Redskins part ways with Ryan Grant


Alfred Morris’ strong first seven weeks as a professional have put at least a temporary end to the carousel that has been the running back position during Mike Shanahan’s tenure as the team’s head coach.

That doesn’t mean that the team can’t shuffle the rest of their backfield deck, though. Chick Hernandez of reports that the team has done just that on Tuesday. They’ve released Ryan Grant and signed Keiland Williams, who started his NFL career by making the Redskins as an undrafted free agent in 2010.

Grant was signed about a month ago after spending the whole offseason looking for a job after leaving the Packers. Shanahan’s reputation for switching backs and injuries to Roy Helu and Evan Royster seemed to make Washington a good place for Grant, but Morris’ play left little chances for Grant to play and he leaves Washington with just one carry for five yards to show for his time in D.C.

Williams started three games for the Redskins in 2010 and ran for 261 yards on 65 carries that season. He was cut before last season, landing with the Lions for whom he ran 60 times for 198 yards over 20 games in 2011 and 2012. The Lions cut him last week to make room for cornerback Alphonso Smith, opening the door for his return to Washington.

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  1. The Packers are looking at running backs right now. I’m sure his agent has already made the call, and was quickly interupted with, ”Can we chat later? We have a lunch meeting with the new mascot.”

  2. I think this is a good move by the Skins, and one I thought they might make after I saw that Williams had been released.

    Williams has some ability, and he’s younger than Grant.

  3. skinsdabest says: Oct 23, 2012 1:50 PM

    Here is a thought, how about signing some cb or safety instead.
    Everyone keeps saying that, but who should they sign? I was about to ask the question: What free agent out there could possibly come in and play better than their current secondary, but then I realized the unanimous answer would be “my local high school’s JV team”.

    But seriously, I just don’t see any possibilities in terms players out there who would literally upgrade the safety corps.

    And the safety corps is, after all, what needs work. Wilson got burned on the Cruz touchdown, but is overall a pretty solid CB. DeAngelo Hall has got to go, long-term, but as far as quick fixes go, for this season, there isn’t going to be anybody out there who can come in off the street and beat out Hall for a job.

  4. @skinsdabest: Not that simple. They actually did sign another CB today, but it’s not like uber-talented corners and safeties are just walking the streets. If they were, they’d jump all over them. They have plenty of backup dbs. It’s about quality, not quantity. The talent’s just not there.

  5. Redskins #2 overall pick In the 2013 nfl draft goes to the St.Louis Rams….IRG3 flop pick!!! Haha

  6. What about Ryan Torain??? He rushed for 172 yards against the bucs once and a few 100 yard games. He is a big bruiser like Alfred Morris. I would of given him a look too. Williams looked good too as I recall. Hail!

  7. defscottyb says:
    Oct 23, 2012 8:04 PM
    What about Ryan Torain??? He rushed for 172 yards against the bucs once and a few 100 yard games. He is a big bruiser like Alfred Morris. I would of given him a look too. Williams looked good too as I recall. Hail!
    Yeah, but after that he had a 26 carry 27 yard game against the Browns and an 18 carry, 30 yard game against the Rams. I’m totally pulling these games games and numbers out of my butt, for the record, but the point is: while Torain did have a couple games that made him look like the next Terrell Davis, the next handful of games had him looking a lot more like a 37-year-old Clinton Portis. Point is, with any luck, Washington will only be watching Morris tote the rock this year, and this back-up won’t actually matter.

  8. Jwreck: point taken. I just looked up Torain’s #’s and your right. I guess I had selective memory thinking of his good games. Problem is the defense and I’m sure orakpo and carriker being out doesn’t help either. I’m so excited about the offense though. Top 3 offense and bottom 3 D = 3-4 record. I’m not giving up hope yet when we have RG3. How cool is it that Cooley is back and how Shanahan kept his word that he would bring him back if a TE went down.

  9. londonfletcher59 says:
    Oct 23, 2012 1:52 PM
    Again… why did they cut Hightower, then?

    Because he tore is ACL last year and was hobbling around after the 3rd pre-season game. “Hightower suffered a setback in his recovery from a torn ACL during the preseason. Although scopes are minor operations, it will likely knock Hightower off the 2012 radar”.

    Why would you want to keep someone on your squad that is probably not going to be healthy until late in the season? Roster spots are precious, and easily filled with young talent that cost MUCH less than Hightower.

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