as the Patriots aren’t coming in until Thursday.

“You know what, we’ve got a new challenge at hand,” cornerback Cortland Finnegan said. “We’re going to go over there to prepare to win the football game. We’re able to get over there early, so we’ll get a jump-start on ’em. So that’s a good thing for us.”

That remains to be seen, but at least they’ll have an extra couple days to see Big Ben, and Parliament, again.

5 responses to “Rams getting an early start on London preparations

  1. Good for you, and have a nice time! Beat those Patsies while you are there also. Don’t party too hard.
    Wish I was going too.

  2. Acting like the travel to London is more of a logistical challenge than any other road game is ridiculous. They might leave a day earlier than normal and the flight may be 4 hours longer but other than that, nothing is really different. They still go to the airport, travel to another airport, check in to a hotel and they still do all the pre-game prep stuff. The only difference between a flight to LA and one to London is length and customs processing…and a bit more jetlag 🙂

  3. Well lets see, the pats have a week to prepare and the rams have a week to prepare. I’m not seeing how anyone has an advantage because of their travel schedule. Actually the patriots have a shorter flight from Boston to UK than the rams do. Pats 30 rams 14

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