Report: King Dunlap back at left tackle for Eagles


On Monday, Eagles players said that there were no changes made to the starting offensive line during the bye week.

There’s now different word coming out of Philly. Reuben Frank of reports that a team source has told him that there will in fact be a change when the Eagles convene on Wednesday to start practicing ahead of their game against the Falcons.

Per Frank, King Dunlap will take over at left tackle and Demetress Bell will return to the bench in Week Eight. It’s not the first time the Eagles have made a switch at the position since losing Jason Peters, who the team hopes can still return this year, to an Achilles injury during the offseason. Bell was signed as a free agent and given first crack at the job, but Dunlap wound up as the starter when the season got underway. Bell replaced Dunlap because of an injury and held onto the job once Dunlap was back in action, but the team has apparently decided that they want to revert back to their original choice at the position.

We’ve seen both men play the position this season and there hasn’t been a tremendous difference in the offense with one man or the other in the lineup. That doesn’t mean it isn’t the right move for what the Eagles want to do over the rest of the season, but the problems on offense can’t be pinned solely on the left tackles.

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  1. Dunlap is much better in run blocking. Against the pass, its a wash. Nobody could effectively block for a QB who holds the ball for 5.6 seconds per play.

    Dunlap is the better choice. And that is unfortunate for the Eagles. Because neither is very good. There is a reason Dunlap is on a 1 year deal.

  2. great we something on that line. Given vick more time to fine his targets would allow us to put more points on the board. Once we fix our line watch out we will put points on the board

  3. phillyphannn83 says:
    Oct 23, 2012 1:41 PM
    Neither one can play center so were still screwed.


    No kidding. Really makes me wish McGlynn was still around. He may not have been fantastic, but at least he could back up both G spots and C. I would feel more comfortable with McGlynn than I would with Reynolds for sure.

  4. The change that’s needed is Andy needs to go. It will be a good job for someone since they are well under salary cap and don’t have many of their own free agents to sign. McCoy has been under utilized this year and that’s all Andy’s fault. Eagles suck as bad as my Cowboys, but have more talent…blame the coach!

  5. So much hate for vick up here seems to be personal, he has the same number of wins that brady, p manning, rodgers, brees and they are the poster childs of the leave, i dont care what they did in the pass im talking about now they have the same record or worse then the eagles but knowone talks about there turnovers and when they lose games. Why cause its a black and white league same thing going to happen to RG3 already starting with Cam. Say what you. Eagles will get it right and playoffs here we come. VICK fan all day

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